Amazon is changing the fees on February 18, 2020.

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Here is the summary of the changes.

  • The average FBA fee increase will be 3% overall.
  • Clothing: remove the static $0.40/item per-unit surcharge and replace it with a tiered pricing system.
  • FBA Small and Light: order handling, Pick & Pack, and weight fees are consolidated into a single per-unit fulfillment fee.
  • Long Term Storage fees for 181-365 days are removed.
  • Long Term Storage fees will be the same as regular items.
  • Removal fees will align with non-S&L items.
  • January-September Inventory Storage Fees: Storage fees will see an increase of $0.06/ft3 for standard-size items. This change takes effect in March 2020 and will be reflected in April 2020 storage fee reports.
  • Removal Fees: per-unit removal fees will no longer be static. Removal fees will now be charged based on the weight of the item. Standard–size items 4 lbs or less will see this fee decrease. Removal orders that are not processed until February 18, regardless of when they were placed, will reference the new fee structure.
  • Label Service: The per-unit fee is increasing from $0.20 to $0.30/unit. Small and Light items can now be labeled for $0.10/unit.

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