Here are Some Great Tips on Translating your Listings and Expanding Internationally!

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If you’re looking to scale your Amazon business, selling internationally and expanding to other marketplaces seems like the best way to achieve that.

When should you think about expanding to Europe if you’re a US seller?

  • First of all, don’t start selling in another country before you are well established in at least one other marketplace;
  • When you are happy with your revenue or you can’t grow anymore (for example in the US) you can start thinking about selling internationally;
  • Research product demand within each country you would like to expand;
  • Make sure you have taken care of the VAT in Europe;
  • Get your listings professionally translated and optimized;
  • Make sure you have the correct keyword research;

Take into consideration that it can take several months to get started and getting daily sales on the new marketplace that you expanded to.

Here are some mistakes to avoid related to keyword research for other marketplaces:

  • Don’t just use google translate, don’t translate word by word and make sure the sentence or expression you translated make sense in the country you expand to;
  • You need to do the keyword research for each market separately by a local specialist;
  • You need to ask an expert on how your product is called exactly in the country you desire to expand;
  • Long-tail keywords can be completely different, so first, you need to find the correct short-tail keywords then start working on the long-tail ones;

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