How to use multiple Amazon seller accounts on one computer?

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In this article, we will explore the main aspects of multi-accounting, whether it is possible on the Amazon platform and what you need to do to own multiple accounts simultaneously.

Many successful people, sooner or later, have a desire to create one or more seller accounts on Amazon. There can be many reasons for this. For example, the purpose of checking another product on the new account, that is fundamentally different from the main one because the seller has reason to believe that the original product may not sell well or its quality may affect the metrics of his\her main account. Or there is a desire to diversify risks and distribute goods to different accounts, thereby avoiding a complete stop of sales in case of problems with the account – more information about that you can read here. 

Multi accounting. The definition and rules on the Amazon platform

So, we suggest analyzing what should be considered multi-accountability. By this, we mean ownership of two or more accounts on one Amazon. That is multiple accounts on Amazon US or Amazon EU. If you have an account on Amazon EU and Amazon US at the same time, then this multi-account is not entirely correct to consider, as they are little related.

It is worth emphasizing that Amazon’s rules prohibit the usage of multiple accounts for the same person (whether physical or legal) if such permission was not directly obtained from the support. If Amazon closes your seller account, you will not be able to open another. All new accounts, connected to the old, will be closed.

Having multiple accounts on Amazon from the user’s perspective

The usage of various accounts on Amazon is not by itself a big problem as it is being drawn. However, when multiple accounts are linked, and one of them dealt with issues, it may be harmful to other accounts, so it is essential to get rid of those links between Amazon accounts.

How can I properly receive User permissions to my several accounts on Amazon?

What are the necessary conditions that must be observed for still receiving, or at least increasing the chances of winning a positive response to a request for multiple accounts?

1. Other products.

In this case, it is not just about goods that differ from the assets of the first account, but about their cardinal difference (for example, products for children are sold on the main account, and goods intended for older people – on the secondary account). Thus, explaining the inappropriateness of selling so different products from one account, you increase the chance of getting the answer you are waiting on.

2. Another model for building a business.

This method is somewhat more complicated and requires more time and patience, since, probably, support will not immediately agree to a second account. If you already have an account and it is registered to your company (you are not the sole owner), and you want to open a second account to another company (in which you are a shareholder or director), then you can do in a such way. You can argue the need for a second account as the usage by another corporate structure, in which the members are other participants/investments.

3. Register an account with a proxy

We want to note right now that we do not recommend doing this, since the security of this method bases on a clear understanding of how you work with the new account, and, importantly, on trusting relationships with the person to whom such an account is registered. This method can be used if you have been refused a request to create a second account for you.

All of the above methods are highly effective, but unfortunately, it will require a lot of time and effort to implement them. What to do to sellers who want to use the multi-accounting opportunity now to boost their sales and accumulate capital? We have an answer for you. More precisely, step-by-step instructions for the safe use of multiple accounts by the seller on one computer or another electronic device.

The opportunities for Amazon to discover that I have more than one account

Amazon may regard different accounts as interconnected if the Amazon algorithm indicates that the two accounts are linked to one person. This algorithm is very sophisticated and complex, it becomes complicated every year, and it is increasingly challenging to find regularities to avoid these connections.

Amazon is very good at finding these links. Such a relationship may be:

  • The IP address of the Internet connection point or MAC address of the computer
  • Browser footprints, such as cookies or flash objects
  • Any data from a previous account, such as your name, bank account, address.

Once you mistakenly go into seller central from the old IP, for example, your mobile phone, on which the Amazon application stands, to connect to the wifi of the old IP (you would never have thought of that, right?) And that’s all – you are on the radar.

What is most important for a merchant whose goal is to use multiple accounts?

In the case of a MAC address of a computer or browser cookies, it is more or less clear – you need to use different computers and different browsers. But what to do with IPs that aren’t easy to change? In this case, such possibilities as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or Virtual Private Server (VPS) may help.

It is a service that provides the user literally with a virtual server. That is a full-fledged alternative to a dedicated physical server with many benefits, high stability, ease of administration and setup, fault tolerance, and much less financial cost.

What are the VPS servers?

VPS servers differ in the type of virtualization. That is a technology by which a physical server distributes resources between virtual ones. There are over ten of them, but hosting providers generally offer only three.

1) Virtualization at the operating system level

Such VPS servers run based on the physical server operating system. It is not possible to select the OS for your server: the choice is limited to versions that are compatible with the motherboard. An example is OpenVZ.

That is similar to a shared desktop. Each employee has a personal workspace, but the rest of the resources are shared.

2) Para-virtualization

The operating systems of such VPS servers have their kernel, but its capabilities are limited. Installing any operating system will still fail, but the choice will be more excellent. A unique program – hypervisor manages virtual servers. It simulates a physical server for each VPS server and allocates resources. That gives you more freedom while maintaining the server. An example is Xen, and as a further step in the development of Xen can also be considered the creation of a server virtualization system Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).

It’s like a personal workplace. A single desk gives more comfort and independence but is still located in the standard room.

3) Full virtualization

Virtual server operating systems also work on their kernel, but its capabilities are not limited. Any software that supports OS can be installed on the server. The hypervisor also manages VPS servers, but the servers are unaware of its existence. The capabilities of such a virtual server are most similar to those of a physical server. An example is a KVM on Linux or Hyper-V on Microsoft Windows.

It’s like a private office. The whole room is at your disposal. You can arrange it as you like.

The advantages of using VPS \ VDS servers

  • No restrictions. You can create as many databases, FTP clients, or mail accounts as you like. There will be as many sites running on the server as there is enough space.
  • More freedom while choosing software. You can choose from the hosted operating systems and install software on them: plugins and applications, hosting control panels
  • Highlighted IP address. Each VPS server is unique. That is a significant benefit that allows you to create or hide multiple IP addresses from a single computer
  • Fine-tuning. The user has administrator privileges to make the VPS server more comfortable. They are also called root rights or superuser rights. That is the highest level of access. It allows you to edit any files and settings.
  • The owner of several projects will agree to the multitasking of the VPS server. It has no restrictions on the number of domains and traffic. VPS will host as many sites as there is enough storage. And if you run out of resources, you can increase them.


All of the above tips are essential for secure multi-accounting, but it is always challenging to keep up-to-date and track whether you have selected the correct VPS server, the right bank card number, etc. And over time, more and more questions will arise.

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