More sellerboard features available on the mobile app

sellerboard has recently updated its mobile app to incorporate several functionalities that were previously available only on the desktop version. This enhancement ensures that users can manage their Amazon business on the go with the same efficiency and depth as they would from their desktop.

Expenses module is now on mobile

The app now enables users to manage all their expenses directly from their mobile devices. This includes:

  • Handling different types of one-time and recurring expenses
  • Amortization of expenses
  • Assignment of expenses to specific products
  • Organizing expenses into categories
  • Managing expenses in various currencies
  • Setting specific end conditions for recurring expenses
  • Searching, filtering, and exporting expense reports
  • Managing ‘Advertising cost’ expenses: This feature allows for the inclusion of advertising expenses not imported via API, such as external advertising expenses or historical Amazon advertising costs, which are crucial for accurate profit calculations.

Inventory planner is now on mobile

The inventory planner has been optimized for mobile use, allowing users to:

  • Conduct comprehensive stock valuations
  • Adjust lead times and sales velocities at the product level
  • Perform advanced stock and reorder calculations that consider factors like seasonality, historical sales, and projected growth.

Alerts Dashboard is now on mobile

The new Alerts Module integrates directly with the mobile app to provide:

  • Notifications for critical changes in listings, fees, or stock levels.
  • Management of alerts by priority
  • Adjustment of alert statuses from “Unresolved” to “Resolved”
  • Filtering and grouping of alerts by status, type, priority, and marketplace.
  • Customization of notifications by excluding specific products or marketplaces.

Enhanced mobile widget

The updated sellerboard widget for both Android and iOS now features real-time synchronization with the app, ensuring that the profitability metrics displayed are always accurate.

Dark mode

To accommodate users who work long hours or prefer a less bright display, sellerboard has introduced a dark mode option in the app, making it easier on the eyes during extended use.

These updates are part of sellerboard’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, sellerboard invites you to reach out.

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