Different Types of External Traffic: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon PPC (Interview with Natali Petrova)

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Our guest on the 2nd of September, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Natali Petrova who has more than 8 years of experience in internet marketing and 3 years of sales experience on Amazon!

The main subject of our episode is external traffic. We speak about Facebook Ads, Amazon PPC and different types of Google Ads. Natali explains how to get the lowest CPC on Google Ads and how to test different types of traffic to increase sales on Amazon.

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T6SdbRSg3A&t

Speaker 0: Hello everybody and welcome to the sellerboard show, my name is Vladi and today we’re gonna talk about external traffic and Google so I think that’s a very important topic in a very interesting one in that one which is totally underrated so it turns out that it’s possible to launch your products but also to help your sales to generate profits using Google search ads for your Amazon listings and this is what we’re going to discuss with our today’s guest before we start, make sure you check out our software sellerboard com sellerboard is a profit analytics tool we’re on a mission to build the world’s most accurate and most user-friendly financial analytics tool for Amazon sellers and recently we launched a new feature PPC  Dashboard which actually takes all of your campaigns and ad groups and keywords and calculates the profit, since we’re profit tool we’re good at calculating profit and we wanted to basically to build a dashboard where you can evaluate the performance of each of your campaigns ad groups even keywords in terms of profits immediately see where you’re making money and where you’re burning money. Check this out, there’s a free trial the three thirty day trial and after that it starts at ninety Bucks a month. And now let’s start the show. Hello everybody and welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show my name is Vladi and my guest today is Natali Petrova. Thanks for coming we’re gonna talk about external traffic is that correct?

Speaker 1: Yes that’s right.

Speaker 0: Let’s also look so before we start maybe you can introduce yourself to our audience.

Speaker 1: Yeah I’ve been working in internet marketing for about eight years now and now I’m running an Amazon account. And 4 Shopify stores and I’m doing all external traffic for this account I’m managing them I’m reading all products and. And finding ways to get more traffic. 

Speaker 0: That’s nice well. Can you tell us a little bit more like much of background like how did you get them to do this Amazon or ecommerce thing.

Speaker 1: Sure so I was working as a manager for three years back in Ukraine. I was doing Google ads mostly at and I was Google certified for for Google ads and for analytics and then I found a job here, USA in Orlando.  And with my boss we launched into your brand.

Speaker 0: Nice.

Speaker 1: Yes they all in the younger industry. So we opened three different accounts first three different brands. And learning from beginning how to do all these. And now we have three businesses running.

Speaker 0: So tell me like do you see also sell names in yourself.

Speaker 1: Yeah I have my one my own account based on different.

Speaker 0: Okay is it like a private label or.

Speaker 1: That’s right.

Speaker 0: Nice so tell me if I’ve heard it a couple of interesting. Buzzwords are structured a freshman at school and we actually never really covered this topic like Google ads so. You want to like walk us through your closest like how do we use external traffic.

Speaker 0: Maybe a little high level first you know for launching and then for promoting your products and are not growing list and so on so we can talk about that in the midst.

Speaker 1: Yeah great stuff I’ve noticed that not many people actually talking about Google ads mostly people run Facebook ads some Instagram ads. 

Speaker 1: No one actually talks about the Google.

Speaker 1: Absolutely mostly use not for launches but more for sales for already existing products for launching the use. Facebook rebate. You have a different email blasts and song operator I would yes which already have but the Google ads helps us to get new clients from Google search itself already mostly for existing products which we need to sell after lunch.

Speaker 0: Mmhm so you guys like basically my view or like my experience with Google next not only Google Facebook was when I was a seller the list not profitable and  I haven’t really managed to make a sale and pay less for advertising than the than the margin was we did what’s your take on that is that possible or do you need to if you like the customer lifetime value.

Speaker 1: Sh yes Facebook is top for selling. Facebook is good for two types of products first of all it’s crowded with high margins so we have one of those products and which we have high margins and  we mostly get sales from Facebook so we run video ads on Facebook at and eat we are making our sales and they’re profitable well but only because we have really good margin on. The winning percentages and I’m talking like like thirty forty box on the product. Yeah you have the ability to make money at it sure I can type of products is like viral products and something really go viral and people would just buy it. Not even researching what is that well they just right now right here we had one of these products when we just started and it was great. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I thought Amazon is so easy. We started it and it just like you it’s only because it was like viral product. We were running a lot of Facebook ads at that moment sh but mostly yes that’s right eight it’s hard to make money if you sell regular products I’m trying to.

Speaker 0: Tell me about the viral thing so how does that economy work you need to make a post viral and then it gets organic traffic organically reposted or how does this work. 

Speaker 1: We now have two donation we found the product which was already a wire. We found a product which was super popular in a younger industry at that moment.  And that we saw tons of ads about this product. And why like scenes we saw those ads we went to Amazon and check ins there anyone sells it on Amazon and it was only a few sellers who were selling that product so when we started selling it and we also found little bit better quality product. We got almost all sales from Amazon versus. What’s always do some do basically what I used in in re select what goes viral I’m do me like it goes viral picks up on Amazon then you get organic traffic or how do you like earn you’re investing to advertising right we need to have a big margin right or or is it like almost everyone who saw that ad was buying it. 

Speaker 0: I see you have a huge conversion rates. Was the fidget spinner.

Speaker 1: Yeah actually I was trying to sell fidget spinner.  So yeah when I started it it was already hard to get the market here. But that’s the problem product was greatest talent was still valid but it was huge three years ago.

Speaker 0: So all right let’s get back then too. Google and check to see focused off basically need a huge margin or need to use corrosion so what about Google.

Speaker 1: Yeah and also I wanted to say that Facebook we mostly right now using her a lot so when you don’t use it much for LA consistent sales. We mostly only for lunch and chat bots thank you. With Google ads is much more interesting because. When I came to the U. S. I barely could make something work on Google ads and it was really hard for me because first three years in Ukraine I was selling everything through Google ads and it was working against price correctly guessed so low over there and your price leaks are super high. So here only thing which was working is mostly services.

Speaker 0: Where is they have like high margin or saas products would come later.

Speaker 1: Yeah when you get like customer for first month in the subscribe and they come back but the corners was really tough yeah it was really hard to make it work because our price per click was super high and margins were low and yeah you can make money on. Our future sales when people come back to you it’s hard to start.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: So one cool thing about Amazon is that you can find key words with words Amazon. Most of the commerce the worst exclude this works they put it on negative keywords for each person looking for a lead safety just being featured in our Amazon. You usually have the lowest CDC because all other people who are trying to sell stampeded spinners they use Amazon as you work. 

Speaker 0: Hold on a second I want to make sure I understand this because I think this is gold nugget here so like most of the shops don’t want to sell fidget spinners let’s say don’t want to pay for clicks this product and the word Emerson yeah because they know customers probably just looking for this product on Amazon and it’s easy to go to the Amazon website and search their rights so they go ahead and type in whatever they want and wasn’t on Google so are the store knows the cable will pay for for the click but they will not convert because we’re almost not them.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: No this customers are starting their shopping journey not on Amazon button Google it sane people who would come to Amazon search for this product but they’re searching Google this is why some ten weeks are where’d she like the lowest price strictly for us was approximately sixteen eighty eight and a stance. What’s that sixteen eighteen cents.

Speaker 0: Okay sixteen to eighteen cents that’s virtually yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah I can guarantee Amazon prices prickly we’re going to get. And if you have a good leasing if you have a good pictures if you have a great. Most likely it will convert.

Speaker 0: Do you know what the conversion to this?

Speaker 1: The hardest part of course with all external traffic is to measure really hard. But there is a way to do it. You know like Amazon has promotional codes we should create a separate peace for social media as they call it social media from a call.

Speaker 0: Okay I actually never heard about it go ahead.

Speaker 1: You can create just the regular discount or you can create a discount we used. Kind of planned impeach that the medically lice. Is there a calm and Wednesday by it’s always you can check that they actually came and use your coupon okay so many.  Google ads you can use this H. as your landing page and this way you can. How many people actually bought from your Google at. Okay you can also create different coupon codes for different campaigns or even for different ad groups so yes your account for different ads for different angles here.

Speaker 0: What’s what’s your XP in your experiences like rather than percent or other one percent conversion or?

Speaker 1: Yeah of course it depends on the product you can say is there is no number which will be I can say that all ads from Google ads with before.

Speaker 0: But it’s like it’s just in general should be lower than Amazon right. 

Speaker 1: Yeah sure it’s lower our first home products you didn’t work at all for me so I always try different types of traffic for all products for example for some products Amazon PPC is great for some products Amazon PPC super expensive and not working for me I don’t know maybe someone can make all and did you see what I can. First some products Facebook works like we had that one which has a high margin. And we’re certain product by the way for this product I tried Google ads and didn’t convert works because people want to see a picture right all products and people want to see but when people come from Google search they may not.

Speaker 1: Is there a different product which you can sell through Google ads so I usually try all different ways before I find something through the works?

Speaker 0: Yes okay so tell me like. How do you create that isn’t even like a lot or possible to advertise I thought that it’s not like to advertise Amazon listings on Google or do you need something in the middle?

Speaker 1: I know it you can run Google ads you cannot advertise Amazon partner links it’s for example if you have Amazon associates account.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: And each year. Trying to promote other products not your product another product. Are there programs thank you cannot use direct links you should always run traffic is a landing page like. It on your blog for example. And from there people go Amazon but for your own product if you just run in traffic to your left to your listing you can run anywhere Facebook Adwords Instagram.

Speaker 0: So if we’re talking about Google is it like you know in Google there drop different types of ants right in one address Justin and were you targeted keywords another thing is cool shopping or Google product listing ads so this is not what we’re doing shopping because her Google shopping you actually need to put a secret code to your landing page and howdo you to do, you cannot add any culture and that’s okay.

Speaker 1: So I mostly talk about Google search.  I’m there is a different type of ads you can run it remarketing which you will be. Which you can I collect the woodlands and run at Dr people with your page but again you cannot.  And there is an author which calls yeah. Media ads. It’s the money you’re on banners on different sides but it’s a little bit harder to understand for people to so I mostly talk about Google search. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I know that can be even cheaper than Google search but Google search in most of situations convert matters on one or.

Speaker 0: Okay so tell me what you’re saying mostly using this to like. Help your sales to support ourselves right but it do you still have a goal or even is it even possible to be profitable on. On the slick on each transaction, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah sell my goal is not always to be profitable in each transaction order. Because first of all I love selling products which are replenished both so when once they keep buying they subscribe and then there. And the second thing is. When you get the Russian right and when you get sales the more sales you get the higher positions in ranking you’ll get an Amazon you’ll have higher BSR and you can get more organics.  Well, it’s always important to get as many sales as possible from different channels. Now it’s one of the race sometimes it’s not. Profitable but if it gives you at least some sales in your work. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: You will start getting organic sales from Amazon.

Speaker 0: Okay so what would you say there is a way to make it profitable effects and knocks replenish a bold product and you don’t want to boost forced like launch I just went up basically throwing coins into the S. and then get more money coming all this is is it possible.

Speaker 1: Okay yeah I think it again depends on the product and some products can you can sell a lot maybe not profitable at the point of getting sales from external traffic but since you get instead Amazon was better. You’re in love when she when you’re in like just selling the product.

Speaker 0: That’s sounds cool, I have for example a few questions to tell me like when your advertising in doing this search ads what do you really do, you’re pointing the user stories that the listing or delisting with some keywords or some like super-hero or something like this.

Speaker 1: Now I usually start with this tracking system which can explain this but it can work only for one month and it’s exactly how much you need just understanding this type of ad to work for you or not you can also call the word wonder find like this with. You go to promotions. Check to make sure all. I believe the calls on social media.

Speaker 0: I haven’t been selling for quite awhile so I didn’t even know this exists.

Speaker 1: You got the advertising and if you go to promotions. You will find social media promo code yeah that’s how it calls. And date can be laters sensor to date. 

Speaker 0: Okay and that gives you this landing page automatically?

Speaker 1: Yeah like landing pages one product. Which implies automatically choose the account. It was a fire.

Speaker 0: So is it like a coupon code is it’s like a one time thing or is it available if it’s applied to all customers basically can run out of stock if your head out but I believe it’s one time thing?

Speaker 0: So it’s once per customer or this works okay?

Speaker 0: All right so basically you set up your ad then you point the users to this to this page okay so how does this like Google ads look like it can mean a lot of I’m sure our listeners know about PPC and how to set it up we had a lot of well.  Content about PPC but Google. I think most of the sellers of the already have experience with that so how does it is like similar to PPC.

Speaker 1: Okay so if you go to Google and search for something like I don’t know garlic press over. You will see usually help you’ll see ads with features are helping at what it. And I’m wondering if you will see like taxed with title and description and it will have a sign at?

Speaker 1: So this is a Google search ads usually they show them on the top and on the bottom of the page. It’s like three four ads on the top and three on the bottom.

Speaker 0: Okay internally like what what do I even need to run those ads seem to need Google email account around this work?

Speaker 1: Yeah you create Google ads com it was called Google adwords before and most people would use this name especially for entertaining some years ago I still adwords but it goes through ads and you create it on there it’s super simple user friendly so you just put your information like your email address payment information. That creates an account there are tons of videos on YouTube he L. I. caps instead by step. Russians on their accounts. Information on Google you can. 

Speaker 0: And how does it work basically similar to that of the PC I guess right you provided keywords and then some sort of like the type whether it’s brooch target the laurel middle exact match raising the tax manage who called.

Speaker 1: Yeah usually I research for keywords on the scene to where I am finding words for Amazon. So I guess you set it up and you said some budget then how do you actually like optimize it.

Speaker 1: Yes the the best way to optimize these to see how many people buy from a different groups or even come straight sell on to disease you need to create the francophone calls for different campaigns are different at first Manz needs in what was the most of work. 

Speaker 0: So you increase cells on coupon called saying you need to create different campaigns on sandy friend at the group’s annual group your words for specific attributes for example. Let me just be there. There a lady friend she just interest can be a red flag or like last week and if you sell only metal you need to make sure that you run ads are using my tell you just Peter your words and excluded as there is like a place right you can negative you are at and. So you need to put a plastic as a negative you are. And to make sure you’re not getting traffic for not traveling you are here.

Speaker 1: And then basically your checking on what coupon codes workers in the most often. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: So what could be done because people use mostly and then you can calculate how many orders you received from specific ad group or company?

Speaker 0: Okay so basically you have a group that’s okay with metal switches finished whatever and then you have a coupon code then. Like we don’t have something like an acres right on Google.

Speaker 1: Yeah. To measure anything with external traffic on Amazon. Amazon is going to be much more stats.

Speaker 0: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: I hope it happens that bars that’s all what they have. That’s only away she kind of we farm how to track it but of course not your whole picture look like.

Speaker 0: Tell me you said basically you check on them as a new check how often the group and cold was a used right so how do you do that even. 

Speaker 1: One reports under reports you can find every course for promotions and always find the reach go bankrupt or use.

Speaker 1: You laid how many times specifically keep on cold where you and based on that you can calculate how much you paid.

Speaker 0: By the way you can also do this under this with us in sellerboard either for commercial or showing of the coupon code name or we have a report as well right with the seller central from. So basically you see like okay this couple call was redeemed like ten times. Are within a week or so and then you know you pay I don’t know maybe one hundred dollars. For this and Group One goodwill and then you kind of know what you’re a because it’s right.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Okay and how do you like to track this site manually?

Speaker 1: Yeah hat’s the only way you have right now. It’s even worse than most people know about. Usually people just think there’s no traffic and me like gas. The work. Well. That’s what we have with them is on I’ve been working as an internet marketer for so many years and I’m so used to Google analytics tracking. Everything you can imagine from what your website is what people are doing on your website and it was really hard for me I just started working on it might not there you cannot understand what’s working. But this is the only way we found.

Speaker 0: Okay that’s very cool I think. That’s also more than that I knew it before this talk for sure but yeah I’ve also heard that they wanna release some more all stats like bolts the traffic sources and stuff like this on this would be a very interesting for sure.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Well look I think it’s very easy for me was very interesting and very new this kind of well no topic Google S. never as I said we never had the social so tell us like I’m a little bit overwhelmed to be on a solo it’s a lot of stuff no need to optimize Google and it’s totally new for like four numbers and so like.

Speaker 0: How can people get help if they need.

Speaker 1: I yeah I consolidation time selling and sure I can help people. 

Speaker 1: You can reach me on Facebook and write me a message and we can have a consultation are the hardest part yeah it’s you can find information about how to set up a Google ads but it’s hard to find Google ads for Amazon’s.  Nothing on the internet about that.

Speaker 1: So yes sure. I’m consulting time by the time I don’t have much like I don’t have a lot of time but sometimes.

Speaker 0: Okay so anyway will put your profile into the description. People can trust your lessons.

Speaker 0: Look actually. There is so many interesting things that you mentioned like to know more about but I think in the interest of time you’ll just pick once we set you mentioned like Shopify stores.  I guess the Shopify store drugs only on external traffic right because there’s no like.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Which gives you traffic for free so well what what what works and what doesn’t work there.

Speaker 1: Shopify it’s like a regular websites so it it always depends on your offer. Like what you sell how do you spell it how your landing page looks like I’m sometimes like if your landing page is really good and if it’s the product which people really want.  You can sell from any type of traffic. 

Speaker 1: Really believes that your offer is more important that type of traffic you when you get traffic.

Speaker 0: Yeah we had a product which same product which was super hot than Amazon it was hot on shopping at the same time so whatever we were running like. Google ads Facebook ads he interested you indirectly for it was converting. But some products we just can’t make work so we run traffic but it doesn’t convert as good.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: So it all depends on your like. Product research on your call up here on how hot is this product at that moment.

Speaker 0: You mentioned that the product listing ads gold work from Amazon right but they need to work on Shopify right rules.

Speaker 1: Yeah it’s really easy to set up their apps. Just connect everything and thank you for shopping for Google shopping if you need additional account a call is that merchant center. It’s a different story. So yeah you need to connect it to your Google ads account and you do your shopping as a store so it’s like street which needs to be connected and then.

Speaker 0: So do you like do you have any experience positive or negative for these with these kind of threats Google shopping. 

Speaker 1: Google shopping works are good for shopping for sure I come it’s some it’s a monologue throat not expensive the one types of not expensive at. ET it shows a picture of what products some products will be expensive. But yeah you can show a picture of your product and you can. And it’ll come directly to this product so we’ll go shopping searching for keywords by itself based on what information.  So you can like optimize and provide any key words and just give for give Google a product and Google says okay I I know what this is and know how to advertise that.

Speaker 1: You can add after Google showed your **** you can see it for what keywords it was showing them. 

Speaker 0: Okay. 

Speaker 1: Then clued key words which you think are not traveling. 

Speaker 0: I can exclude okay I guess yeah. 

Speaker 0: All right but the I can you give us the guidance like  what’s an average clicked price what’s the corridor I mean it’s hard to say but let’s say I mean.

Speaker 0: It’s while they’re in the center every hour fifty sent another one dollar click on Google shopping added. You can try it yeah.

Speaker 0: It’s a bird then we’ll search that’s usually days yes usually a lower amount of people are advertising on Google shopping I guess that’s a little bit. Are there to do that. You need to have a little bit more knowledge about. But do you have a combination of onsite ship our companies as at the advertised on its own on Google shopping.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: No big brands aren’t right. Big brands always advertise glitch. In some products it can be expensive only because brands are there but sometimes it can be surging sense something sometimes can I box.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: All right well look very cool mentally tell us like what else what how can you help our audience and wow where can they find you if you have any channel or website or whatever.

Speaker 1: Now I have my backside ready instill in Russian. But I’m translating it to English so hopefully I’ll have it on last year I have only one article I mean.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: I felt that the best way to find me on Facebook. Always active there and I’m always responding tap on on the understand what I do for people is writing a listing no I have a team of Americans I’m not writing my English is far from perfect. So I have American copyright you all but I do keyword research. I’m and I give all the guidance to operators. So yes that’s what we do for clients and sometimes I’m consulting that’s all I can do for now because I have a work and a little baby.

Speaker 0: Nice okay thanks so much it was very nice having you here and  I’m also very happy about the content because that really really something new for a channel in general as you said there’s not that much content about Google ads. Yeah I would be glad to have you back sometime maybe we can discuss another topic in more detail.

Speaker 1: Sure and if anyone have any questions you can just leave them in the comments I can answer.

Speaker 0: Sure thanks mostly have a great day. 

Speaker 1: Yes yeah. Bye bye!

Speaker 0: Guys thanks so much for watching I hope you liked it if so then don’t forget the press like button tell us what you think really want to hear your feedback when I read your feedback comment this video below or on this contact us and you know tell us what you think of the show and the topics and if you’d like to be a guest yourself then we’d also be happy to hear from you. Don’t forget to press the subscribe button if you haven’t done it already and make sure to check out sellerboard our profitability tool and we’re on a mission to build the world’s most accurate most user-friendly financial analytics tool for Amazon sellers. See you guys bye bye thank you.