Amazon Vendors (Interview with Jordi Ordonez)

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Our guest on the 1st of July, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Jordi Ordonez who is an Amazon consultant, focussed mostly on vendors. He is helping big brands start their sales on Amazon as vendors, manage their strategy and optimize listings.

Many big sellers receive an invitation to become an Amazon vendor. There are pros and cons in this program. We discussed if it is a good idea to accept the invitation and whether there are advantages for vendors vs. sellers. Also, Jordi explains a strategy how to become a vendor if you are a big brand and have a lot of products.

Watch the full video here:

Speaker 0: Hello everybody. And welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show, my name is Vladi and my today’s guest is Jordi Ordonez from Barcelona, Spain. Jordi is an Amazon consultant focused mostly on Vendors so he’s helping big brands basically go to Amazon and manage their Amazon strategy, optimize the listing and basically maximize their sales on Amazon as a vendor but is also doing some other stuff like listing optimization and PPC. So what we talked about was mainly the difference between the vendor and the seller and the question whether you show try to become a vendor or if Amazon asks you if you want to be a vendor whether it’s a good idea to accept this offer. Before we start make sure you check out our software it’s a profit analytics tool and our mission is to be the world’s most precise profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. For example, we automatically evaluate older returns that are coming back to Amazon FBA check whether those items are sellable or no and depending on this we have adjust the cost of goods sold or basically or spend on custom. And returns a very important because returns are mostly underestimated profit killers for most of the sellers so make sure you check out our free trial and now let’s start the show.

Speaker 0: Hi everybody and welcome to the seller board show my name is Vladi Gordon and my today’s guest is Jordi Ordonez from Barcelona, hello Jodi.

Speaker 0: I thank you for having me.

Speaker 2: Thanks so much for coming so Jordi why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this Amazon game.

Speaker 0: Well I started working on me on different projects like ten years ago I have my own store based on selling music merchandising and then I moved to working just for clients and was like three or four years ago that I discovered Amazon  I’m a firm because I have a friend in Plano who was already selling there and I started getting interested about how we work how to make SEO and PPC campaigns for Amazon. And basically I started in reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and tutorials about it and that’s how I got in.

Speaker 2: Interesting,  let’s talk a little bit this, you mentioned you had an own webshop right like outside of Amazon as so to say.  How did that go what’s your experience with an own shop?

Speaker 0: Well it’s been a really bad experience because I had spent so many times doing the website many times by building the website because we wanted to make something really useful for the users and I focused start having you sign and upload I thought its going to sell a lot because I was well known in the Scott Racine and Spain and Scott Railey well information about that is he and then I’ll show and I had to look at it and I thought well this would be it would be easier this came loud so now people are going to be.

Speaker 0: Thank you I didn’t so anything I mean I had just said all those involved so I decided I had the project and focus on working for clients because what I learned last year how do you what how to make the most website and how not to a website that listening online.

Speaker 2: Interesting I’m from your experience like with clients building their workshops what would you say is the main traffic source. 

Speaker 2: On Amazon we have clients because Amazon brings us clients if you make a show with it online nothing happens right so you need to bring clients.

Speaker 0: How  can be away speakeasy what my clients of millions of Facebook app complaints or anything on my complaints which are chief of that band Google I’ve lost but if you want if you want traffic I mean real traffic and local media have goal to adwords.

Speaker 0: Because I believe in Spain ninety percent of people that searches begin on Google so we need to to adwords and shopping and that’s basically what they do on the short term I mean to meet them and what they do is the bet on SEO and having great product descriptions and graced our screens some of the Hey were you and try to create backlinks we broke that record in ranking.

Speaker 0: And then the last is getting the client’s emails and how to an email marketing plan.

Speaker 2: Okay yeah well that’s so like similar to what we know in the in the Amazon world so tell me.

Speaker 2: Like what’s your specialty with your consulting work for friends and  sellers. 

Speaker 0: What we do basically is listing optimization I mean I’m all accused on if your income then to erase some on Amazon okay PPC campaigns or both sellers and vendors and then goes and mostly what I do is strategy, so I tell them how to sell  numbers only they have to sell on a Amazon or they have to wait to Amazon to invite them to the and your program or whatever and I also have them we’d be catalog selection so my first advice is gonna blow all your catalog just select some products on your back hello none of them and I’m not gonna knock on your E. commerce website and he basically that’s what I do on may in the first place when now most of the clients get to me I think they ask me if or what’s the I’m the best way to get the so I’m not.

Speaker 0: Because in Spain there’s always while people knows a lot about sending online but not about how and when I’m on. 

Speaker 2: Yet so basically you’re talking more about vendors right there asking altogether limbs and as a vendor.

Speaker 0: Yeah I don’t know why but I have lots of mail emails coming from vendors asking me on how to scale their sales along the end all right your life work so far for regular which at you beat the Barcelona eight the marsh sold in Catalonia and Barcelona and I will also call call me which is as Catalan cava and where fashionable greens and most of my clients are vendors.

Speaker 2: Nice look well actually we don’t have a lot of knowledge about the vendors on the show so we’ve never discussed this topic so a couple of questions about that like tell us is it better to be a vendor or seller.

Speaker 0: While we used to be better because you don’t have to worry about what you speak so are getting too dry and I’ve been working on PPC already all because I’m only selling your product that means you have a lot of the delivery on the Amazon website.

Speaker 0: And I said it used to be a better way because well at least for a manufacturers used to be great to have order from Amazon and just don’t worry about sending that kind of what we call the war not.

Speaker 0: The problem here is the balance on the spot respect the the prices on the market for that product so imagine you’re selling here for for a one year euro at the end because market and then your seventy two a month on Amazon is boosting the price on 1.80

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Well hello god created my seats he’s throwing all the competition on the real wall.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 0: A number of markets online supermarket and that’s what these.

Speaker 2: Well.

Speaker 0: I see that the war out fact about they built another heading up the prices for you and you can and you can tell them that’s not real right it should be higher I mean you can tell that but they were yep that but that is our algorithm that checking all the prices online and they always have been the cheapest prices for our products. 

Speaker 2: Well.

Speaker 0: Nothing you can do about it. 

Speaker 2: Yeah interesting so.

Speaker 0: Like my.

Speaker 0: Not quite a lot about what setting on Bangor more seller. 

Speaker 2: So are what would be it like other recommendations said don’t list your best seller so what’s your other vehicle you need to create a special products just for Amazon.

Speaker 0: Yeah that’s what I always recommend definitely eight special products maybe a new line of products for Amazon or maybe that’s.

Speaker 0: Adding to the problem A. B. and C. E. you can have the problem of having the three of them just run loose so maybe they are not selling out you’re not telling your best books and writing on an idea you’re going on your E. commerce website so if you have a pen always create new products coming up on the run of the.

Speaker 2: Look I have some.

Speaker 2: Friends are nolo couple sellers and I believe I’ve heard that the Eminem sometimes ask them.

Speaker 2: Ask them if they want to become a vendor and I know that some guys I’m not sure what to answer because they don’t know if they can really say no so what would you like to recommend in this situation is that.

Speaker 2: Is it okay to say no or you know should they rather.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 0: I would like them to say no specially because whether you are a vendor all your lost control I mean you’re done all what Daddy why you’re failing to because you don’t know the name of your clients you can ask them for feedback or reviews and multiple hooking us I told you if not you can call the price low salaries always a better option if you want to learn how to stop on Amazon and control the growth estimate that little white with that I am staying in the cellar vault.

Speaker 2: But the looks like the benefit of vendors selling better.

Speaker 0: Not really I mean you looked at sewer company Bronx labium minus between one million products or you know maybe I’m not going to I. one hundred K. well you you know so I would be a client of your company again.

Speaker 0: What is the thing about you’ll have to walk a little the catalog yourself although I’m not understanding it and you have to pay for your own B to C campaigns on although I’m not going to sending your products so.

Speaker 0: Right I mean because it’s supposed to okay everyone got off your table.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 0: On the other hand you have to upload the catalog data descriptions and all take care of the campaigns well.

Speaker 2: Okay very cool thanks so much I think that’s good advice so if somebody guys if you get an email from from members and inviting you to become a vendor then think twice better signal or ask George for life with a lot of effort.

Speaker 0: Into yeah well right grown Brady at that download also right about Amazon and you can ask for a better experience he is I’m sure they would say don’t do that.

Speaker 2: Okay well that’s interesting that’s new for me so tell me like most of your customers are they from Spain or international. 

Speaker 2: Well let’s talk about Spain like I when I was an active seller.

Speaker 2: I did sell in Spain as well.

Speaker 2: I didn’t have any stock in Spain but now and then I will get the online order from from Spain and basically what I did was I just took my listing text and had a translator I I think from Fiverr dot com but the Spanish and then I put that there and and that was it basically I never never actually like optimized all.

Speaker 2: And yeah make my first question is I guess.

Speaker 2: Is it the is it a good idea of the disorder how much did a myth like in terms of key words and. 

Speaker 2: Localization something.

Speaker 0: I wouldn’t know without being taking meetings but I think it’s always better to hire a Spanish translator or anything I mean translating company because there are some cultural aspects and some specific works let your apple turns right really really well all the white what’s going to read different looks like generational.

Speaker 0: So well Spain is not that difficult market I mean if you’re selling in Germany for example you can always selfless pain but yes that’s all we maybe want the hopper it does having a proper conflation of your products.

Speaker 2: What do you what’s what’s like different in Spain but comparing to for example U. K. Amazon

Speaker 2: So a lot of competition. 

Speaker 0: Very left from the beach on awhile actually I’m a leaf the best selling E. commerce teams okay they are well according to what I read they are selling like for calling a million a year which is quite a lot by the UK or Germany all around us aliran welcome on you would say I’m more much your mark so we always have the end of the line when it comes to you know members of technical staff so you take a look at the European market place as Thomas on that reach out war the striving band it’s the fries with cheese  prime Italy and Spain okay always be the last one long bear market so if you want to send you a new one how much orders that you gave him the OK and you’re saying.

Speaker 2: Or.

Speaker 0: But the competition is really low.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 0: Give me a call you know tool to sap you can only wait.

Speaker 2: For help like if I’m selling some review standard product like a hand phone case for example what would you say what’s the average amount of reviews that.

Speaker 2: I need is it like thousands hundreds.

Speaker 0: Hi yes but I would say give that we use to get through that that would be better yeah file thousand feet so far away from the state apparatus well normally a.

Speaker 0: Not not thousands not hundreds of them.

Speaker 2: Okay so far but with any project that some of the hundreds okay.

Speaker 0: Yeah eight hundred.

Speaker 2: Sounds good thirty I know we have a website tell us a little bit where can our listeners find you if they wanna sell in Spain or maybe just a listing of the reservation.

Speaker 0: I have a website I mean blog and best month basically Jordi Ob dot com I also have  website well he was on armed pools or sailors we describe review on on the website anytime soon he’ll be dot com slash Amazon tools. 

Speaker 2: Okay sounds good links in the description.

Speaker 0: Yeah so for example if you if you’re looking for selling book review you can I need on my website I have like more than a hundred tools review that I that I download and buy myself a little bit we’ll be availability and if you want to check my Spanish website probably don’t you’ll be thought.

Speaker 0: And if you want to know more about that Sally may I have some people but they are in Spanish so.

Speaker 0: Don’t have been translated beating these yet.

Speaker 2: All right very cool thanks so much John it was nice talking to you and have a great day.

Speaker 0: Yeah thank you so much for having me here.

Speaker 2: Thanks bye bye.

Speaker 2: Thanks so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this interview and learn something new if so then please press the thumbs up button and let us know what you think your feedback is really important we want to know what topics you want us to cover or if you have any ideas whom we should invite please feel free to tell us or if you would like to come to our show and share something with the Amazon seller community then I would be happy to hear from you. 

Speaker 2: Thanks so much guys have a great day. Bye bye.