The Real Payment for E-commerce Entrepreneurs

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By now you know that running your own business is rewarding, frustrating, fun and scary. We’re here to tell you something about running your own Amazon or E-commerce business that you don’t already know. The real money you make from your business…. comes when you sell it. You’ll never have a check that comes to you quite like the one you see at the time you hand over the keys to the next owner.

Throughout the process of building your business, you’ve learned several lessons. No doubt, you had to learn many of them the hard way. However, when it comes time to sell your business, you don’t get a second shot at it, which is why it makes sense to hire an advisor who knows the ropes and can help get you to a successful exit. There are – online business brokers that have expertise in how to sell online businesses and have relationships with all the main buyers.

For those of you who want to continue running your business and can’t get enough of growing it, why not grow through acquisition. You may be able to shortcut a decades worth of business growth by acquiring a business that is similar to or complimentary to the one that you already run. E-commerce businesses that sell direct to consumer as well as Amazon only businesses are always on the market for sale. With your strategic acquisition, you’ll be able to monetize the skills you’ve built in a much larger capacity.

For those of you who also run brick and mortar businesses. Maybe a service business or off-line retailer, there are ways for you to get in front of a – company that buys small to medium sized businesses. You may have the opportunity to get a closing payment as well as quarterly payments for years to come with the right business acquisition structure.

In addition to working with a business broker to sell your business, you’ll no doubt want to hire a tax attorney, CPA and/or securities attorney to make sure the deal is in your best interest and makes sense for you to proceed with. Mid-market list offers a – list of law firms, business lenders and investment banks that you can screen and filter to find the firm that is the best fit for you.

Much like when you started your business and grew it into what it is today, surrounding yourself with the right people will make all the difference when you go to market to get paid for all that you created.

Many entrepreneurs find that they are entrepreneurs for life. Once they’ve created their first profitable business, they come running back to same industry or an adjacent one for more. After a short while, it is no longer about how much money you are able to make with a business, it is about molding the clay and putting your ideas into motion and having fun with your work that really makes the juices flow for most small business owners. Once you sell your first business, you may feel complete for a period of time, but you will likely come running back to do it again and again.