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Our guest on the sellerboard show was Augustas Kligys – founder of a number of Amazon summits, namely, European seller conference, Seller fest, PPC Congress and others.


  • his company and his own journey;
  • biggest tips for Amazon sellers;
  • the secrets of Amazon summits;
    …and much more!

Watch the full interview by clicking this link.

Speaker1: [00:00:07] Hello, everybody. This is your host, Fernando here from sellerboard. Today, I have a very special guest. His name is Augustus. He’s from Orange Klik. And if you haven’t been through his YouTube channel already, please do, because his videos are very cool. If you are an Amazon sellers and if you’re looking for tips, his YouTube standards are a must. And don’t forget, before he starts his interview, you have to go to sellerboard. Click on the demo, play with the software. We have all the tools you need to succeed selling on Amazon. I’ll see you guys at the end. Bye bye. 

Hello, everybody. Welcome. This is your host, Fernando from sellerboard. I have a very special guest, which I’m a very good fan. I’m watching all his videos I have here with me. Augustus Klik this. Did I say right?

Speaker2: [00:00:59] Yes. It’s one of the best pronunciations. Yes.

Speaker1: [00:01:02] Thank you. Thank you. And tell me, tell me about your company, Augustus. Where do you work?

Speaker2: [00:01:11] Uh, yeah. So thank you for having me. I am originally from Lithuania, currently based in Portugal, and Orange Klik is more international team. We produce video content for Amazon sellers on YouTube recently got 15,000 subscribers already and doing events virtual and physical ones. So this year maybe we will focus more on physical events already planning to run a couple of them and this is what we do video content and events.

Speaker1: [00:01:41] So I got orange click for us. That is so cool. Thank you so much for being here. Okay, first question of the interview. Tell us your story.

Speaker2: [00:01:54] Oh, I used to be a digital nomad when nobody was the digital nomad, when there was no this kind of kind of phrase. Nobody was using that. It was I was traveling the world and like, combining with occasional work. It was in, you know, like almost 20 years ago, 17 years ago. Then I met my wife from Germany. We traveled the world like we were living on the road, like for six or seven years. It was like 2005, 2012 now. I do speak broken German. I do speak broken Spanish. I speak few other languages. But yeah, we were traveling the world and during that time I was a bit programming a little bit. So you can say I was a digital nomad. I used to travel with a USB stick of two gigabyte space and had all my files. I go to Internet Cafe and sit there for the whole day programming, uploading to FTP, doing websites and then these Asus triple E laptops, small ones, portable ones it in 2007 or something. So I got one of those ones where it was like just four gigabyte space or something in the hard disk. So I finally had a laptop to program offline and then I went to internet cafes to upload all my files. But yeah, at some point we stopped traveling.

Speaker2: [00:03:27] We got a child who is now ten years old and yeah, thank you. And yeah, I was really bored of this, of not traveling, but of programming. It was not, Yeah, making me feel good. And then I was searching. What else can I do? And about seven years ago, I more than seven years ago I found out about Amazon eBay business model and then I found out about virtual summits, business model. I combine them and six and a half years ago I released the first virtual summit for Amazon FBA industry. So I was kind of a pioneer with this type of educational format. I had like 26 speakers. Everything was for free. People could watch for the whole week for free. And if of course they had like limitation to watch each video for one day only. And I was monetizing it by selling recordings and I was pretty happy. After the event I earned like 8000 as a site income while I was still programming from supporting my family. So I was pretty surprised what’s possible. And then I kept doing more of virtual summits. I stepped out from programming and yeah, bye bye. Today, after seven years almost, we did. I Lost Count, maybe like ten virtual summits and nine physical events.

Speaker1: [00:04:54] And have you ever done any physical events in the United States?

Speaker2: [00:04:58] No. There was some thought I was almost doing it about four years ago, but when I was seeing the budgets that in us everything is like three times more expensive. And at that time at Orange, I didn’t really have like if I would have done in us, probably it would have went very well because I had one very, very big influencer backing me up, like saying like he would help to promote, but I would have needed to put everything I have. Maybe I would need to borrow a bit more money. So I didn’t want it just felt like very, very kind of I was afraid, you know, to go all in for some kind of event in America and in America already there are enough events. My dream was to create event in Mexico, the peak Congress. Three and a half years ago, we did the event for Amazon advertising enthusiasts and agencies and consultants. So it was an event in Amsterdam, very successful one, like everybody would love this and I thought to repeat it in Mexico. But then COVID happened, and then for two years we did no physical events. And now we’re kind of recovering, but more focusing on European locations because I’m.

Speaker1: [00:06:21] Waiting and waiting for the invitation for the next physical one. I’m going.

Speaker2: [00:06:25] Yeah, next one is actually in seven days.

Speaker1: [00:06:28] Oh, really? Okay. So in.

Speaker2: [00:06:30] Portugal. But.

Speaker1: [00:06:32] So let’s go find my flight. Now I have here the prime the prime air jets.

Speaker2: [00:06:39] Cool. Amazon. I see Prime. Yeah. Yeah. And then the next one is in Prague in June and. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:06:47] Okay, Prague. I think I can go. Let me ask you something. What is the the speaker that people like the most?

Speaker2: [00:06:55] I think it’s changing. And I have been in this space almost seven years and some influencers or experts, they appear for one, two years, three years, and they disappear, just like completely disappear from the industry, which I totally understand. But some are staying for seven years. So one of them is, I would say, like Chris Rawlings, which is quite often we invite him to our YouTube channel. He always over delivers. So we like him because of that and our audience loves it.

Speaker1: [00:07:28] Love, what’s his name again?

Speaker2: [00:07:30] Chris Rawlings from Sophie Society. So he’s one of the Chris Rawlings. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:07:37] From. From where?

Speaker2: [00:07:39] Sophie Societies. His company. They do. They do like, Yeah, PPC management and also some content. A-plus content creation for Amazon sellers. But yeah, other quite well known speaker is Kevin King, but maybe he’s now not so he’s not appearing in the classic. Yeah, a classic. He was watching my first virtual summit, so he’s still like, you know, kind of in the business. But yeah and those which appear for two years and disappear like, yeah, it’s kind of easy to forget. So yeah there are not so many which are consistent and staying in the industry but I totally understand when some people leave the industry just because either maybe their business idea failed, maybe it was a service or software, or maybe it just, you know, sometimes your heart is calling something else, want to do something else and you are just tired in some way energetically from what you’re doing and you want to change the life.

Speaker1: [00:08:47] Or maybe they just got rich. I was.

Speaker2: [00:08:50] Thinking.

Speaker1: [00:08:51] It’s going to have to add to this part.

Speaker2: [00:08:54] Sorry, You don’t. You cannot swear.

Speaker1: [00:08:59] No, you can’t. Yeah. Let me ask you something. What is like on all the summits that you did, What do you think is like the biggest mistake that you see sellers do? Is there like one or three mistakes that you see Sellers doing that you learn from from your your summits?

Speaker2: [00:09:24] Like. So yeah, when we do events, physical, virtual, of course, we work more with the experts, The other side, the service providers, our experts and speakers are mostly service providers because they have motivation to be in front of our Amazon seller audience. Very rare cases. We manage to interview some sellers, but usually sellers don’t go on the stage. There is no motivation for them to do that. And so maybe whatever I learned about, whatever I learned about Amazon sellers, it comes from like service provider, the expert site, what they tell me. This is what kind of I learned, what’s happening with Amazon sellers, our audience Yeah, Amazon sellers, But that is not so much like one on one direct contact unless we’re doing physical event. But what I saw, let’s say Amazon sellers which are coming especially to our. Maybe not even physical. Also virtual events like I had. I have a feeling that those who are doing like seven or eight figures, these people are finding time to follow all possible kind of webinars or information which is out there. Even if it’s like free webinar, they would still either watch themselves or ask the team to watch looking for these like small nuggets in each kind of webinar, and especially if it’s like a new expert popping up with a webinar, I think they would watch it just to learn something new and fresh. And so this is was my impression that those successful ones are really consuming content with like with a goal to find these tips and they are very attentive and then they implement and test it. Of course there are a lot of like beginner sellers which are listening everything and they are still dreaming, dreaming, dreaming and never start. And we did have.

Speaker1: [00:11:20] Like talkers, we call them the talkers.

Speaker2: [00:11:23] Yeah. Or maybe like they are. Just know they are not learned to take action and most of people are not taking action. I think even like if somebody sells a course in any kind of industry, only like three or 5% accomplish the whole course. And those case studies, successful case, that is all other people, they probably just invest $2,000 into courses and they drop it. Yeah, they drop it. And, and it happened to me also. I bought some course for one and a half thousand dollars like some years ago, and I didn’t do it. I started, but I saw it to implement everything. What the teacher is telling is so much like you need a lot of dedication. You need to work the same as the teacher worked to get where they are. So and maybe, of course, some people are expecting like easy kind of like easy money or something. So yeah, I think you need to hustle and work and sometimes, you know, people asking or why, Augustus, why you are not an Amazon seller and I had intention to times to be Amazon seller When I started with kind of this virtual summit format, I was really interested. But at that time I didn’t have money. One or two years later, I had a relative which could have supported with money. So we’re searching for a product. And it was kind of, yeah, it was very complex process for us to find a product. After four months we found something and then I consulted some of the industry experts I have connections to and they said, Oh no, no, don’t do this. Like this one is like has bad stats. I’m like, And I was so discouraged after four months searching for a product and they say, No, it’s not good. And then I realized, yeah, I like running an Amazon business. It should. It most likely at the beginning will be like full time job and what we are doing at Orange Click. I also I work full time already, so it’s very hard to incorporate.

Speaker1: [00:13:17] Thank you for finding the time for having us.

Speaker2: [00:13:20] But yeah, I think it’s also for Amazon sellers. It’s important that they like really dedicate the focus to that. If they want to be successful, if they want to start selling, they just have to dedicate. And yeah, and it will be hard. It’s like, yeah, everything and all the successful people we see most of the time, like really they hustled and they didn’t sleep at night until they achieved this after many years. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Speaker1: [00:13:46] And you why you do that? You also have views that don’t stop coming. So that’s the hard part. Let me ask you something else. When is the next virtual event?

Speaker2: [00:14:01] At the moment, we’re not planning a virtual event because we are kind of working on two or three physical events and it’s quite a lot of moving pieces. So and virtual event needs about two months of like two or three people’s work. And at the moment, like, we don’t have enough people to work on that. And maybe like Virtual summit can bring more revenue financially. But to me personally, physical event is more fun. Like when it’s accomplished and when I come to an event, we create and I see these sellers meeting experts and this physical touch, it’s very it’s more rewarding for me personally. So virtual Summit is, you know, you still sit in front of computer, but with physical event, you get this big energy when you come to the physical event. And of course, I would encourage all the Amazon sellers to go to like free meetups or whatever events you see either in like your niche where you are selling products or in your Amazon circle, like go if it’s paid or free event. It’s very powerful and sometimes you never know what kind of connections and people you can meet. And it’s the most powerful, these physical meetings.

Speaker1: [00:15:19] You had an event at the end of last year right? It was a virtual event. And all the videos are on YouTube, correct? I think I watched most of them. When do you. When did you how was these events? When? When it started? How long? How long was for? How was everything?

Speaker2: [00:15:42] So last year, actually we did two physical and three rituals. So the one which was in November, it was the third virtual event in 2022, we called all three virtual events last year a seller fest online, and they all were streamed to YouTube and it was, yeah, 25, 30 livestreams. When I started to do virtual summits six, five, six, seven years ago. I was selling the recordings so people had limited time to watch. But now we kind of established this format where we streamed to the YouTube so people can watch it any time for free. But we were monetizing through sponsors and through VPI. We created a VIP package, kind of additional content with each speaker. Nice. And we are doing last event. I think we had like almost 1000 people signing up to listen. But of course these videos are always on YouTube so people can watch. And but at the same time, while we were doing that event, I was working on a physical event, which I did in December after Christmas, between Christmas and New Year, I did in my home country in Lithuania. Also event where we got like 160 people with ten speakers for one day. So yeah, it’s always kind of I end up every day working on two or three events plus video content. So it’s.

Speaker1: [00:17:13] Very nice. Very cool. What would you say, Augustus, is your biggest problem today?

Speaker2: [00:17:23] I think team that to find the really knowledgeable and dedicated people who can work with us. Last year we tried some, but most didn’t kind of fit in or for us or we didn’t fit in for them. And I. This kind of learning how to scale. Like maybe it’s also I am learning, you know, like I built this what we are doing now from scratch. I started alone programming by doing my full time programming and then working at nights and for virtual summits. And then now we are a few people. We are maybe four or five. Not everybody is full time. But yeah, we are constantly kind of looking and trying to work with some people. But this is, I would say, the biggest kind of challenge in Orange Click.

Speaker1: [00:18:18] Okay, so listen up, guys. They’re hiring. All right. Let me ask you something else. Let me ask you something else. What is what do you have in mind for 2023?

Speaker2: [00:18:34] I usually I go with the flow. I know some people like to put some big goals, financial or numbers in some achievements, but for me personally, it works when I just follow my heart. I, I personally plan some events like maximum into five months in advance. Five, six, if it’s a big event, if we for sure know that we will do it, we might plan like much longer in advance. But I kind of we go with the flow and some ideas pop up and we just implement them in two or three months. And so it’s basically that’s the plan to go with the flow. Follow the heart and see if we notice some gap in some demand in the industry in terms of like events or content. We try to provide this kind of maybe new formats sometimes. I like to when we can innovate in formats, for example, on our YouTube channel, regular videos, maybe like just interviews up to one hour, but I think. One and two years ago. We also did like full length workshops. We called like three or 4 hours. People can learn on one topic from one company. So we tested this kind of format as well. So yeah, we are keeping kind of to be consistent with what we are doing and innovating a little bit. So yeah, that’s how we live every day.

Speaker1: [00:20:14] One thing that I think is very cool is that I used to work at agencies and when you are working with agencies, you see like the practice, the hands on experience with so many accounts. And then when you start going to one company, you lose that that site. So I really I really miss that opportunity. Like, you go back and see like a bunch of accounts and see people operating the accounts, solving problems with their accounts because you learn even more when you are in an agency, you have hundreds of accounts to work on and see their problems. So that’s something that I.

Speaker2: [00:20:53] Really miss to to see this big overview of how to compare how different sellers are doing, Right?

Speaker1: [00:20:59] Yeah, Yeah. And also seeing how they are solving those different problems because they made me, they made me, they really improved my career to see so many problems. Working agencies and you see all types of problems going on with all types of companies. And then when you go to one company, you kind of get stuck like. I just do that practice. Just just missed that practice. Let me ask you something else. What do you think about the marketplaces? What’s your prediction for the marketplaces, especially in the United States? Do you think Amazon is going to still be leading? Do you think our events are going to start changing to Amazon and Walmart together? Do you think there’s going to be other players in the in the future to think like TikTok is trying to do a fulfillment center here in the United States? They may have a fulfillment by TikTok. So what do you think? What do you think the the the e commerce marketplace is going to look like in the future?

Speaker2: [00:22:03] Well, I’m not positioning myself as an e-commerce expert, so I don’t give such opinions. But what you mentioned, like Walmart, TikTok, Fulfillment center, I didn’t even know that TikTok is doing this, but they.

Speaker1: [00:22:17] Were hiring people to build the fulfillment center. I don’t know how that went.

Speaker2: [00:22:21] And yeah, all this is like it’s kind of it’s happening in the United States. We are more in Europe. We do create content which is targeting Amazon sellers in North America as well. But in terms of like, you know, all the events and all these developments. Yeah, it’s not coming so easy to to us in Europe in terms of like even the news like because a lot of for example sellers in Germany they sell only in European marketplace. So if there is like American speaker in the event they are looking for information for them to apply in the European marketplace. And if it’s like a lawyer talking about US problems, it’s very relevant. So yeah, I believe like a lot of sellers in Europe especially, they are not really for them. It doesn’t matter if there is Walmart doing something in America or not, because Vermont is not in in Europe. And but of course, it’s interesting and interesting to observe. Think I see I feel like Walmart is really pushing hard, sponsoring big events of Amazon sellers, even virtual events. I saw one event which is running I think this week also will be sponsored by Walmart. And I wish them good luck. But I feel like Amazon is has such a strong position. I myself, whenever I need to shop something, especially in Portugal e-commerce has very bad state like it’s not developed at all and there are not so many kind of shops to buy from. So whenever I need to buy something, I buy from Amazon Spain. It’s very convenient.

Speaker1: [00:24:05] What I was imagining.

Speaker2: [00:24:06] Yeah, still arrive some products within like 24 hours. Like next day I order now in the afternoon I get next like midday most of the products. So it’s like really it’s hard to beat them I think. And they have very strong position. And good luck to all these other players who are trying something. It would be nice to see something new, especially like now. Nobody knows what will happen with this Chad GPD type of searching. Like soon. One may be like other companies will implement and maybe, who knows, maybe Google will lose some position just because somebody else will create.

Speaker1: [00:24:44] A it’s already behind.

Speaker2: [00:24:45] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker1: [00:24:46] So it just launched bars to try to compete with pizza.

Speaker2: [00:24:51] Yeah. So it’s I’m also very much interested to see this movie of suddenly somebody is changing the positions. But for me as a kind of I’m not like influencing that, so I’m just taking what’s best for me. And I remember talking about this kind of Yahoo! 20 years ago was like the number one search engine. And I had the American friend coming to my place to Lithuania, and he was sitting at work at my computer to check emails, and then he opened this website. At that time, Yahoo was full of news on the home page, and at the top there is a search bar and this guy is opened like it’s written Google just five or six letters on the screen and search bar. I said, What’s this? Well, he says it’s a search engine. I said, like, why don’t you use Yahoo! Oh, this one is much better. And I’m like, What’s that? And it was the first time when I saw Google, it was like, I know, 2000 or something. I was even like earlier in 98. And then, yeah, with the time they took over and I sometimes it’s really surprising how it can change.

Speaker1: [00:26:00] Nice. What do you think? What are the things you think are the traits of the best speakers that people really like? Do you think? Like there are like certain qualities that the speaker have when you’re looking for a new speaker?

Speaker2: [00:26:15] Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. So I. Actually, we are kind of preparing a blog post to to write tips for speakers to be better on virtual podcasts, but also on the stage. But I personally probably did like 600 700 interviews and the. One we did like also virtual summits. I can see which speakers, after releasing their talk, which speakers get like kind of feedback and even like clients from listeners and which not. And the kind of number one rule is to not to think of selling anything in your talk. So perfect example is Chris Rawlings, which I mentioned like Chris Long links, he starts a webinar he would not like. Yeah, he would mention what he does if we ask, but then he would like would deliver one hour of pure content, pure like tips. There is nothing like he’s selling in the back end. And then at the end he would say some what he wants maybe to promote, and then he really gets quite good feedback from people. And then the general rule for expert is that like really to think through the value. And I think like I would say, only 20% of speakers are able to think through the value because as most of the experts and speakers are service providers, so in their mind is like how to get awareness of their brand and their services.

Speaker2: [00:27:51] So they are coming to make presentations, so they come to podcast from this perspective. And yeah, like, you know, the viewer can feel that the guy is like just trying to around the corner push what they do and it’s totally understandable. But the more success I saw through the people which like just deliver very detailed tips and actionable information and for example, Kevin King is another kind of very good presenter who who does very detailed slides step by step explanations of actionable content. And that’s why he was quite popular in the past when he was traveling through the different events. And I sometimes want some speakers, especially new ones approaches and they ask for tips. What kind of presentation I should do? I say like, watch this video with this speaker. This speaker. It’s a perfect example of how you should do it if you want like really big success.

Speaker1: [00:28:50] So two big takeaways for our viewers today in this video is that we got we found two people that are very important with content, which is Kevin. What’s his last name? So I forgot his last name.

Speaker2: [00:29:03] Kevin King.

Speaker1: [00:29:04] Kevin King, of course. And Chris rolling from Sophie Society of Society.

Speaker2: [00:29:10] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:29:10] So I’m going to try to bring those those just those few into our podcast. But you also welcome to go on YouTube. They start looking for those videos. Like Augusto said, they have really good content. So that’s something for us to keep in mind to get tips from them. Nice.

Speaker2: [00:29:27] Very cool. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:29:32] Och, what is, though? I’m going to make you embarrassed. What is the biggest mistake you did holding making the summit’s?

Speaker2: [00:29:43] Uh, I think we were pretty. Okay. There was no mistake from our side. Sometimes, you know, it just happens where you have, like, expectation to, let’s say, let’s say, let’s take an event which is happening in one week. We are doing this kind of type of event. It’s called Bar Camp. It’s not really a conference with speakers. It’s more like we’re sellers exchanging information and tips themselves. And we did it already in Portugal in 2022. We had like 100 people and now we did everything the same kind of promoting in similar way. And we expected more than 100 people. But we got I think just 60 people were getting in the upcoming event. And it’s yeah, it’s it’s feels like maybe we didn’t do something enough. But on the other hand, we really pushed strong and like sometimes you don’t understand like why the audience or like the people reacted in different way. They decided not to come to basically the same kind of event and but more funny, like almost stressful situations was I remember in peak Congress when we did in Amsterdam and we were waiting for audio video guys from Czech Republic because in Amsterdam, in Netherlands, the audio video service is super expensive and I got like three times cheaper from Czech Republic, some guys.

Speaker2: [00:31:18] Coming with a small apple. Three guys with all the equipment, with loudspeakers, with microphones during the day, like 1000 kilometres traveling. And we thought they are traveling and we have event like in 12 hours we have to open the doors and at 9:00 in the evening, they are still not in the venue and not in the hotel. I was like really worried and we couldn’t reach them maybe because they were traveling and without connection. I was really stressed. I thought like, Oh, is our plan B? Because there is no plan B, How can you get some equipment in 12 hours overnight? But luckily, like around 11 p.m., they arrived and everything was set by the morning. But yeah, it was the biggest stress probably. And always with this, especially physical events, this is where you are stressing the most because you have to very well plan in advance everything. And if you miss ordering, let’s say, backpacks with your logo. Because they need, you know, to print the logos on the backpacks for maybe it needs one week shipping, maybe one week. So if you like order too late, then you will not have that feature in your event. So it’s the most stressful is to think of all the pieces and to.

Speaker1: [00:32:40] Be I want I want some swag from Origin place. You can ship it to my house.

Speaker2: [00:32:46] Uh, if you pay shipping, I can send. Yeah. I have a couple. A couple of. Literally, my wife said, like, Oh, Augustus, what do we do with these backpacks? It’s like, three years old. I am thinking, like, I need to give away to some kids or something.

Speaker1: [00:33:06] Question From all your free videos on YouTube, which one is the best one that sellers must watch to get the most value from?

Speaker2: [00:33:18] Probably the sellers have to decide what they want to learn, you know, because some sellers, they weak in maybe advertising, so they should look something about advertising. So but if it’s like if we don’t care what what topic if you will search in our channel for the most popular videos, it will definitely be one of the top videos will be by Chris Rawlings. And as I said like yeah, he always over delivers and we just had a webinar with him two days ago and people Yeah where are the.

Speaker1: [00:33:51] People that are stopping this video to watch his Chris Rawlings video right now Just don’t forget to try seller boards because I’m going to speak about seller beginning to end. So if you pause in this video now to go watch Chris Rawlings, don’t forget to stop at seller boards and watch the demo and play with the demo. All right. You can continue and I’ll start.

Speaker2: [00:34:10] Yeah. And we have a couple of videos about celebrate also on our channel. Our channel is kind of special in the industry because it’s not like one person talking head like most of their YouTube channels. And we are not service providers which want to be aware that let’s say seller board wants to bring awareness about the company and the tool to to the community. So you are doing podcasts. In our case, we are doing these interviews to bring a neutral stage for service providers to be to come to us and be interviewed. Of course, there are some conditions. You know, we cannot just especially if it’s a new company we never worked with, would unlikely start doing free interview just because it takes our team’s work and time and money and so on. But yeah, we are kind of positioning ourselves as a free neutral stage for anyone to, to get exposure and celebrate was quite often on our channel as well.

Speaker1: [00:35:19] Nice. Thank you. I had one question I forgot. I totally forgot what the question was. So we don’t have any any other virtual summits planned for this year, but you will probably have one soon. So I advise everybody to go to his YouTube channel. Orange click. Click on the subscribe button. Get the notifications because his YouTube channel is really good. And also, let me ask you something. Do you make money on YouTube?

Speaker2: [00:35:57] Is through the YouTube ads. Yes, it’s turned on, but it’s very minimal. Like. Even like three years ago when we were three times smaller, as in terms of subscribers, we were getting a bit more than now. So it’s basically going down. Yeah, it’s yeah, I have no idea how it works. Like literally we’re getting like less than 1000 per month. So it’s you cannot live with this kind of channel. Well, if you would do alone, maybe if it’s like this amount of money is enough for you, if you live in know cheap country, then yeah. But, uh, yeah, we went through so much.

Speaker1: [00:36:38] Ah. Ah. The cake.

Speaker2: [00:36:40] No, it’s maybe part one half, half of the revenue events and have different kind of partnerships in terms of affiliate or some companies want to be featured on our channel, so they also pay for it. So yeah, it’s but if people listeners want to know more about events, we organized only about events. The best way is to go to our website, orange click dot com and slash events. There is like a menu navigation menu called events. And there we always update. Keep the information up to date. For example, at the moment we’re working on event in Portugal, event in Prague in June and starting to work on event in Lithuania, my home country in July in the middle of July. And we already have that information published on our page, but we are still not talking about this publicly because literally it’s just the date. We don’t have a venue yet. We don’t have really speakers and sponsors and so on.

Speaker1: [00:37:46] Nice, nice. And let me ask you something. How do you get sponsors? How do you find sponsors for your events?

Speaker2: [00:37:53] Very often companies come to us by themselves or they inquire. Sometimes we have a period when we don’t have any events planned, so they are writing to us that they are interested, and we keep a list of companies which are interested to sponsor upcoming events. And most of the time yeah, companies which are sponsoring. We know them already for a long time. They know for some time. So it’s just like warming a kind of returning relationship. And it’s not. It’s very rare that we get like completely new company we never worked with in some events. But yeah, basically because we are now if we’re doing physical event in Europe, there is not so many happening. Not so many people are organizing so and already for a few years everybody knows like Orange Clique is doing European events and if you want something check what they do nice.

Speaker1: [00:38:52] So I think that is not only for European salaries I think like is also is going to be very helpful for American and North American salaries. So if you are in the USA, Canada, Mexico, I think you should be following then and because they have really good contacts.

Speaker2: [00:39:11] Actually half of our audience are North Americans because we’re doing content in English language. So like by the stats of YouTube is half 50% at least is North America and then maybe 30% Europe, European sellers. But and actually most of the content is kind of universal. You can apply in us and in Europe when you go to physical events, it can be maybe a bit. Yeah, maybe sometimes there will be like more European based, like European focused topics. Just because we have a lot of European sellers participating in events and they are seeking for information targeted for them, like tuned for them, not for so much North American content.

Speaker1: [00:40:01] All right. Thank you so much, Augustus. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you so much for your time. I know you’re very busy and yet and thank you so much for the tape. So we now we’re leaving the interview with two people that we have great content for us, which is Kevin King and Chris Rawlings. So go to then also subscribe to Orange Clark’s YouTube channel. You’re going to find a lot of good content. I’m always watching your videos. Any final words?

Speaker2: [00:40:33] And I have much final words. But now one phrase came to me, which I learned already maybe ten years ago, and I read it like yesterday or two days ago. What you do, how you do one thing, this is how you do everything or something like that. Like the idea of this phrase is that if like when you go shopping, if you are not buying all everything from the list, it means this is how you do your business. You are not accomplishing all the checklists in your business as well. So basically, focus, make sure that you do small things the way you want, like let’s say your business to run or your family to function. So I like this and sometimes I remember and try to reflect, Am I doing every small thing in the way I want my life to be? And yeah, it helps me to nice to I like that and see. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:41:31] I like that. I really like that. Och Augustus, thank you very much. One more time. Can you, can you tell everybody your websites again so people can follow up with the events.

Speaker2: [00:41:42] Yeah it’s Orange Klik dot com click is k l i

Speaker1: [00:41:46] K just like your microphone.

Speaker2: [00:41:48] Yes. Or you can also. Yeah. Just write regular click word orange click and then Amazon and you should find our website or the same as on the YouTube channel, not Amazon.

Speaker1: [00:42:02] Yeah you said search on Amazon.

Speaker2: [00:42:04] Yeah you can try. Maybe we are on Amazon as well. And yeah, on YouTube we publish two or three videos a week, so we are pretty consistent and active. So yeah. And we try to cover different topics and bring a variety of different experts. So I think you can check us out to see if you want to learn from new faces and new experts in the industry. Nice.

Speaker1: [00:42:30] Augustus, thank you so much. I hope to see you again soon.

Speaker2: [00:42:34] And was in person.

Speaker1: [00:42:35] In Europe very soon.

Speaker2: [00:42:37] Hopefully. Thank you. Bye bye.

Speaker1: [00:42:39] Thank you. Bye bye. And that was our interview with Augustus from Orange Klik. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to go to sellerboard.com. Try out software. We have a demo you can play with all the functionalities. We have everything you need to succeed on Amazon. And don’t forget to subscribe to Orange Klik YouTube Channel and our YouTube channel as well so you can get more tips on how to sell on Amazon and make more money. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye.