Your keyword and PPC implementation are critical to high sales on Amazon!

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No matter what you sell on Amazon, you will always have competition, which is why you always need an effective Amazon strategy and the right keywords in your listing and Amazon PPC Advertising. 

Keywords are the actual words that customers type in the search field on Amazon describing what they want to buy if they are not looking for a specific brand or product name. If you’ve done the proper keyword research and deploy the right keyword strategy, launch, and advertising, your product listings will show up higher in search results. The most successful sellers supplement their keyword strategy with PPC to ensure their product is first for specific keywords.

Understanding what keywords to use in your product descriptions, titles, and PPC is essential for growth on every established Amazon Marketplace.  

sellerboard’s PPC Optimization feature is designed to help you track the profitability of your PPC Campaigns, ad groups, keywords and enables you to optimize bids to reach your target profitability. 

sellerboard estimates profit by PPC campaign. Based on this estimated profit, sellerboard calculates the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for every keyword and makes recommendations on optimizing your bids.  Once you see which keywords are the most effective for your PPC, you can modify your product listings title and body to attract more organic traffic.

Start running accurate PPC Campaigns with sellerboard today and reclaim more time to grow your business! 

sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. All this starting at $15 a month with a free trial.

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