New features for streamlining COGS management: quick entry & new bulk upload

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sellerboard has rolled out new features on the Products page to enhance and simplify the management of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). These updates are designed to streamline workflows and improve data handling, making it easier for users to manage their inventory costs efficiently.

Quick COGS entry

One of the key updates is the simplified process of adding a new price batch for products. Users can now quickly input the COGS and the starting date directly on the products page by clicking the “+” button next to the COGS value. This addition comes with a simple dialog box that eliminates the previous, more complex steps, making it a breeze to update product costs.

Bulk import enhancements

The bulk import feature has seen several significant enhancements aimed at making the process more user-friendly and flexible:

  • Files drag & drop: Users can now easily drag and drop spreadsheet files into a designated area for uploading. This new method bypasses the traditional file search, speeding up the process considerably.
  • Data mapping: It’s now possible to upload files in any format and map the columns directly to the necessary sellerboard fields. This improvement means users no longer need to adjust their data to fit a specific template, offering greater flexibility.
  • Google Sheets & CSV support: sellerboard has expanded its compatibility to include both CSV files and Google Sheets links. This addition allows for seamless data import from a variety of sources.
  • Bulk import by batch: In addition to the existing methods, users can now import data “by product batch,” which provides more options for managing inventory.
  • Upload status options: For large file uploads, users can choose to hide the upload window or opt to receive an email notification once the upload is complete, accommodating different user preferences.
  • Detailed error report: Should any errors occur during the upload process, a detailed report is available to help users identify and rectify issues quickly.

These updates to sellerboard’s platform are part of our ongoing commitment to improving user experience and operational efficiency. If you have questions, feedback, or feature requests, sellerboard encourages you to reach out and share your thoughts.