How to Increase The Conversion of Your Listing?

It’s no secret that pictures are the most important elements of the listing; however, even after getting the best pictures for your listing, it is very easy to make a mistake – by adding a wrong photo to the listing.

In order to choose the best picture, you need to use the services with which you can conduct A / B testing (a test that will help determine which version of the photo, A or B, will be more relevant for your listing).

One of these services is PickFu. You can very simply segment an audience for the A / B test (for example, add criteria such as “Amazon Prime Membership” or “Dog owner”) and you can add a question, for example “Which image do you like more?”. Results can be obtained in a few hours! As a bonus, you will receive comments from potential customers, as to why the picture is more suitable for the visualization of your product.

Such a test will help to: a) increase the conversion of the listing and b) increase your profits.

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How to Make Sure That You Work With a Conscientious Supplier

Suppliers can deceive even the most cautious of sellers. If you have any suspicions regarding sellers, these suspicions can either be confirmed or denied by the website:

Here you can find a lot of reviews, mainly of suppliers from China. You can also help other sellers and report your experience of dealing with an unscrupulous supplier.

We recommend checking your suppliers right now! It is never superfluous.

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Maximizing Your Business Income & Valuation

When the time comes to sell an Amazon e-commerce store, the single most important step to ensure the best possible outcome is to make sure that the business has records that have been meticulously kept. Too many businesses fail at maintaining an account of their successes and challenges. Intelligent selling utilizes technology that gives accurate documentation of how well the business performs; this demonstrates the businesses value for potential buyers.

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