Have you heard of Amazon Attribution?

This is a new feature in Amazon that allows you to analyze external traffic to your listing (in particular, page views and conversion).

Amazon Attribution allows you to place the Attribution Tag in a link to your listing in advertising, a blog article, a post on social networks, an email button, etc.

Furthermore, when a user moves from any external source to Amazon, using the Attribution Tag, you can track the following metrics:

  •  Amazon Detail Page views (i.e. how many people clicked through to your listing)
  • Add to Cart
  • Purchases

Thus, you will know exactly which of your external channels generate the main traffic and conversions, and which ones waste money.

Our guest of the sellerboard show, Lazar Žepinic, explained how to use Amazon Attribution to track external traffic and various conversions, and gave useful tips on setting up PPC ads in Amazon and on other platforms, including Goolge Ads.

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