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It’s not a secret for anyone that to make the right management decisions it is important to monitor your cash flows.

When managing your business, you need to focus not only on the P&L report (Profit and Loss), which shows what income you received and what expenses you incurred, but also on the Cashflow report.

The Cash Flow report in sellerboard dashboard shows the movement of money: how much money came into the business from Amazon and how much money went out of the business (your investment, purchase of goods, paid dividends).

The Cash Flow tool will allow you to manage cash flows by tracking and predicting what they will be in the future, as sellerboard understands what expenses await you based on the previous period.

The forecast will help you plan the amount of available cash and make the right management decisions, for example, understand how much you can withdraw as dividends or what amount you have available to purchase a new product.

It is very important to understand how much money you have now, but it is equally important to predict the available amount of money in the future.

We wish you only positive Cashflow and successful sales in the holiday season!

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