Brand Building With Instagram

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Today we’d like to share some advice on brand building from Johannes Kliesch, our guest on the sellerboard show. Johannes is a co-founder of a Germany based brand,

Here are 3 efficient ways of growing and leveraging your instagram audience:
1. Influencers
  • Find influencers in your niche on instagram, contact them and offer them free products in exchange for content.
  • Most of them agree just for the free products. Big influencers with millions of followers might charge you for the review.
2. Raffles (aka giveaways)
  • The prize can be any of your products or even something else;
  • Let people know that they need to tag friends in the comments, and follow your page;
  • Run them for around 1 week;
  • To reach even more people, you can run ads to it;
  • When you pick the winner do it live with a site like so people know it’s not fake and they will come back for other giveaways too.
3. Instagram story ads are more profitable than traditional ads at the moment. Try them.

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