Advice for beginners from Tamara Tee

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Dear friends, we continue to share interesting life hacks from guests of the sellerboard show on how to succeed on amazon. Today some advice for beginners from Tamara Tee.

To start a business on Amazon, Tamara recommends:

  •  to choose products with a BSR under 50000;
  • if you’re a beginner and you’re on your first, second or even third product, Tamara doesn’t recommend selling anything that goes in your mouth or skin, for instance: skin lotion, supplements, anything that you eat, because there’s a lot of regulations on these products and Amazon’s really strict with them;
  • launching your product with PPC at full-price purchase, without discounts, helps to rank it a lot more effectively;
  • drive external traffic, i.e. Facebook Ads using chatbots like ManyChat to send a coupon code with 50-60% OFF;
  • turn on automatic PPC to launch your product more aggressively;

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