How to Use Pinterest for Traffic Generation and Brand Building (Interview with Joe Reichsfeld)

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Our guest on the 27th of April, 2020,  on the sellerboard show was Joe Reichsfeld from eCommerce-Optimizer.

We talked about:

  • Private Label on Amazon and how to build up your Brand
  • How Pinterest can help to promote your product in amazon and generate free targeted organic traffic
  • How to direct Pinterest users to your Amazon product, landing page or Shopify store

Watch the full video here:

Speaker 0: Hi guys and welcome to the sellerboard show my name is Vladi Gordon by today’s guest is Joe Reichsfeld from E. commerce optimizer dot com and we talked about Pinterest so well if you are serious into these private label game on Amazon in the if you’re really trying to build up your brand then Pinterest is a resource that you should take a look at this address is freaking huge and it can generate you thousands of organic traffic in the targeted organic traffic so for example if you’re selling sports products then you can build up a present some Pinterest and Pinterest will promote your posts or your info or your pins are they common people interested in sports even they’re not even if they’re not your followers. This can generate tons of traffic free traffic for you after you build up a certain presence on Pinterest in the arm should be used by any brand as an as one of the traffic sources and I can point them directly to your Amazon product  or to a landing page or your Shopify store if you have some if you have one so I hope this will be useful for you and we didn’t talk a lot about Pinterest on our show yet so well it was very very new for me.

Speaker 0: Please make sure you give us a like if you like this kind of content and subscribe to our channel we’re bringing up those videos all regularly into before we start if you’re an Amazon seller and you haven’t heard of sellerboard yet then go check it out sellerboard com link is the description also sellerboard is  our financial analytics service for Amazon FBA sellers with a ton of additional tools add ons, for example, a PPC optimization module or much of which finds goods damaged and lost by Amazon helps you get reimbursed for those goods, inventory manager and lot more and all that for starting at ninety dollars a month with a free trial so we sampled link in the description to get one month free trial. 

Speaker 0: Now let’s start the show.

Speaker 0: Hello everybody welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show, my name is VladiGordon and today I’m joined by JoeReichsfeld from e-commerce optimizer dot com, hello Joe.

Speaker 1: Hey how you doing.

Speaker 0: I’m doing great how are you.

Speaker 1: Fantastic thank you.

Speaker 0: You just a shared with me before we started recording that it’s three AM and Arizona so I think this makes you the latest show I guess. In terms of what time of day.

Speaker 1: Late night.

Speaker 0: Late night exactly.  It’s actually morning in Germany I think we’ve actually never had this set up morning my time and. Such late night in the U. S..

Speaker 0: So yeah Joe why should tell us quickly about yourself and how did you get into or start in in this Amazon university in general E. commerce.

Speaker 0: Well. I was actually in the restaurant business for twenty years before e-commerce.  But my ex wife is real artsy and she had painted cast goes all around our house and I want to get rid of them one to find a place to sell so I opened up a custom southwest furniture art website in nineteen ninety nine. We started some Amazon was you know just a book thing then but I was able to do the listings on Amazon and put my website actually on my listings then so used Amazon to funnel business actually fall traffic to my website. As a beta tester for go to an over chore for the regional PPC in wrong ninety two thousand yeah former owner all my words for four cents apiece. Yeah right the good old days I saw that business for cash long time ago it’s still in business and since then I’ve worked with all different E. commerce groups and sellers I personally have sold onpersonally have sold on Amazon eBay jet Monster e-commerce Rakuten Newegg Shopify and I’m sure there’s a couple others that I’m that I’m missing  have clients on 12 different platforms right now worldwide and I have some that are just on the website only that I’ve one doing a million a week website only.

Speaker 1: OMG that’s crazy!

Speaker 2: It’s crazy yeah there’s a lot of money to be made on the internet and you know like we were talking the internet makes it look really small. Such cross border commerce is really easy. 

Speaker 1: How cool is that so tell me do you also have like this with the with private label products yourself and selling any?

Speaker 2: Right now I’m not showing any decide I don’t compete with my clients in the I have a lot of corporations as clients as well and and it it would be unprofessional farmer selling you know when things go sideways they want me to focus on their problems not. And I see that as an issue sometimes with but some of the people that do this. You know yes my job is to work for you if you’re my client not for myself not to tell you I’ll be with you later some busy doing my own thing.

Speaker 1: Yeah well I think I understand this conflict of interest for sure we had this as well because I was a seller an FBA seller myself and when we started sellerboard profit analytics and financial analytics service for Amazon sellers I decided to sell my business for basically yes yes. 

Speaker 2: Yes say yes it’s too much you can’t be great either because your split.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: Yeah okay well deserve your time.

Speaker 1: So. Maybe later but but but still like to did you have experience with selling its launchingFBA private label products on your own?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 2: Can we maybe talk about this, so when did you start  Private Label on Amazon?

Speaker 2: Two thousand nine there was a long time. 

Speaker 1: Very early.

Speaker 1: How was it back then like.

Speaker 2: It was just like it is now a lot of B. S. A lot of there’s always yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s like groundhog day sometimes I was like groundhog day you know the groups they come they get sifted out they leave you know the scant if there’s always some angle going on but you know I’ve lived through Amazon doing NASA suspensions before.  And it’s just it’s the same old thing in only the best thing you can do is you know keep your nose to the to the ground and work your **** off and stay honest the scammers from two years ago are gone the scammers that are there right now they’ll be gone in another year you know I mean if the scammers don’t last none of whom lasts the people that you know the people that are in the groups over there two years ago or the honest people that are working there and stuff.

Speaker 2: And it’s not that hard to do you don’t have to cheat. 

Speaker 1: Cool we’ll talk about I know that a lot of scam is happening around like launch and taking reviews and so on and I would like to talk about that with you because I know you have a method but before we get into this tell us about your current business E. commerce dash optimizer dot com will open the link your description by the way but other times just quickly what kind of consulting are doing for clients well.

Speaker 2: The focus what I’m doing is I’m doing a lot of coaching with for small and medium size businesses I still have my other business that has a lot of large corporations as well but I’m focusing on small and medium sized sellers to help them understand that they can compete against the big sellers the big corporations they have their faults just as much as small sellers have there have their faults and you know you. You can compete against Amazon just because Amazon owns the platform doesn’t make them perfect there are ways small sellers can offer things that Amazon can’t like customer service levels.  You know and they can focus on the customer but what I offer is after a lot of coaching I do a lot of one on one coaching with clients  I just focus on teaching them how to build community so that they don’t have to rely on Amazon when you rely on Amazon for all your traffic you’re at their mercy. Driving your own traffic to Amazon if that’s what you want to do you’re supplementing the traffic that Amazon is sending you so now you’re even harder to beat somebody waiting you know just somebody using Amazon only on the traffic and it’s not that difficult there’s people everywhere you know Amazon is not the ruler of the world it’s only ten percent of the internet you’re in another country there’s a lot of sellers in other countries there’s also a lot of buyers in other countries and there’s no reason why sellers don’t appeal to them so I do a lot of coaching I’m creating workshops inexpensive workshops for sellers to be able to fine tune their skills and we also have just started a Pinterest lunch service one of my first workshops was Pinterest.

Speaker 2: Okay interest traffic domination to teach others how to to use Pinterest because there’s a ton of traffic on Pinterest interest is the number one source of free buyer intent traffic can’t knock.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: So so that’s that’s very interesting so interest loan service basically you’re bringing external traffic to a new listing. 

Speaker 1: To push its and basically to give it more sales at the beginning and maybe also generate reviews this is I think this is huge tell us tell us about interest so I’m myself I have like Facebook and Instagram and and take stock in the I guess maybe I’m a registered in some other end it Pinterest sure but you don’t use it.

Speaker 1: I don’t use it right so I don’t really know what is interesting.

Speaker 2: Pinterest isn’t E. commerce visual search engine. Landing website it started as a wedding planning website and he’s changed as time has gone on well one piece it still planning site what do you do when you plan to spend the money. So people are on Pinterest and they’re looking at maybe they’re used vehicle or what they’re gonna do their vehicle what they want to do to their house or where they’re going to go next year or what they’re going to buy their kids so they’re planning purchases some things they buy and then something’s that by later. Pinterest is about to be bigger than Amazon in total worldwide membership and Twitter. 

Speaker 1: Post while.

Speaker 2: You’re coming up on three hundred and fifty million worldwide members which is a lot because just over a year ago there were two hundred and fifty million so they’re grown when you send out a tweet tweet last about.  Fifteen minutes. And you just put out a Facebook post that lasts about three hours Pinterest pins last seven months.

Speaker 1: Whoa. 

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay so tell me how does it work like is it like basically like to wish lists that I can create a Pinterest using different images?

Speaker 2: You know I like you we have this wall right here imagine you know there’s white boards over this wall and each one is you know one is for camping the next one is next next month’s vacation then the spring clothing and as I see these different things that other people are putting up business and or just users. I am posting it on my board to remind me I like that I want to go back and do this so every month. Pinterest users are buying things based on what they see on Pinterest ninety three ninety three percent interest users stately use Pinterest planned purchases eighty seven percent of them have bought something after seeing it on Pinterest. 

Speaker 2: If your products are not listed on Pinterest you’re not getting any of those sales that’s all that’s three hundred million shells right there and while you have to be on Pinterest to be able to get any of those.

Speaker 1: Okay so how does that work like and on Instagram for example somebody needs to post my product right so how does it work and Pinterests how do I get to go to the wall of all those different people.

Speaker 2: Sure it. Are you familiar with the book RSS feed.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: Pinterest is basically the categories and sub categories are all RSS feeds so when you first sign up for Pinterest it asks you what are you interested in and you pick you know five topics well you just signed up for five or assess feats within every time you log into Pinterest does your screen with pens that are focused on those topics so forget the word categories and topics and think keywords and long tail keyword phrases.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 2: That’s how Pinterest is set up.

Speaker 1: It’s okay.

Speaker 2: SEO. it’s a search engine so if you focus your pens the tiles your descriptions your board names on the cat the category names are your key words then you have an opportunity to come up in one of these speeds. Okay the home decor feed has twenty million followers or some absurd number like well yeah.

Speaker 1: Sure.

Speaker 2: So you know let’s say you sell contacts. She might have a board that might be outdoor outdoors fun you might have a board it’s called kayak you might have a board called kayaking gear each one of those is a category or sub category already on interest and they have followers if you name your board yeah Joe’s weekend fun nobody’s ever gonna see it because Jules weekend fun is not a category name.

Speaker 2: Pinterest relies on us the sellers or the content creators to tell them what the pain is about one when you first make it so when you when you put up a new listing interest wants you to be the first person to panic and they want you to categorize it correctly so they’re saying use the creator I just created this and this is what it’s about. Then moving forward anybody the creative pin or anything that relates to that U. R. L. all the analytics go back to your original. In global. Salting gauge made all the saves it all comes back to the original.

Speaker 1: I’m sure your Pinterest wants our help building their search engine building it out and it really works well mom bloggers they’ve got a name they’re driving lanes of traffic on Pinterest and making tons of money and you can use Amazon affiliates links on Pinterest now too you no longer have to have a website to be an Amazon affiliate you can have a Pinterest account.

Speaker 1: Okay that sounds that sounds amazing so for example I’m so let let’s suppose I’m selling jump ropes right. Sports fitness whatever so I create an account and basically help interest we need to enhance maybe provide some description so put some put in some key words up in response okay this is ports of call so what I do then you should just post my products sure. 

Speaker 2: What you want what you do is you you create a board okay so you’re gonna happen you’re gonna have you should make five ins U. R. L. well so all all of your Amazon list your off your hands on images can be all ends going back to the euro while we think about it your keyword phrases for your jump rope. You’re gonna have braces they all mean the same thing but they’re about different things one might be about physical fitness the other one might be about girls sports those are two different topics so you have one pin it it it you know goes down that way that path and the other pin that goes down that. When you create a pen the first thing Pinterest does it shows to the people that follow you. And their engagement with ten tells Pinterest whether or not it’s inequality and if they engage with it well then Pinterest shows it to other people that don’t follow you what has but I’ve said into jump ropes.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: So did their people that are already looking for your product it’s warm traffic.

Speaker 1: Will Pinterest users spend forty percent more than any other social work for all show me discounts. 

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: You’re not you’re not looking for the discount.  They’re looking for they’re looking for value and they’re looking for quality really.

Speaker 1: Well okay so basically basically the plan S. like great then it progressed borked or nurse accountant and find some followers.

Speaker 2: Show me right yeah.

Speaker 1: And and then if we post great content then up interest will give it a will push it organically to the people who are interested in that topic which are.  Basically exactly my target group right.

Speaker 2: Yes. 

Speaker 1: Yeah somebody.

Speaker 2: To not show up in the you know the one of things you want to do your okay so you already have people that follow you you know or or by yeah in buyers that like your product like your Gran they might follow you on Facebook cross promote all your social channels so you tell your youtube group about your Facebook and about your you know you wanna cross warm beach you most inadequate followers are going to be the ones that follow you everywhere and they’re gonna be the ones always engage free. 

Speaker 1: Yeah right.

Speaker 2: And you know Pinterest is like Facebook in that if you share something that nobody’s ever seen before nobody’s ever gonna see it but if you could share other people’s pins you know relevant pins that are related to yours but that happens Schering already just like on a bosu ball you know I’m looking for a an article that Serbian share put on your Facebook to build followers on Facebook you can do the same thing to build your following on on Pinterest.

Speaker 1: We’ll go to your competitors if somebody’s following your competitor because they saw a jump ropes they’re probably gonna like your jump ropes to they just don’t know who you are yet so you follow you know you follow the most engaged users of your competitors and the most engaged influencers in your category you know and everybody starts following each other if you follow people that have no followers and never anything.

Speaker 2: You never not gonna get anywhere it’s it’s quantity it’s quality over quantity you get a small following but if they’re engaged that’s what matters.

Speaker 1: I’d like to share something as you were talking actually no interest and searched for jump rope and I think it’s and maybe you guys can do it as well and and broke to watching this video so basically I clicked on the first search result it was a kind of a poster with instructions how to jump optimally using jump broke up and then I clicked on it and and actually what you were just telling it I see here it’s it’s in the call the company it looks like a company. Chris selling some fitness stops fitness supplies and they have a ton of followers here in down there constantly. Posting pictures for some content.  About sports and fitness and start jumping ropes right.

Speaker 2: Right but it’s the ticket.  I think that’s exactly what they’re doing so tell me what possibilities do we have on Pinterest to promote our products okay I got it the kind of. Set up set up a profile start following our competitors followers to follow us back maybe we shared this. Know when we post. : It’s a content instructions structures walls jumping holder put into great my product in there.

Speaker 2: Well.  I’m not I’m not your average Amazon seller I look at the big picture on Amazon Amazon instant cash register people go to Amazon they’re ready to buy you hear the stories that that. They didn’t.

Speaker 2: Amazon pushes that you know sixty six percent of all product searches are done on Amazon. Alright well before they get to Amazon they are realizing they have a problem they’re researching the problem they’re looking at reviews and comparisons there on Google searching there on Pinterest planning things out there earlier in the buyer journey. 

Speaker 2: Then just the people that are at amble.

Speaker 1: Yet waiting to buy so it helps if you create some content and eat if you have a website it’s optimal for you have your own website if you don’t have a website have an article written from someplace like text broker for twenty Bucks about physical fitness and posted on medium who and link that to your to your Facebook account or your Pinterest account or your Amazon account you want time all together so that we you know the person is going to that pin it might not be ready to buy your jump rope yet but they’re interested in learning about fitness and getting to that next stage they might go to that piece of content and you get a knocked in there.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And then there you’re there your buyer before their Amazon’s customer will.  And that’s the name of the game building your mailing list so you have a little bit of both you know some people be ready to buy the type of cleaning you put up is also going to determine that you have window shoppers you have people that are ready to bite so it comes down to using the right keywords as well are you gonna put by a jump by a jump rope today as a keyword phrase on a physical fitness type post or on a you know here’s my jump rope.  You know buy one whatever get one free whatever it is you know he it’s you gotta look at the content you know and what your message is every message is a little different not everybody is. Ready to have that product page just slammed in their face.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And there’s a lot of people that just that’s all they did you know they offer the product page that’s why I checked one of the reasons chatbots in the chat flow is so popular is because you’re not slapping them with with that product page right away people not everybody likes that.

Speaker 1: Doesn’t mean you would recommend to point them to some sort of for a lead to a page where they basically type in their email or.

Speaker 2: If you’re gonna if you gonna point them to Amazon we used to recommend it a lead page.

Speaker 2: If you gonna point to Amazon’s interest prefers that you just send them right to Amazon.

Speaker 2: Is a little bit like cool they look at your can they look at the landing page they look at the meta tags on the landing page they look at the images on the landing page your ten needs to be about the landing page so if you put a pen about jumping rope in your landing pages about water skiing they’re not gonna show that to anybody.

Speaker 1: But if.

Speaker 2: You know your jumping rope ten is about points to a land page about jumping rope that is not spammy you know then they’re okay with it the problem with the landing pages that I see is everybody goes for the hard sell. 

Speaker 2: And it’s not about the hard sells about creating relationships with people.

Speaker 2: You know people don’t want to read ads they want to read something that interests them so when you send them to a landing page you can have better conversions if you appeal to their needs and give them what they want their trip they were they want information they don’t want. 

Speaker 1: The little people.

Speaker 2: Shared with them the hammer has a rubber hand all they care about the hold that the hammers gonna make whether it’s gonna make the right size for that they need I’m so landing pages your about emotions you know making somebody say wow this does just what I need and then they go and they buy without reading your reviews.

Speaker 0: You know you it’s triggering emotions psychology. It’s not about the Hartselle Hartselle turns people off.  I don’t buy on Amazon I’m one of those people that if you get me in your Amazon final.  So we do it in my business in what I do with my clients is you know every day five times Amazon’s worldwide membership logs in to Facebook if you’re running Facebook ads you’re gonna get non Amazon buyers in your final what are you doing to keep them. You can sign up for a stripe account and put a striped button at the bottom of your landing page if stripe and we also sell on Amazon well now you’re appealing to a larger audience and you’re not wasting traffic so we don’t do that.

Speaker 0: You know it so our landing pages or our finals well if you’re a seller and you sell on several platforms your finals most have all those platforms at the bottom of it so they can anybody that goes to the campaign how they’re most comfortable might not be comfortable paying on Amazon.

Speaker 1: Or somebody from a certain country might not be able to pay on Amazon will give him another option you know some people like to paint you know through a credit card so that somebody like Amazon doesn’t get the fees yeah I think thanks along those lines you make more money when you do that because they’re not paying that fee.

Speaker 1: Yeah so I see there’s a launch course right interest lunch course on your website so we have a free course called Pinterest traffic domination. 

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: And that that that teaches a seller a dizzy from the very scratching this is how you set up your Pinterest account to this is how you develop interest pension boards and images and the whole SCO thing I share with a fire hose so that’s what I’ve been told so there’s a lot of information in there. And you can you come out of that you’ll know what to do.

Speaker 1: Okay any already.

Speaker 0: Said this and that that’s free yep also have separately from that we have a paid lunch service that helps you get established on Pinterest so it takes a little it takes time to get established on Pinterest you can’t go on Pinterest tomorrow and expect to be driving a Lambo by the end of next week it’s just not gonna happen you have to build your cat I’m sure a lot for most people it takes between three and six months to really build up it an account and get traction what you might have a product in rugby ever run a Pinterest ad or whatever and get traction right away most people takes a little time so hard my Pinterest launching service establishes your account it sets up optimize boards it sets of optimize pins that point your products and then when we’re done I give you this.

Speaker 0: SCO handbook basically that teaches you how to use Pinterest and gives you a path forward on Pinterest with keywords and Patidars categories all that we do the research for you and all you gotta do is just keep moving forward with it and it’ll continue to grow should we do about three months of that six months worth of work.

Speaker 1: Look for you Rachael okay guys so please check out link in the description I will put a link to the Joe’s website with this free course and would link to the Pinterest on service.

Speaker 0: Thank you.

Speaker 1: So.

Speaker 1: Tell us you mentioned at the beginning but you were selling on different platforms right then you name click you reckon chat which was acquired by Walmart right in the recruitment so on so.

Speaker 1: Let’s talk about this diversification for second you know most of our listeners are Amazon sellers. What would you advise them where should they go in terms of diversifying their sales on which but.

Speaker 0: You know it it it depends on where they’re located and it depends on on you know where their audiences.

Speaker 1: What form should be determined by audience where is your audience and that that also relates to your product what where does your products in there but there are you know there are some platforms that are better than others.

Speaker 0: You know.

Speaker 0: No for the most part and none will be as good immediate you know as quickly as Amazon. But it’s not that doesn’t mean anything though it’s that you have to find. When you’re defining define your audience and find them.  It’s the best way to them might not be a platform at all might be through some form that has a mall aggregated in one place.  That’s really the thing to do is find your audience.  Pinterest has.  A lot of users but there are certain things that interest isn’t good for Pinterest isn’t good for local businesses. And  it is better for women female related products war position your man’s products. Four to appeal to women because a woman buys things for the man.

Speaker 1: Who.

Speaker 0: So with like Pinterest ads Pinterest you can also pay to have and run Pinterest ads.  All any Pinterest SO we run we’re gonna categorize under health and beauty and women’s. As well as whatever else it needs to be categorized under because they know when women’s through there’s analytics. They’ve determined that women are the ones making all the purchases show you appeal to women on their Pinterest through their advertising platform they’ll give you the search volume keyword phrases. I suggest to any Amazon seller whether you’re advertising on Pinterest or not set up the damn account.

Speaker 0: The business account so you can access that key word information because that will make your Amazon listings better because it’s a lot of similar people.

Speaker 1: Interesting okay so so how does this actually advertising Pinterest work the advertise your home interest or you can show a.

Speaker 0: Tens should show they have they have video pens now they’ve carousel pans they have apple cans you can sell your apps through there there’s no you know movie trailers on their lot but basically it’s promoted in school. The last few years as mark Zuckerberg was enrolled with all this controversy of privacy and stuff. : First took advantage of his.  Inattentiveness to Instagram and they brought out all these big changes on Pinterest every three four weeks some new JYJ changes happening on interest so in the last few months they’ve added up by a certain type of Bible ten if your Shopify site you can upload your catalog rate to Pinterest and have buyable pins.

Speaker 1: Who.

Speaker 0: Pinterest doesn’t charge you a penny for that you don’t pay any fees to Pinterest for that okay and so somebody sees it they click on your pen and it takes them right to your Shopify store in the black and anything can happen rich rich data on it it can have the micro date on it so you know the price you can have you know the the the inventory numbers things like that it’s very simple well Amazon hasn’t enabled that feature yet to be you know to get all the data from the listing but I think it’s coming I really do think it’s coming Amazon struck a little nicer with interest. 

Speaker 0: And you know just just like that. 

Speaker 0: The affiliate link they theey forget to affiliate links up until very recently.

Speaker 0: End on Pinterest she can’t use link shorteners.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: Yeah you have to use the whole way.

Speaker 1: Through so you can put down the Amazon as in Lincoln NE.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: In the description of the picture right.

Speaker 0: Yeah every teen should point somewhere if you’re posting a pen with no title no description or know your L. you’re wasting your time.

Speaker 1: Very cool oh well yeah Joe thanks so much we’re running out of time I think it was very very interesting and I’m very new to our audience so at least yeah I think we know expecting who never had Pinterest in our own show until now so thanks so much for sharing.

Speaker 0: Well. 

Speaker 1: Put all the links in the description tell us where can our users find you are you active on Facebook or on some other social media or whatever 

Speaker 0: Have a YouTube channel a Chander e-commerce optimizer and there’s a lot of Pinterest videos on there I’m on I’m in all the states bookseller groups pretty active I’ve Facebook.

Speaker 0: Ten pages well for e-commerce optimizer and my website you converse optimizer.

Speaker 1: Perfect so everything will be in description thanks so much!

Speaker 0: Thank you.

Speaker 1: Yeah then the have a great rest of the night I guess.

Speaker 0: Thank you right.

Speaker 1: Thanks so much for watching guys hope you liked it it’s old and don’t forget to press the like button and subscribe to our channel we’ll see each other in a week or so, good luck to you bye bye.