Efficient Amazon Management with sellerboard – A Must-Have Analysis Tool for Amazon Sellers and Agencies 

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Partner article by Blank Space

As an agency specializing in Amazon, our goal is to consistently provide our clients with the best possible service. Managing a successful Amazon business is a complex, time-consuming task that requires effective management and the right tools. In this context, we would like to highlight sellerboard – a powerful software that has proven to be a helpful Amazon analysis tool. In this blog post, we show how sellerboard enhances the efficiency of our work and supports us every day in achieving better results for our clients.

Success with Blankspace and sellerboard: Full-Service Support Meets Data-Driven Analysis 

As a full-service Amazon agency, we specialize in comprehensive management of Amazon accounts. From content and SEO optimizations to setting up PPC campaigns, retail management, and strategic consulting, we offer a wide range of services to make Amazon a successful channel for our clients. A crucial analysis tool that supports us in our work is sellerboard. With a multitude of functions and concise dashboards, sellerboard enables efficient management of various product portfolios and analysis of sales data. Based on this data, we can make informed decisions to increase our clients’ revenue and maximize their profitability.

How does the Amazon analysis tool sellerboard enhance our workflow? 

sellerboard helps sellers effectively manage their accounts and optimize their profitability by offering a range of features targeting various aspects of the Amazon selling business.

1. Financial Analysis 

As an Amazon agency, we must constantly keep an eye on the financial health of our clients’ accounts. sellerboard allows us to create accurate and detailed financial reports that are much more user-friendly than the reports available in Amazon Seller Central. By providing insight into revenues, costs, profits, and other KPIs, we can make informed decisions and give our clients valuable, transparent insights into the development of their business. The software provides a detailed breakdown of costs such as Amazon fees, shipping costs, advertising costs, and production costs, which helps us identify possibilities for saving money and to advise our clients on cost optimization. This way, we can also analyze the profit margins of individual products and quickly determine which items have the highest profit margins and which may be less profitable. These insights are valuable for optimizing the product portfolio and implementing targeted marketing measures.

sellerboard allows us to create custom reports tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This way, clients always receive the information that is most relevant to them. The data can also be exported to tables for detailed analysis or to share with the team and clients.

2. Inventory Optimization 

One of the main concerns of our clients is the efficient management of their inventory. Ideally, overstocking or understocking should be avoided as much as possible. With sellerboard, we can precisely monitor our clients’ inventory and make forecasts, helping us optimize inventory levels and avoid unnecessary costs. Additionally, sellerboard assists in analyzing and monitoring storage costs. With a better understanding of how storage costs impact profitability, we can take targeted measures to minimize these costs, such as reducing inventory that sells too slowly or optimizing warehouse logistics. 

The Amazon tool also takes into account seasonal fluctuations that may be relevant for some products. As a result, we can adjust inventory management to seasonal trends, for instance by stocking up on certain items before the peak season or reducing inventory during the off-season.

3. Returns and Refunds 

As an agency, we use sellerboard to provide our clients with a detailed overview of all costs associated with refunds. It’s not just about the refunded amount, but also about various FBA fees – both refundable and non-refundable – as well as refund commissions and the purchase prices for returned products that are no longer sellable due to their condition. This information is crucial for our clients to fully grasp the extent of the costs that come with returns. Together with our clients, we then develop strategies to minimize these costs. 

Furthermore, it happens that items get damaged or lost during Amazon’s fulfillment process. With the help of sellerboard, we identify such incidents for our clients and request refunds from Amazon on their behalf. Additionally, there are cases where Amazon refunds the purchase price to the customer even though the product has not been returned. Thanks to sellerboard’s features, we can accurately track these transactions and ensure that our clients are appropriately compensated for such transactions. 

Additionally, sellerboard allows us to perform targeted data analysis for proactive returns management. By analyzing return data, we identify trends and patterns. For instance, if a particular product is frequently returned due to unclear product descriptions, we work with our clients to optimize the product listings, thereby reducing the number of returns

4. Review Monitoring 

Customer reviews are of great importance for Amazon sellers. sellerboard has a powerful review monitoring tool that notifies us when new reviews come in. This allows us to respond quickly to customer feedback and protect our clients’ brand image. There is also the option to analyze the reviews in detail. We can identify trends, such as how the reviews evolve over a specific period and which aspects of the products are particularly well or poorly rated. These insights are valuable for improving a product or highlighting certain features in our marketing campaigns. 

In addition to monitoring reviews, sellerboard enables sending personalized emails to customers. We can create appealing emails that encourage customers to share their experiences and leave a review. By increasing the volume of reviews, we not only receive valuable feedback but also strengthen the credibility of the product for potential buyers.

5. Custom Alerts 

With sellerboard, you can set up custom alerts that notify you about important events, such as sudden changes in sales, inventory, or reviews. This enables us to respond quickly and take proactive measures to ensure our clients’ success. The criteria under which notifications are sent can be individually defined. Useful alerts include, for example, when the inventory of a particular product falls below a certain quantity or when there is a significant jump in sales.

6. Efficiency Improvement in the PPC Team 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an essential part of Amazon marketing and requires precise control and analysis. sellerboard also provides support in this area and can be used as an Amazon PPC tool.

sellerboard offers the ability to automate PPC campaigns. With this feature, our PPC team can set custom rules for bid adjustments, simplifying the bid optimization process. This automation allows the team to focus on strategic decisions rather than relying on repetitive manual tasks. The Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is a critical indicator of the effectiveness of Amazon PPC campaigns. sellerboard allows us to keep an eye on the ACoS and make data-driven decisions to optimize our campaigns. This helps to minimize advertising expenditures while increasing profitability.

7. Team Management 

For smooth coordination, team management plays a crucial role in our workflow. With sellerboard, we have the option to define roles and manage user access. This allows us to grant our partners and team members access to our clients’ sellerboard accounts, assign them specific roles, and effectively organize our team. Thanks to the flexible access rights that sellerboard provides, we can even set restrictions based on functions, marketplaces, or product groups. This facilitates collaboration and provides security, as each user only has access to the information relevant to them. This precise access control mechanism ensures a high level of data protection for our clients while allowing us to work efficiently and purposefully.


In a world where the demands on e-commerce businesses are constantly increasing, it is crucial to be able to rely on powerful tools. sellerboard is a multi-tool for our full-service Amazon agency, simplifying the management of finances, inventory, returns, reviews, and PPC. By automating many routine tasks, sellerboard saves us valuable time that we can use for strategic consulting and the growth of our clients. 

For agencies looking to provide added value to their clients and establish themselves in the dynamic e-commerce landscape, sellerboard is a helpful Amazon analysis tool that enables effective and successful Amazon business management.