What are the advantages of the Amazon Vendor program?

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Jordi Ordonez is our guest on this episode of the sellerboard show. He is an Amazon consultant, focused mostly on the vendors program. Jordi is helping big brands start their sales on Amazon as vendors, manage their strategy, and optimize their listings.

Many big sellers receive an invitation to become an Amazon vendor. We discussed the pros and cons of this program with Jordi Ordonez, an amazon consultant, focussing on vendor programs. Is it a good idea to accept the invitation and what are the differences and benefits compared to Amazon sellers?

Here is some advice from Jordi with respect to the vendor program:

  • Don’t upload your complete catalog with all of your products, just select a few products
  • Don’t upload your best selling products
  • If possible, create a new line of products specially for the vendor program or create bundles of your products is also a good idea for this program.

The main con of the vendors program is that you lose control over your customers: you don’t know them, you can’t communicate with them and ask them for reviews or feedback. And most importantly you cannot control the price of your products anymore.

For big brands, benign a vendor might make sense. Jordi explains a strategy how to become a vendor if you are a big brand and have a lot of products.

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