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Returns are one of the biggest items of expenditure in the Amazon FBA business. Learn how to reduce them!

Returns are one of the most underrated items of expenditure and great leverage for increasing profitability. Below are a few ideas to help you reduce your returns.

Understand why customers return an item. Having understood the reason more precisely, you can take action. Sometimes products are returned because the color in the photo does not perfectly match the received item (the color is highly dependent on lighting, so the photo will never be perfect). Or through the photographs, it’s hard to understand the size of the product. If this is the reason, then you can fix it simply by optimizing the description and pictures: adjust the colors, add the dimensions of the item in the photo, add the item’s photo next to other objects (ruler, coin, phone).

To analyze the reasons for returns in sellerboard, click on the number of returns in the dashboard. You will see a list of reasons for returns, as well as customer comments. In addition, you can use the autoresponder in sellerboard to automatically contact the buyer after he had requested a return (in the campaign settings of letters to be sent in sellerboard there is such a possibility). Ask about the reason for the return and express your willingness to do everything to fix the problem. This will help prevent negative feedback.

Packaging: often returns are returned to the warehouse in an unsellable condition only because the customer has damaged the packaging. Consider a package that can be opened and closed without being damaged. This will help increase the number of sellable returns (and therefore profit).

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