Some New Features Which We Released Recently

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Despite the virus crisis in the world, we at sellerboard stay positive and continue releasing updates. Here are some new features which we released recently:

  • Stock: you can now view your historical inventory levels per product. This helps in planning the reorder amount. Under the “Stock” menu, click on the stock level in the products table
  • API: We finally added an API! Using the API you can automatically fetch sellerboard data and integrate it into your enterprise applications, spreadsheets, etc. The API is based on our reports. You can configure reports, which you’d like to process automatically under “Settings => API”. The data can be provided as a protected feed via a URL or sent per email.
  • “Money Back”: We added a new section “FBA Fee Changes” (previously it was under “Reports”). Use this report to identify cases, where amazon changed your FBA fee (e.g. due to wrong product measurement). If you find such cases, submit a support ticket and ask amazon to re-measure the product. This will save you real net profit per every unit shipped. The FBA fee change report can be found under the “Money Back” section in sellerboard:  
  • Profit dashboard: If you are using your own FBM shipping and/or “prime by seller” transport partner programs, this will be interesting for you. We now grouped all these shipping expenses under the “Shipping” position (click “more” on a tile or in the product table to see it). The shipping position can be expanded and we show exactly how much of which kind of shipping costs you.
  • Profit dashboard: you can now add comments to your orders. To do so, click on the “Orders items” tab and  activate the “Comment” column in the table configuration. This is useful e.g. for Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage.
  • Products menu: the approximative margin calculation per unit has been significantly improved. Click “Products” and check out the “Estimated profit” column. This estimation is now based on the average profit in the last 30 days. 
  • Stock: more accurate calculation of the sales velocity. You can now specify weights for 60 and 180 days for the weighted sales velocity calculation.  

Let us know what you think about the new features! Stay healthy!

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