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Not all sellers choose to register their brand straight away as most prefer to see how the sales of a product go first. However, many miss out on the fact that Brand Registry is important as it identifies brand owners which helps protect a brand owner’s intellectual property and product content such as protect product listings from other sellers and helps in not losing control over the product details of your items as well as help your brand in growing to globally recognized.

This massively helps sellers increase the sales figures and gives the opportunity to receive a unique ASIN which also helps in keeping the Buy Box for your ASINs to yourself. It’s Amazon allowing you to own the ownership of a brand or company. This program is extremely beneficial for Private Label Brand sellers, manufacturers, and handmade products suppliers.

Most importantly, Brand Registry protects you from the below:

  1. Hijackers on your item titles, images and details.
  2. Other suppliers selling identical products at a lower price, reducing the ability of matching errors.
  3. Increased competition which may lead to a price drop of your product.

In case you haven’t registered your brand on Amazon yet, below are the main requirements to do so (differ by country):

  1.  An active, registered trademark in the country that appears on your product or packaging.
  2.  The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner, through the public contact listed on your trademark registration.
  3.  An Amazon account

Brand Registry can hugely improve your sales by giving you more control over your listings. This can help in reducing the risks of receiving negative customer reviews and can help in increasing revenue. You can, of course, sell without Brand Registry on Amazon. However, with it you can double your success and minimize the hassle with competition. Keep in mind that if you don’t go ahead with Brand Registry, competitors can trademark the product that you sell first, which will lead to you, as a seller, violating trademark and copyright laws.

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