Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Advance

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Some of the biggest shopping days of the year are approaching with the possibility of great money to be made so it’s much recommended that sellers already start their preparations in advance. Below are a few FBA selling tips from sellerboard:

  • Start optimizing your PPC Campaigns and advertising a few weeks in advance

Following this advice will help build sales velocity and so a brand can win sponsored product spots and a higher organic ranking.

  1. Stock up on inventory

Try not to sell out and have your stock lined up in advance! Due to the current situation, FBA shipments are likely to be delayed. Therefore, be sure to get your inventory shipped to the FBA warehouse in advance.

  1. Offer Free Shipping

This will make your deals stand out from the rest and ensure an increase in sales as everyone likes to save up on shipping.

  1. Bundle your products

If you sell multiple products on Amazon that complement each other, it would be smart to gather them into an attractive bundle so that you are offering a one-off ‘combo’ deal to buyers. By offering relevant products together for a percentage discount you have the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of buyers, subconsciously encouraging them to purchase.

  1. Research

The most important advice is to dig into your inventory of past years. This will help you understand what to aim for, the prices that items can reach and the potential stock that might sell out. 

sellerboard will help you be ready for BCFM to the fullest.

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