How to protect your Amazon inventory from being spied on using Max order quantity?

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Most Amazon sellers know how to spy on competitors’ inventory using the “Add to Cart” feature.

Just add 999 items to your shopping cart and if there are less than 999 products in stock, Amazon will show the available in-stock quantity.

Carrying out such a simple procedure daily and recording data on the number of goods in spreadsheets, you can analyze your competitor’s daily sales. can perform this procedure automatically, which greatly saves time.

Maximum order quantity

By setting the maximum order quantity in your Seller Central, you can limit the number of products that can be purchased at one time, for example, to 30 units.
In order to change the Maximum order quantity:
1) Go to your Seller Central
2) Choose “Inventory”
3) Choose “Manage Inventory”
4) Choose your listing and press “Edit”
5) Choose the “Offer” tab
6) Find the “Maximum order quantity” field and change its amount

This means that it will be extremely difficult to identify product residues.

This tactic may not be good for wholesalers who usually sell large quantities in one order.

You must determine the maximum number of available orders which matches your business model.

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