Amazon Attribution, External Traffic and PPC in 2020 (Interview with Lazar Žepinić)

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Our guest on the 29th of December, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Lazar Žepinić, the owner of Sellers Alley, Amazon PPC agency.

We talked about the news in the Amazon Advertising space in 2019/2020, Amazon Attribution, tracking of external traffic, PPC optimization and much more.

Watch the full video here:

Speaker 1: Hi guys welcome to the sellerboard show my name is Vladi and my today’s guests is Lazar from Sellers Alley dot com we talked about the PPC  basically we touched on two topics first one is Amazon attribution, maybe you’ve heard about it already that’s new module are in beta at the moment as of now and it’s new module basically for sellers which allows you to track your external traffic including conversion so if you’re running multiple external ads or campaigns on Facebook YouTube Google or whatever you’ll be able to see the sales in the conversion for all each one of those campaigns, very exciting stuff. And Lazar explained as to how this working details and the second thing is the PPC procces asking him to share his approach in setting up an optimizing PPC campaigns for our for the customers and this is worked out with you basically explained and I shared a couple of cool tips and hacks so make sure you watch until the end there’s gonna be a lot of technical and deep our content in the sectors of.

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Speaker 0: Hi.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much for inviting me.

Speaker 0: Thanks for joining us so tell us. Basically maybe introduce yourself shortly as well as Sellers Alley. Then maybe we can talk about your past to this I was in the world.

Speaker 2: Yeah of course well I’m I’m a PPC guy and I’m like really into PPC for a really long time maybe almost ten years so I used to work on other platforms like adwords and Bing and basically name the platform and it’s great to see some ads there are five years ago I started working on Amazon and I worked for some really big sellers as a sales manager and help you see for them at some point I realize maybe I should create my own agency for PPC’s us or is the thing that I really like doing so that’s how sellers always is born was born and that’s the beginning it’s it’s was good was our one man show now it’s over do you want to live in people and it’s growing so we are expanding our all log there and trying to provide the best possible service on on the market for a reasonable price. 

Speaker 0: Okay well looks good look tell me do you actually sell yourself or did you try to sell.

Speaker 2: No I’ve never even tried to sell as I mentioned like I really like the PPC the park with excel formulas because like when you ask people about PPC they are really like kids or it’s like horrifying and super boring for them or like for storage and I handed the group of people that’s relaxed PPC. When I met my my my girlfriend for the first time she asking like what why do you like that’s much only I don’t like playing video games this much and I really like playing video games since the early uninstalled everything and started working on the details like this is so amazing or before you see I I I was marketing manager in one company in Serbia because I’m from Serbia and I was doing like TV commercials radio commercials like out of home advertising like billboards and stuff like that and when they realize that there’s something called the T. cells like wall this is awesome because you’re comparing to other platforms and comparing to other ways of doing marketing. You have the numbers like you know if you invest in something you can or what is the return there what’s his return on the investment when you create a TV commercial and if you have for example radio commercials or billboards you’re not going to be able to know which ones produce more more sales for you.

Speaker 0: Yeah absolutely I know of it for sure you know Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s talking a lot about this inotes that’s not measurable and you’re like.

Speaker 0: Throwing money out of the window basically.

Speaker 2: It’s really hard when you see a a building in the in the city that is covered with one add like usually for some super expensive car were super expensive watch I find that kind of commercial to be liked by my product it’s really good product it’s like showing people that you’re huge S. like brand awareness like. We have money to buy this kind of flat the purpose of that kind of that.

Speaker 0: Yeah I think that.  I’ll say I think it’s actually like a fading away and because.

Speaker 2: Of course yeah because people are due to digital all lots and like at the beginning when the internet started with an ecommerce sales started everybody was buying from their computers and today I’m pretty sure that most of the countries are focused on buying and purchasing from their phones and that’s something that we can expect from Amazon in the near future to see that we’re going to be able to target different platforms just in the same manner that we’re able to do it in Google apps now.

Speaker 2: Well.  Like you can easily target different devices different from basically broke something like if you’re going to use your desktop or laptop computer or cell phones and because people don’t have time and they’re buying on the go and they’re just. I like I can jump from one topic to another and that looks like. 

Speaker 0: Let me actually ask you one thing about like your previous focus so to say before we dive into you can see about you mentioned like you were doing ads on Google and Bing and everything so well one thing that I find interesting is it possible or is it even a lot advertise Amazon products on Google so.

Speaker 2: It is  like what can we take some your only reason to step you up and advertise it on Google or is it a problem. Yeah can easily. Advertiser storefronts and you can even use analytics on our forums. Like storefront analytics and create like small parts of Europe well greets you DM that you had at the end of your you’re rolling your contract the traffic and one of the cool things that are happening currently in the U. S. is attributions and also sellers are invited to become a better tester so that’s done I strongly suggest everybody to apply for it’s because you can create new can create your custom murals for different that some four different campaigns and key words for different platforms so you can drive traffic from literally everything we were tried  for like blog posts and we have a link there and to some traffic to do Amazon product listing and you could still track the conversion and everything coming.  From the new tax so basically what this.

Speaker 0: And and that you see inside of the Amazon seller central hall how does this work.  No you can’t you have a separate platform it’s looks like a more or less like a M. S. like Amazon advertising platform what to what you have there like Amazon is never going to give their data to anybody else that that’s free to produce all this thing is so when you create your ads in adwords or if you great to talk face look you’re not going to be able to see it on the conversions there what you’re able to see you you have a perspective from the opposite side like from Google or from Facebook and you see your impressions your you see the amount of clicks click through rate but when it comes to what’s going on on the side where you where is your landing page on your landing pages most of the time product listing or your storefront. You’re not able to see anything there and that is the information that the Amazon. Later that’s a tradition platform where you can create separate complaints for each one of the complaints that you’re having on other platforms yes exactly you need to use both platforms like.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 2: Google or Facebook to check like your spine and that kind of stuff and then go to a tradition on Amazon attributions to see like how many sales and.

Speaker 2: And what’s your conversion rates and so on happening on Amazon.

Speaker 0: So this basic basically to give Matt tack right which I or like a parameter which I put into the U. R. L. and when I advertise my product like let’s say in the blog post or something I can add a parameter to the U. R. L. right so that I can see on Amazon that this guy just bought was coming from my block.

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 2: That’s something that everybody was brand registry to bring told you can do like to have that small parts that they can add to their your results but when it comes to attributions they can generate full euro like this is the product of this is the landing pages but want to advertise does have one click you’re going to get your role and place within your adwords account for basically wherever you wish to advertise.

Speaker 2: You don’t necessarily need to advertise you can use it.

Speaker 0: For literally everything for your email list for all you do whatever you wish and you can track it and that’s a huge improvement for Amazon sellers at this point and that’s something that everybody should take advantage off because that’s the first time the demos on these days doing just kind of stopped for or sellers and basically showing people that they really appreciate when you drive traffic outside of clams on to your product listing.

Speaker 0: Nice. 

Speaker 2: There’s one thing that is like super important it’s really important to know what kind of traffic or you’re already driving to your product listings if you’re driving relevant traffic Amazon is going to punish you for that so. 

Speaker 2: Keep in mind what who are you going to invite your product listing page and you’re going to get good conversion rate and so on because if you’re going under a niece average you’re basically going to correct your products.

Speaker 0: Well that’s something according to conversion and conversion is hurting organic placement.

Speaker 2: Exactly.

Speaker 0: Okay that’s I find it so interesting so tell me what’s the status we’re now in December twenty nineteen what’s the status of this you said it’s in beta right so not everybody can use distribution or. 

Speaker 2: Yeah can’t you can apply for it and there is a few chances you’re going to got sets so I highly recommend everybody in the U. S. to do it for Europe you’re not able to do it yet what you’re able to do in Europe is basically to use storefront analytics as I mentioned previously and drive traffic to your store front it’s a bit trickier than you might need to know a bit more about basically.

Speaker 2: Greeting your GMC thanks inside of your roles so you can track like more in detail because when you when you raise the cost of your L. and and and Amazon you’re basically going to jobs just information.

Speaker 0: Like.

Speaker 2: This traffic came from add works or list traffic came from Facebook but you probably want to do it like at the higher level like this is from Google ads from this campaign from yes either group or something like that so you need to learn like this it’s not hard it’s like five minutes of grueling basically.

Speaker 0: All.

Speaker 2: So that can improve like your statistics a lot.

Speaker 0: So you cannot you can even tracks the campaign basically not just like the store school okay I get it so so let’s invite only in the U. S. and in Europe tell me more about this thing in Europe and I didn’t know about this you can track they are basically the click song your storefront.

Speaker 2: You can deduct on on all plans for on on on all markets when it consists of a tracking external traffic to your store front.

Speaker 0: How does one work or where do I need to go in the cellar central?

Speaker 2: So you need to go to your store fronts and go to analytics but basically will just your storefront and then go to edit and there is one option that tells you like analytics so you can see all the traffic not only external traffic if you’re creating for example once your child sorts forms are brought sponsored brand that’s known like that and if you were driving traffic to your store front early you can see a notice for that as well okay and that’s really important because people are afraid of headline search ads because  they feel like they’re not converting dog yet for some people it’s like super super good depending on each for others it’s not the thing is like when you go to Amazon you see only last week conversion well and that’s something that people are you still on a song but when you compare like different platforms and if you’re driving traffic from Google and so on there’s something like buying final.

Speaker 0: Will headline search ads are not always the lost the conversion well there are super important part of that final.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Imaginal like yourselves going to shoot due to work and using your cell phone I’m searching for stuff on your phone and you’re like oh is my stop when you close your phone and get out of the train or bus or whatever and you didn’t make a purchase but you probably clicked on your own to chat room yes it’s it’s a final so up it  maybe need not looks exactly. 

Speaker 0: Okay I am I get it so very cool actually. Its that when I was a seller never reached this stage let’s hope that the dismissal you need a brand registry or do you need to only storefront, can bring you to register?

Speaker 2: So look I think it’s this is really really exciting and it’s a huge change but let’s talk a bit about this external traffic so okay now I can track everything and but I’m I think a lot of our listeners don’t use extra traffic right so.

Speaker 0: But coming back to my questionable Google what is like do you know what is allowed and what is not alone I think that at some point M. isn’t sad it’s not widget advertise like your listings directly on Google or something like this or all or around you are able to advertise them but you’re not able to use Amazon as a keyword in your ads.

Speaker 0: Who does it does that’s the thing but you’re definitely allowed to drive traffic to Amazon.  I just think want my listing or take my storefront and they can started Google resemble group containing just L. Edwards linking to my to my Amazon yes. As a matter of fact you’re going to get really good quality score because you’re driving traffic to really good websites you know often people have problems with their own websites as as a landing page because they’re not considered to be relevant all but Amazon is can the really big website. Their content is really relevant so you got to really good quality score when it comes to that there is one small trick that you can do when it comes to driving traffic to your Amazon outside from adverts for example. Don’t just create like random key words there and place them in growth because growth in in in other words it’s not the same thing as in an Amazon.

Speaker 2: When phone broke. Which had brought.Both gold match type. Because grows in an Amazon works like road modifier key words and and adverts that’s a huge difference because like what you want to do in an advert adverts is basically to create your key word that is that the thing that is going to be super cool for you and add plus Amazon at the end so you show up only for search curries that are owned relevant for people that want to buy products on Amazon.  will start from there and if you cease the the the conversion rate is improving and so on then that’s your get in generating more and more sales.

Speaker 0: Great.

Speaker 2: Separate complaint without plus Amazon because you’re going to make way more try upping the weight and you can bring a lot of money that’s way with it during office super careful about us.

Speaker 0: So plus Amazon means like Amazon is relevant for this one looks on as an exact differences on Amazon you have exact phrasing bro does match types and own on average you have exact reason growed and growed modifier so basically if you have like Blaine broke you words on on adverts you can.

Speaker 2: Great to work let’s see a cell phone it’s great to trigger for every variation of the word cellphone more wild phone phone or whatever that is wrong with that but if you if you great road modifier key words like up blocks so full, what to do you’re telling Google that you want to show up for every search query that has cell phone minutes.

Speaker 0: Okay got it.

Speaker 2: Yeah when you place for example plus Amazon you insist that you show up already on blood yeah got it.

Speaker 0: Okay very cool so look tell us what’s like the what are the best strategies for external traffic so that we can track this with I wasn’t tradition but would you recommend running Google ads or Facebook ads or you know maybe a landing page and collecting emails I wouldn’t have to go like index but maybe you can just stay a few. 

Speaker 0: If if you play around with your brand on the left six on Amazon you’re probably going to be able to see your the monger field of your customers and you’re going to be able to see like who are your customers are the young people older generation depending on the product that you’re selling and depending on that you’re going to be able to do to you know.

Speaker 1: Like where your customers live people sometimes spend more time on some groups spend more time on wheels from some of them more on you to use some of the more on Facebook and so on thank you basically that’s where you learn how to address them and what kind of plants are going to create because when you do. The sponsor product that’s on  Amazon basically you just place your keywords there and that’s it you’re going to show up with the product let’s step and that’s it. For a Facebook for example you need to have your with who was also on everything you need to have banner at some level you need to help tax there and you need to do you have like your tone color going to address the duty or potential customers are going to be like superficial or casual and so on.  So that’s one of the things that you need to do it right really focus on and like depending on that you should. Like deciding which platform you want to other times.

Speaker 1: The deal like see that a lot maybe external traffic strategies that other work.

Speaker 1: You know so was that something you would recommend or all you know what you’re gonna say if you focus on your internal PPC?

Speaker 0: Well I would definitely do all of it it’s because it’s super important because it’s giving you an unmatched depending on your profitability what is super important like make your ads on Amazon profitable so you can expand further dont like starts ten different stuff at once you’re going to burn money and you’re not going to be able to know what what’s going to work and what’s not I like to say that everything is profitable you have unlimited budgets if everything is profitable so. Start with your Amazon advertising make sure that you’re profitable there. So that you have enough money to expand further to other platforms.

Speaker 1: But let me ask this way if from if you need to recommend one external traffic strategy. Right, what which one would it be like for example what kind of what I want to launch a new product would you say it’s rather like Facebook or influence from marketing or.

Speaker 0: When it comes to launching new products it doesn’t sound like there is no like one solution for everybody what I found a gem is do have influencer of the influencer so the beginning so you can introduce the product to people after that create problems that some patients so you can like trigger on the idea of your product depending if your product is something completely new on the market.

Speaker 1: Or you’re just like one of the group of people that are so something like similar products. And from there. Sounds emails to your email list if you have it. But dont sound like all of them at once you’re not going to do a favor do yourself so for example if you have like fifteen hundred people in your newsletter list. Put it through like seventy or one hundred people tended to every day for like one hundred people because Amazon drink that’s our honeymoon doesn’t want you to have like a peek with like thousand sales in one they’ll and there’s a zero. What you want to do is like gradually build it up like once sailed through sales presales that’s going to work way better for you than downgrading like thousand sales in one day zero so what you wanna do is basically to start with one tribe big done at the other one the third one and gradually we should drink that.  And after that you’re good to go.

Speaker 1: So so far our maybe new listeners honeymoon period is so basically a couple of weeks beginning after launch the product where you get to like a prep some preferred treatment from Amazon so you get a little boost in the ranking and you need to make use of it and make sure you’re you’re like to stick your lunch so that your stay in first page after lunch we are very cool look let’s let’s talk about the internal peace you know okay mom tell us about your process so for example we have a product right maybe maybe this time with the goal either what what’s the main goal of PPC for you or is it like making money a launching products or just supporting the rankings. 

Speaker 0: Well to be honest it’s also depending on on your knees for example if you go to some really tricking the supplements. 

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: It’s like wild west there land like everybody’s spending a lot of money and bits are a norm a sample it’s so huge and the reason for that is this the subscription plan you’re willing to spend. And work with eight assists one hundred percent just because you know that people are going to coming expansion plans for you yeah and they’re going to basically by eleven more products after buying that first one so you’re sharing basically a really good day because when you get when you look at that.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: But the overall what what you want to do is to calculate your spend as a percentage of your overall revenue that’s super important part so you don’t want to overspend comparing to your overall revenue that you’re making but it’s also like when you compare your PPC sales on your organic sales you want to keep the sweet spot because if you’re over investing you do you see you’re going to steal your sales for organics and if you’re under performing there you’re basically losing sales so what you wanna do you want to track both of them and to keep the sweet spot you can push both of them at the same time like doing some organic stuff from one side to do you see from another and push them both together.

Speaker 1: Is that like all on the middle term let’s say we’re done with our launch because during lunch doesn’t matter how much we spent of course except for things like us supplements because there you’re looking at the lifetime value not just the cost of one thing right but let’s say we’re not doing the launch mode to have a product which is performing okay.

Speaker 1: Would you say it like it’s rather it’s realistic to make money with PPC area to run a profitable enough arm yeah.

Speaker 0: Yeah definitely yes cool as I said depending on the needs but you could even if people already know about your if you’re you’re having established products you can expect at around thirty five percent of your overall sales are coming from do you see.

Speaker 1: Well but with an end and that like within a cause which is smaller than my margin or it we’ll just call for a  most of the time as as I mentioned like what people call real a close or not close or whatever that’s basically spend as a percentage or all right are you that is the most important metric that you want to track and if if you’re spending like twenty percent of your overall revenue there you’re breaking through our margins and everything and that’s unprofitable for you so you want to keep that are collected the good speech for like around ten percent.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: From like seven to twelve percent and what would you have that’s that’s that’s a good point you’re going to have stable way because that is going to be profitable for you no matter if it’s like all right you’re twenty five or thirty five percent.

Speaker 1: Okay let’s assume like we have a product maybe which is not the subscription products work some like in jump rope right so you know by a jump rope every month right so walk us through your process what would be the strategy we have our products online you know I want to run some PPC’s so what do I do. 

Speaker 1: Great and also contain or when I start.

Speaker 0: Yeah what we usually do we have does campaigns that are used for us basically automatic campaign is a safety net you want to have it always turned on because it is it’s triggering all the search query is that that they’re not using other companies and you’re using it for harvesting you cure it’s over and that’s something that you do with brazen world as well. 

Speaker 0: When it comes to match types what is strongly suggest is not mixing the old image type two in the same out.

Speaker 1: Because if you do that you’re basically not going to be able to negate the exact form called you were going brazen broke and if you want to do a bit of franking forgot the exact you work.

Speaker 0: If you eat drink please listen so what you’re going to like mess everything up so keep your mashed up separated and if you see that the your automatic campaign or phrase and broad R. or expanding what you basically want to do there is negates your exact form I would place it does as a negative keywords in exact form in Frey’s bold on the ultimate to complain there.

Speaker 1: Okay let’s let’s go ahead with more details so first thing I do is I start an automatic compare I got it no do you do something else.

Speaker 1: At the beginning in terms of harvesting for key words like maybe using some tool or will make in the marker self what do. We do there is a whole bunch of tools at the really good for searching for keywords if you have rather hello things that’s more than perfect that’s even better basically because you have Amazon they took their also low the best source for your new cured says your search term report. 

Speaker 0: So people are usually going to whole bunch of different tools but you already have everything that the superintendent. And from there you decide how we’re going to expect are you going to have manual contains separated by a it’s all it is is it sort of depends on the news but like you have to have generic.  Many old company that is going to help like the most. The key words within with higher search volumes that are the most relevant and so on and after from here you want to branch out to a different campaigns that are going to be four sizes or colors or your brand name plus. Basically talk generic keywords so if you’re selling a jump rope you want except you were that these your brand name plus jump broke when people usually ask like why do you want to advertise for your brand name because like I’m more into the ground and I’m showing in organics forgot you were I I don’t need to spend money on PPC well. You don’t need to but this is really important to do it because others are going to show up on PPC’s fox.

Speaker 1: I got it yeah.

Speaker 0: It’s a really good way to see like you others are advertising for your brand name and you’re going to see your brand growth as well.

Speaker 0: If you great the band that is having that doesn’t showing only one key words in there and it’s your brand name and exact form you were going to be able to see through your Amazon selling journey where’s your brand so at the beginning you’re not going to have any impressions and so on and over time when you are growing as a brand you’re going to be able to see like the amount of compression split. The purchase is growing there.

Speaker 1: So what exactly like okay let’s say I harvested a couple **** you words away on American pain and then I came up with some other keywords using maybe Brentwood exhort or tool or maybe my little manually searching my most relevant you are consuming the combat arsenals on so what’s the what’s the second step of decorated in another campaign which is then like an exact match type for make yours but I harvested door.

Speaker 0: Forgive their similar place them all together I would never I I suggest never creating. I’m being with other groups that are having like five hundred your it’s because you’re going to end up with only maybe ten or twenty percent of them working on the rest of them are just staying there for long though like reasonable explanation for I literally cannot tell me why is that that was on is just deciding like you to give the most relevant ones there and if you’re in place like ten dollar bills on them they’re not going to work so what you wanna do you want to create data groups with like up to down twenty third two key words don’t go above that and teach the rest of the key words and create different other groups for them and they’re going to work even though if they didn’t work at the beginning that that’s the advice for people that already have some complaints but if you’re grading done retail rooms with like twenty thirty your results are similar with similar topics and branch out from there with other manual constraints from there what you want want to do.

Speaker 0: Do you want to target different they sense because for some key words it’s super expensive to show up on the top of the search results page so what you wanna do you want to target bestsellers and not always just the bestsellers what we’re doing.

Speaker 1: What we’re doing by targeting bestsellers.

Speaker 0: When you search for jump rope.

Speaker 1: Well. The first organic ones that show up do you have a batch for bestseller again it comes on charts and so on you want to target them you want to show up on their product listings so how do you do that.

Speaker 0: A user who drew sponsor products and complaints basically you can enter in a sentence that up for key words yeah.  Product targeting inside of sponsor product that can choose different targeting categories or olestra basis.

Speaker 0: Okay so what you wanna do you want to target like for example for a speech.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: And sometimes it’s working really bad and the reason for that is because. The guy that you’re targeting is. Are there it’s heavily targeted by a lot of people or she’s cross targeting his products.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: And that’s something that you want to do as well so you want to double check if it’s spending a lot of money or not or for that guy that you’re targeting.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: And if it’s spending a lot of money just agrees bids or kill kill the targets are and that’s the target and great also if you guys wasn’t accepted you want to do is to create complains that certain going to protect your a service well that’s super super important and one of the things that that that you want to do there is to to make it logically because you don’t want to to target with your jump rope island though. Something what’s the diapers it doesn’t make sense you know but if you if your if you have other sports equipments you want to target that was wearing gloves are.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Something that didn’t go so well together. Or maybe you want to target the more expensive jump rope maybe you have some the the other one that is more like I call it I don’t know.  Do you want a great cross sell and up sell basically all the time yeah and does a really good way of how you were going to show up in frequently bought together section.

Speaker 1: Cool well that’s a good tip.

Speaker 1: Well actually when I was selling myself that didn’t exist so and and never never never done this myself.

Speaker 1: Okay let’s collect at the next stage let’s say we set it all up and I I I find it pretty complicated especially if you have a lot of products that could be a lot of work but still okay let’s say the campaigns are set up and we’re good to go in terms of key words are like how do I optimize for better.

Speaker 0: Well easy it it’s it’s not a cricket ball it looks really tricky if you felt like. Two hundred complaints or sell it going into each one of them is like huge havoc.  When like you’re not going to be able to see if your keywords are repeating and so on so people usually go and use some tools or that will honestly I’m not a huge fan of tools because all the tools are created in a manner that you can basically just certain amount of tasks there you’re not able to to do all of them and PPC super creative thing even though it doesn’t look like that what what you want to do there is basically go to your account go to ball corporation’s and downloads all your account click full account in Excel is the place where the things are happening like.

Speaker 0: You can filter everything you’re curious your complaints or other groups will still survive performance by whatever you wish and you can do whatever you wish there make change re upload the bulk file up and you’re going to have changes in your car. 

Speaker 1: Give us a strategy for like changing the bits.

Speaker 1: So what like a footnote to use any tools and I see like I have a companion and it performs like moderately I don’t know maybe my margin is twenty percent in my acres is forty percent. Right so I I look at my ankles saying last week’s a consortium thing or maybe last month and it’s forty percent so it’s not good enough so what do I do like to from Ellsworth to make a better. So if you leave the key word that there is an exact form obviously want to decrease but the bits.

Speaker 1: It really depends maybe ten twenty percent but don’t do data every day like track of.  Before it lost three days because of the seventy two hour discrepancy on Amazon what do you want to check like seven days like before it does three days or basically like if we are like on the let’s see today’s the tenth of December it’s not true but whatever like that.

Speaker 0: If you read between the first and the seventh of December when exactly a few more and then a week before that. Have like a numbers that are only needs for okay I guess. So let’s say around. 

Speaker 1: We want to if you want to play around with different time frames.

Speaker 1: Like two weeks one week one month two months like combine them because some key words are working in the long run. Not only for like maybe just have like but for the last couple days so. What you want to do there you want to be sure that that you were this is super important for you is it like a broken protecting key words you want to protect your okay to spend money on it and keep them profitable but as you said your you don’t want to be on profitable down in that case you need to decrease. Overall. And you need to do check your ranking you like your organic ranking for that you were those Walters you like what’s going on there your new groove it using different methods outside of PPC PPC is just one part of the system so if you if you can drive a traffic through many chat sequence or something else that is going to improve your organic ranking for that keyword you’re probably going to yeah that’s geared for lower CPC in PPC. So that’s the important part if you have reason growth chiaro and they’re not profitable you get your first thing before you do any bidding optimization you want to check search term report for that long do you see well watered the search queries the that’s triggered duck you words and their irrelevance just place the most negative stuff that’s pretty all makes and models.

Speaker 1: But what people usually ask is like what are you going to do relevant keywords relevant search queries that are unprofitable so basically what you want to do is you want to negate them and the current campaign so they don’t trigger so that’s key words is not going to trigger that certain search term anymore I’m automatically it’s going to be more profitable in the future and you want to take all of those I’m highly relevant not long converting or non profitable future cured some place them in separate company and treat them separately because they talked a bit from the previous year. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Let’s see one US dollar and if you place them in the new one in place like just sixty cents well they’re going to work differently.

Speaker 0: Yes or if the bid is lower than maybe it’s worse now targeting them.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Okay so. Like what role does like the amount of clicks and orders basically place of for example said we’re taking like one week.

Speaker 0: During last three days and was checking the week before that that sounds fair. And we’re looking at in a cost but the other will be some key words when the massive amount of clicks and some key words with like very little Maastricht’s like maybe five clicks one sale what would be your approach would you still like adept bits or all do you like wait until a certain amount of clicks which is statistically significant is there.

Speaker 1: Well you can always push them with higher bids you know like to generate enough but there are some key words also which are like.

Speaker 0: Which aren’t high volume keywords right so there there just isn’t all run off traffic.  Our office is words for some of them there’s no more traffic yeah they’re going to stay like that and that’s so.

Speaker 0: Basically my question is like you have a keywords where you have only what we’re like we’re adjusting Orbitz right. And then I have a key word where only have five to six right so would you say it’s like worth changing the debate are based on these five clicks a would you rather say okay five clicks and so it’s not. 

Speaker 1: It’s it’s significant.

Speaker 0: Statistically insignificant so we don’t we don’t do anything about. 

Speaker 1: That’s really true that it’s not the significant but you’re not going to wait for one hundred clicks for each phone you were to be like absolutely sure that everything is right yeah so what you wanna do there is basically to go clean your margins for your products and to see like how many clicks are you able to afford like depending on PPC. If you if your product is like ten dollars on your margins are thirty percent on CBC’s one dollar and will obviously with five clicks you’re not making money you’re losing it at all. So you need to calculate like what is profitable for you and what kind of. You are you willing to date.

Speaker 1: If you’re okay with five clicks of the average for that product keep it that way but when you reach to five clicks like don’t kill it at the beginning just decreases unlike decreases every couple of days maybe five six days the greasy or down twenty percent until you make you are profitable or you’re jealous. 

Speaker 0: Okay got it looked at so that’s very cool your retreat E. specific here but I believe that’s all that’s really good advice for our listeners look let’s talk before we wrap up just a little bit about dynamic bidding and then this new stuff tell us what the what is it about it and it’s the worst final thinking about it or using it.

Speaker 1: Really the pencil just like everything else we have hello my present those like really big bands the thing is like what you want to do there is basically a check your placements reports to see for each complaints are promptly I’m like what’s the best position for you sometimes you for some products in the best position is on the product listing on some other product let’s go over some of them is the best one is on the top of the search or somewhere else basically there are three positions that you can see the report like top of the search for the closing and the rest of the discharge so depending on that you want to do different but they’re like building a building by placement optimization like you can increase it to up to nine hundred percent. 

Speaker 1: If you do that’s where you’re going to be screwed up like big time.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: It’s like if your if your bed is one U. S. all around the place nine hundred percent you’re basically you’re willing to spend nine dollars on glass a lot yeah so what you want to do there and play around this increases for like five ten fifteen twenty percent or certain position.

Speaker 1: Or you want to create separate campaign for that specific position but have in mind when you’re correct in your opinion you start recording for Amazon.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: We’re not babies I’m pretty sure that everybody knows is that companies start working way better after a couple of weeks maybe four weeks.

Speaker 0: We’ll assume because of the learning period at the beginning what are the so have that in mind when you want to create campaigns for specific position so what people usually do without strategies placed like super low bids on four key words and place a really high percentage for specific placement. 

Speaker 0: Interesting yeah.

Speaker 1: Yes so done that’s what that’s one of those refugees like me none of the strategies are going to work for everybody but one of them is going to do to work in that place Y. A. B. testing is important.

Speaker 0: Yes it’s a thing worth investing time in when I first saw it I saw it okay there are different placement options right okay I can kind of see if these are placed in the listing that’s a different thing than in an ad but whether you placed on the top of the page or on the bottom like does the dream the make a difference from your point of view. 

Speaker 1: No well.

Speaker 1: Eight seven to press.

Speaker 1: What we usually just kind of reports and that’s kind of the thing once a week in our agency.

Speaker 0: Well. 

Speaker 1: Just to make sure that we’re covering all the sponsors and the right way we don’t duplicate the daily level because it doesn’t make sense yeah but it’s important to check it once a week just to see if you’re going to convert better at certain positions. 

Speaker 0: All when do you see like differences there was an in terms of commercial.

Speaker 1: For some products bigtime well I guess you could you can see for one complain that that made like one hundred dollars in sales or month well that’s one position for the other position you can see like ten thousand easily which is like super strange and for some of them is more or less the same error error error but it’s important like two zero like very on that scale. 

Speaker 0: Well that’s that’s interesting I was I was like okay probably doesn’t make any difference but that’s that’s important Amazon probably can’t these numbers and these differences when they made the decision to introduce this on this option right.

Speaker 1: Here with them as on the date Jeremy advertising space is their real estate and they don’t want to rent it to you if you’re not making conversions and if your CTR is balanced and people the metrics are bad so if you’re doing better than the rest of them the average ins and each we’re going to show up more frequently and you’re going to pay less because they’re going to make more money yeah it’s a pretty simple thing to do this so that that that that’s basically the logic behind it.

Speaker 0: Look Lazar thanks so much a lot of fun read the read the interesting tips and and value in this episode tell us where can we find you and how can we contact you?

Speaker 0: Well. 

Speaker 1: On Facebook you can find me on what’s on our website it’s sellers alley dot com or you can send us an email office at sellers alley dot com yeah and they can ask you and they can come to us.

Speaker 0: Like we’ll put all the links in the description and tell us against a look like what what kind of PPC worker doing basically if somebody has saw optimization work to do with PPC would be the right guy to to contact is that right.

Speaker 1: What what we usually do we offer free audits so your listeners can get the free all the talk of their account and we can point all told the Lok locate your fruits and opportunities there well of course is if everything is okay we’re going to tell them like okay everything’s cool maybe you don’t need us.

Speaker 1: But it’s also something you said people often our agencies to help them not because they don’t know how to do it but they want some free time in their life yes so this is one of the things so we offer a free all the time and the people like what they see there we work together.

Speaker 0: Nice very cool thanks so much again and yeah good luck with your business.

Speaker 1: Thank you thank you so much for inviting.

Speaker 0: Bye bye!

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