Why are Amazon Reviews extremely important for your business?

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Amazon reviews are a critical component to a business on Amazon due to the fact that 95% of shoppers read reviews before buying a product. 

The reasons are:

  • Positive reviews build trust and let buyers know that their purchase won’t disappoint them.
  • Positive reviews lead to a healthier brand reputation and are the foundation of a higher conversion rate.
  • Amazon reviews positively affect sales as they are known to show a summary of your offerings.
  • Buyers tend to purchase from brands with more positive reviews than brands with fewer or negative ones.
  • If a buyer comes across two similar products, both with similar online review ratings, they will more likely purchase from the product page with more reviews. 
  • More positive reviews can help you rank higher on Amazon and lead to stronger sales.
  • Products with more reviews tend to have a higher BSR, higher revenue as well as more sales.

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