Amazon’s New Messaging Policy

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Amazon has recently updated its customer communication guidelines, including buyer-seller messaging policy. The new guideline will go into effect on November 3, 2020. It explicitly allows sellers to ask customers for review or feedback:

“You may send proactive Permitted Messages for the following reasons: resolving an issue with order fulfillment, requesting additional information required to complete the order, asking a return-related question, sending an invoice, requesting product review and/or seller feedback, scheduling the delivery of a heavy or bulky item, scheduling a Home Services appointment, verifying a custom design, or any other reason where the contact is required for the buyer to receive their purchase”. 

Here are some key points of the new policy are:

  • Using 3rd party applications is permitted (like the sellerboard Autoresponder)
  • Maximum of 1 message per order!
  • Messages only within 30 days after the order
  • No messages which only say “Thank you” or confirm shipping
  • Allowed attachments: Product instructions, warranty information, invoices
  • No tracking pixels: This means, that the tools will no longer be able to show the open rate of your messages!
  • No emojis, GIF’s, images (other than those relating to your brand), no product images

There are new requirements with respect to formatting as well, check out the new policy in the seller central.

Make sure you adapt your message templates before November 3rd. 

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