How can Europeans and Americans sell on the Amazon India Marketplace and is it worth it?

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Amazon is always considered as the top marketplace to sell the products. The customer service and seller service is always good on Amazon. Majority of small and medium businesses can’t afford an e-commerce website because of the high annual cost of it and along with that they have to hire employees for the support and other tasks.

If you are looking at Amazon India marketplace then – GST registration is mandatory If you want to sell taxable items on Amazon India. Without GST, sellers can only sell non taxable items like Books, handicraft items, etc.

In the sellers tax identity of gst number, – GST state code will be mentioned through which the sellers business establishment state can be identified. All the details have to be true and correct at the time of registration on Amazon seller central as these details will be directly reflected in the Invoices whenever the orders are received to the Amazon sellers.

There are many benefits for the International Amazon sellers If they are planning to sell items on Amazon India. Amazon India is well known for 24×7 offers and promotion to amazon customers. All religion people enjoy festivals in their community and India is one of the nation where different communities of people live. It is really a big market for the International sellers to sell a variety of products to Indian consumers.

It is a true fact that Amazon always receives a bumper sale on Great Indian festival sales and Amazon sellers are always preparing for this sale ahead of 2 to 3 months prior. International sellers also want to keep an eye on this big sale and launch as many products during the entire season.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons International sellers have Big opportunity to sell products on Amazon India:

  1. Low Commision fees when compared with Amazon US and Amazon Europe Marketplace

Whenever a new seller joins the Amazon marketplace, their primary interest is in Amazon commission. Amazon sellers have to set the selling price of a product looking at the commission rates on different categories.

On Amazon India, the commissions are deducted as referral fee and closing fee. – Amazon Referral fees and closing fees are less in Amazon India when compared with and Amazon Europe. You can find different commission structures in the category when it comes to choosing all available Amazon marketplace.

So, It is definitely a good option for Americans and Europeans to consider the Amazon India marketplace. 

  1. Low Amazon FBA cost

Amazon FBA is the best service that amazon provides to their sellers. There are many reasons to choose this service as it reduces the burden of packaging and shipping products to the customers. 

If you are thinking to sell on Amazon India then Amazon Fba option is good for American and European sellers as It will help them in processing their orders on Amazon India marketplace. The cost of storing, packaging, shipping the items is very less with the Fba option when compared with and Amazon Europe marketplace. So, this is definitely a plus point in Amazon India enrollment.

Whenever the foreign country amazon sellers want to sell products on Amazon India, they first think of a warehouse where they can store their items but with Amazon Fba they don’t want to go anywhere. They can enroll in Amazon Fba by choosing their best location at the time of Amazon Fba registration.

Additionally, the sellers will also get good visibility on their products with the prime tag on them. 

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is most important in any business. Whether the business is small scale industries or any big firm, they must have customer service representatives to handle the queries of their customers.

If you have set your business with amazon FBA then you do not need to worry about the customer service at all on amazon India because amazon fba is very good at delivering best services to their prime and non prime customers. All the tasks will be done by the Amazon Fba team from order processing to providing updates regarding the shipment of products. 

American and European sellers don’t need to invest additional money on customer service representatives when they enroll with Amazon Fba. Hence the employee’s cost will be eliminated.

  1. More number of Amazon Indian users

Nowadays, the majority of indian people have smartphones and internet connectivity through which they can now purchase a variety of products on Amazon India. Amazon Indian customers are in millions and this market is definitely a good market for American and European sellers.

With so much traffic coming on the Amazon India marketplace, this is the right opportunity for international sellers to showcase their products and generate good sales. Amazon Indian customers like more and more offers. So, International sellers can do promotion campaigns on their products and increase the sales of their items.

  1. No man power required for Order processing with Amazon FBA

International sellers have to develop a team when they want to start an online business in another country. But with Amazon FBA, the hiring cost of employees will be eliminated. The Amazon FBA team takes care of all their Inventory. When the order comes to the seller, Amazon FBA team will pick, pack and ship the product to the customers. Additionally, they will also provide customer service to amazon customers.

Hence, the monthly employee salary cost will be eliminated. International sellers just need to monitor their Amazon India seller account to check if they are not violating any policies set by Amazon India.

  1. Low social media marketing cost

These Days all types of businesses have to market their products and services on social media platforms. Amazon sellers have to generate sales from many sources and not just from Amazon. They have to set the budget for social media campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram are the powerful platform through which International sellers can drive traffic to their brand store or on their product listings. The cost of advertisements on these platforms depends on the geographic location in which the users are targeted.

Amazon International sellers have a big benefit of targeting users on facebook and instagram as the cost is very low in India. So, this can also help American and European sellers to increase their budget on campaigns which will definitely produce good results for them in terms of getting more visibility and sales on their products.

  1. Lots of varieties in product categories

American and European Amazon sellers have unlimited opportunities to add a variety of sub category products which are very famous in India. The Indian culture is different in all the states. Indian People have different dressing in different states. International sellers can target all interests of customers on Amazon India.

International sellers can find all the different varieties in clothing and accessories, food products, Fashion, Jewelry, etc. 

There are many products on Amazon India which are having more demand in India only. So, It is definitely an advantage for International sellers to showcase these products to Indian audiences.

  1. More Festival Offers – Great Indian Festival on Diwali

India is full of many festivals. There are different religion peoples in India. Keeping this point in mind, there is a good opportunity to create promotion offers like Money off, percent off, Buy one get one, etc. prior to the festival date. Sellers can create a festival calendar in order to create a perfect campaign for the right audience at the right festival time.

Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India. There are many products in the majority of categories which are in more demand especially in diwali season. International sellers can target those items on the Great Indian Festival sale which will definitely help them to gain lots of sales during the entire festival.

  1. Sourcing of Handicraft items at a lower price

Indian people love the products which are designed by some form of hand art in it. India is well known for handicraft items and these items are in more demand on Amazon India marketplace. These handcrafted products come at nominal rates and they are in huge demand on Amazon India. 

International sellers can source these items from the Indian market itself and showcase them on Amazon India. Selling these products on Amazon India can be a game changer to them as the sellers can buy those items in bulk from the same country.

  1. Low CPC Advertisements on Amazon India

Whenever the new sellers joins the Amazon marketplace, there is not a guarantee that the sellers will start receiving organic sales from the first month. Even if the selling price is set lower than also It does not guarantee that more organic sales will be diverted to your items.

Therefore, the secondary option is advertising.

Amazon sellers have to advertise their products to get more and more visibility on Amazon Marketplace. They have to create brand awareness by running sponsored brand campaigns. Once the audiences start exploring your brands and store then the sales flow chart will accelerate.

International sellers can create the advertisement campaign with a minimum 50 Rs per day budget and that It is not a 1$ for the whole day. They can even advertise their products at very lower cost i.e. 3 Rs or 4 Rs per click.

Note: sellerboard ppc optimization is a best productive tool to track the ppc campaigns.


By looking into many advantages of selling on Amazon India, International sellers must think about this big opportunity to capture the huge Indian market. Amazon is definitely a game changer for International sellers in terms of all their seller services to them. American and European sellers have big scope by enrolling into Amazon India marketplace.

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