What to track to make sure you’re not paying too much commission?

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  1. Commission Changes

This event is very hard to notice for a seller and might cost you a lot of money. If the commission is changed, due to the reason of Amazon changing the fee structure, then this is something you need to know because it affects your profitability and you might want to renegotiate your prices with the supplier or maybe raise your price. 

This is why you need to make sure that you know when the commissions are changed on Amazon.

2. Category Changes

Sometimes Amazon moves your product to a different category and if this happens, it might be that you’ll start paying a higher commission. If this is the case, you need to be aware of it and open a ticket to make sure the product is moved back to its corresponding category so that you can save money on every sale. 

Make sure the commission doesn’t change by tracking the commission and the category. However if it is changed, then make sure your profit calculations/ numbers are still making sense or open a ticket to correct the category.

By the way, all this you can monitor with the Alerts function in sellerboard. Alerts are available in every package. We are going to track these events as well as a dozen of others and notify you per email or in your sellerboard account in case you need to take some action!

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