How can Pinterest help you promote your product in amazon and generate free targeted organic traffic?

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We’d like to share advice from Joe Reichsfeld (eCommerce-Optimizer), our guest on the sellerboard show, and it is about Pinterest and how it can help you promote your product and generate relevant external traffic on your amazon listing.

Here’s how it works:

Register on Pinterest and create a board. The board’s name, description and images should reflect your category and basically tell the users on Pinterest what this board is about.

Create 5 pins on Pinterest for each of your Amazon listings. A pin is like a post with a picture, a piece of content and a link (can be a direct link to your Amazon listing). You need to make sure that your pictures are beautiful and attractive to your target group. Pinterest will show your post to your followers and if they engage, then you will start getting organic views and Pinterest will start showing your images to other users.

Pinterest shows the images to your followers, and depending on your interactions and engagements you can get organic views and if people like your posts and start to pin them then you get more and more views and your link is exposed every time under the picture.

Pinterest users is an audience which doesn’t need discounts but are looking for quality products. It’s warm traffic. According to Joe, Pinterest users spend 40% more on average than any other social referral.

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