Review comments are gone, now what?

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Recently Amazon retired the feature that allowed buyers and sellers to comment on customer reviews. That’s sad because there is no more way to address a negative review publicly. Therefore now, it’s very important to avoid getting negative reviews and work more on receiving positive organic ones and here’s how.

  • Generating more reviews to average out negative reviews

sellerboard’s autoresponder completely automates sending review and seller feedback requests using Amazon’s “Request a review” template. The review request email is sent by Amazon to the customer, including links to the product review form, seller feedback form, the name, and a picture of your product. 

  • Prevent negative reviews by tracking return reasons

Did you know that you can check return reasons and customer return comments in sellerboard? Take action on every comment to prevent negative reviews. Sometimes products are returned because the color in the photo does not perfectly match the received item or the dimensions of the product do not correspond to customer expectations.  

To analyze the reasons for returns in sellerboard, click on the number of returns in the dashboard. You will see a list of reasons for returns, as well as customer comments. In addition, you can use the autoresponder in sellerboard to automatically contact the buyer after they requested a refund. 

sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. All this starting at $15 a month with a free trial.

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