Efficient Amazon FBA Business Processes with sellerboard’s Users and Rights Management

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Managing your Amazon business may require giving your employees or partners access to all or parts of sellerboard account and features. In sellerboard, you have an option to invite additional users to help you manage your account. 

sellerboard lets you control which information any authorized users can access. Because some of the tools might have sensitive or private information, you might not want to give everybody full access to all data. 

You can configure restricted access rights for every user, by function, marketplace or even by a set of products For example, you can grant access to your:

  • Employee, who is responsible for inventory management, with a restriction to the “Stock” function. They will be able to work with the stock, but will not see your P&L
  • Marketplace manager, responsible for a specific marketplace
  • Investor, who requires read-only access
  • Partner, who needs to see profits and losses only for specified products (e.g. a brand you are cooperating on).

You can configure user’s rights by going to “Settings” =>” Users” in your sellerboard account.

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