Amazon PPC, Keywords and Campaign’s Structure (Interview with Brian Johnson)

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Our guest on the 3rd of June, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Brian Johnson who runs an advertising agency for Amazon sellers, Canopy Management and is the founder of PPC Scope, a software tool for PPC optimization. With his team, he helps 7-figure Amazon sellers run their PPC ads profitably.

We talked about keywords (how to find the most relevant keywords, how many keywords do you need), how to organize your campaign structure, what you can learn from your CTR and conversion rate.

Watch the full video here:

Speaker 0: Hello everybody and welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show my name is Vladi Gordon and my today’s guest is Brian Johnson. Brian is the founder of PPC Scope which is a PPC management software for Amazon sellers. He also runs a pretty big agency where he helps seven-figure Amazon sellers, basically run their PPC ads, so we talked about keywords how to find keywords, so how many keywords you need, talked about campaign structure we went pretty much into the detail and costs of the technical stuff. We also talked about CTR and conversion rates, what do the numbers mean what normal values are what kind of values you need to look for or to optimize for and also how to interpret those numbers because they can tell you a lot about your product, about your pictures listing. So this is going to be very detailed and very specific hope you’ll enjoy this don’t forget to give us a like and subscribe to our channel if you’re watching this on YouTube. Before we jump in I’d like to mention our software sellerboard. sellerboard is the world’s most accurate profit analytics tools for Amazon sellers so our mission is to be your profit analytics tool and to show your profits in real time as accurately as possible as precise as possible with the option to drill down into every period of time, every product, every SKU, group by brand by market place by channel. So give it a try, the link is in the description

We have a month of a free trial and after that, it’s just $19/month. So let’s start the show. Hello, Brian thanks for being here.

Speaker 1: Glad to be here thank you.

Speaker 0: All right so Brian up I believe that most of our listeners already know you but maybe you could just introduce yourself. 

Speaker 1: My name is Brian Johnson I have been in e-commerce for about twelve years now, I actually started out on eBay and I was selling money counting equipment like bank counters, coin sorters those kind of products for about seven years across multiple vendors and across eBay in my own website everything, so I have that kind of ecommerce and then, well, five years ago I came over to the dark side over to Amazon. And within a year I realized it was not enough training at all or resources available for the advertising in order to teach me so I had to figure it out myself and so once I started figured out myself I also saw that okay you collaborate with other people and that’s one of the reasons why I created that community, Facebook group for advertising. And it just kept on growing from there you know it came out with yeah I started doing coaching and consulting and starting you know helping people out helping to learn the basics and after a while, I had enough that I could put together a course. At the same time I also write a software to make life easier for me and everybody else want to start using it too.  And then ultimately today my primary focus is I still have the course of the software the community might bring me focus is definitely on my advertising agency for brands.

Speaker 0: All right so are you also an active trial seller? 

Speaker 1: So the products that I sell so I don’t maintain your brand itself. What I do is I tend to have. I don’t know if it is if it’s my wife called the charity sometimes I think but it is I get a lot of people who reach out to me sometimes there sellers who got in they bought products and they really struggled with knowing what to do with the default instruction but they decided this is not for me at the same time they end up with like I’ve got a thousand units and I’ve got no plans of selling it I’m just going to you know set it on fire or whatever you know yeah so usually what I’ll do is you know all those kind of products in states like well you know how much do you what you see in those posts were people saying Hey I’m getting out of the business you know all some of my product I just make a fair offer to them it works great then you know acquire their products and so I might my product line is very eclectic there’s no consistency between the products or other products that I know that you know obviously with my expertise in advertising I know that I can right so those are the ones that actually purchased an old lady I don’t remember the products I simply just you know I help somebody else to help somebody exit.

Speaker 0: Let me know when they’ve exhausted all their efforts and I know that I can look for more than my selling but I’m doing now.

Speaker 0: Nice you know I’ve been an Amazon store as well I’m not active anymore but I’ve actually never managed to run my PPC’s profitably so the only thing I can is I used to be perceived for launching obviously because you kind of don’t care whether it’s profitable not just for rank in I think it confused them to support my rankings right so if you see okay probably should like pusher you were a little bit so this is what hello use PPC but actually I’ve never have made any process because she’s so I’m it’s interesting I think your story is interesting how people acquitted just by using PPC.

Speaker 1: It can be done well so yeah.

Speaker 0: So let’s dive into this discussion because Iknow that this is definitely a very important topic for our listeners so. What is PPC for you mainly like is it for launch is a for profit business for break even.

Speaker 1: So I don’t understand the word was with a variety of clients most of the brands that I work with my agency are typically you know multi million dollar sellers or large brands to sell on Amazon so we get to work on a bigger scale there but. I am certainly working with plenty of sellers I think

 you know there’s I used to do coaching I don’t do direct coaching anymore but I used to do coaching with all sizes so. Ultimately what it comes down to this is something I speak more about that so the seller conferences now is more about it not so much Hey use this tactic because it’s a you know here’s a hack that works or something like that it’s more about. Where you focus your attention as a a new salary young seller. That is looking at advertising. The first thing that we typically want to do as when we’re selling a new product. One. We don’t know the product very well. Oftentimes we sourced products based on a photo opportunity in the market place like that’s okay we also so innocent but people are still wanting it I mean I know the product that well the product is not necessarily a bond I don’t assume you know who the audience is so often times we use the advertising and we spend a bunch of money on advertising in order to learn the search terms in terminology shoppers using in order to find a product and children.

Speaker 0: Right.

Speaker 1: The problem with that is it can be expensive right out of the gate but. It’s probably one of the most effective ways of really learning how to attract that audience that actually is going to buy your product you have certain key metrics such as the click-through rate conversion range they’re telling you how good a job your advertising is doing in internet shopper it’s your listing. And the conversion rate tells you how good a job your listing is doing at selling the products to the shopper.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Ultimately that this is where it typically starts going wrong for most sellers where it starts getting perpetually unprofitable is they forget a key step is the advertising first and foremost is to identify who your audience is.  And the second would be to for a new product launches to gain sales velocity but a lot of times the mistake is made is we try to advertise across as many keywords we can possibly show thinking that that’s going to increase our keyword ranking. It doesn’t because really what it comes down to yes we’re not going to rank higher monthly increase sales velocity and rank higher for organic keyword. Unless we can focus our focus on advertising on very specific key words that we first foremost convert well for my products have a high conversion rate. 

Speaker 0: Yeah right. 

Speaker 1: And then also there’s not so much competition is going to keep me hold me down from going up the organic listings okay requires some research by the seller requires them to look at each keyword look at how much competition look at how well it’s converting for your queue were before you take all of your ads better start focusing it down on just five to ten keywords do you really want to move up the organic rank. That’s essentially what you need to do what happened has it for five hundred keywords okay you know you focused down to five-ten maybe twenty words. All the ones that have already shown to have a high conversion rate and how the room for you to gain higher organic growth.

Speaker 1: Okay let me go I have a couple questions actually so you said that using PPC to research right helps us find keywords so how do you do that exactly do you run an auto- campaign or to find those niche of keywords.

Speaker 1: So the auto the automatic campaign he used to be the go-to campaign for cured research I don’t agree with that anymore he is for if you. I was saying you know we’re lazy but the same time if you don’t have enough time to manage your ads probably turn on automatic campaign with relatively low bid probably the simplest way to go if you don’t have enough time to actually work. I’d rather start with an automatic campaign with a little bid. And you let it run maybe do you know some kind of optimization. Search terminated matching that type of thing. Than to take them all on get overwhelmed and stop doing it all together so none of my campaigns going easy well it’s definitely not the best when it comes to human research the reason for that is that there’s plenty of humor research tools that are available on the market now that make it a lot easier. As long as they’re used correctly so like our team for instance we use. Only two words we are actually we used three different keyword research tools within our agency but then we also have our own internal by her own proprietary internal research tools as well. We start out typically with real life I relaunch humorous dole’s you like hearing ten key results we like to use your tool dot audio would result. Sometimes when we’re looking for more international language results we use something as sellers have their own search tool now. The big mistake that most sellers may is simply just saying oh this key research told ME two hundred keywords I’m going to just run out of tests on this tour yeah what they don’t do what all keyword research tools do not do well is they don’t filter for relevance while someone come up and say oh this has a higher score here or what do you call a relevance score but ultimately the best method to reduce the number of keywords you’re actually advertising on my relevance to your product is to manually look down and read each your essay is this keyword directly relevant to the product and I’m still not doing as well so. Okay including you know some small sales here and there but generally make sure you’re trying to focus in on maybe churn you words your chart if either keywords of most. There are directly relevant to the product yourself. Two to five hundred per he is not a sin or permits right he got variations then you’re gonna have some overlap. Okay this call. Generally, you know I would say shoot for when you’re starting out shoot for researching two hundred keywords arbitrary number but. Okay yes your keywords is probably a good one make sure you look at each one of those to make sure that it’s directly relevant with your product it definitely describes what you’re the product you’re selling.

Speaker 1: Okay so let’s suppose we’ve done that we have to have keywords you mentioned CTR and conversion rate right so is basically how many people click on the add to when they see it right?

Speaker 1: Correct. 

Speaker 0: A the conversion rate is how many by after they clicked so I think at least I never thought of all these two metrics that fall within the right the red but it’s kind of hello I thought it’s always the same or less right but can you explain more about those too so what I have to optimize or?

Speaker 1: This is a big issue here is that there are a lot of experts in the field teaching different methods.

Speaker 0: Right. 

Speaker 1: There’s a lot of tools available for us is similar to yours.

Speaker 1: A lot of the tools and expertise will suggest well run advertisements online. The most competitive keywords that have the highest search. And somebody’s tool they are they all have different numbers as far as like oh this has a hundred thousand monthly searches. With that is that if you first of all if you have if you focus all your advertising. Just high search volume keywords for instance. Does it typically ours are so generic your short tail there one or two words others so generic that they can apply to millions of different products and different audiences and so it’s not very specific to your car there were somebody could be searching on that yeah you’re at the show you may pay for them to click through on it but more than likely you’re gonna have a really low click through rates.  Has it shown to the wrong audience too many times and only some of the small portion of the audience actually sees your product ad as similar to what you’re looking for an election. Yeah. But quite bad I’m sorry why is it the best thing because you’re you pay per click right.

Speaker 1: Yeah this call standpoint but from a television standpoint you’re much more likely because it is just because you get to collect doesn’t mean you get to converse. Or is it the ad is typically very small in comparison to other articles in in some cases.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: So what usually happens is. You get curiosity clicks on. What people are saying like oh I’m gonna click on the first asked again that is what I’m looking for and then they get into a listing of all this is not what I want all in all we only go back out search.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: You can usually tell them when so for instance if you have a very low click-through rate it usually means that you’re running ads or keywords to an audience that doesn’t agree with you doesn’t like doesn’t think that your ad is relevant to what they’re looking for usually points you correlate to that and it was very low click-through rate usually have a very low conversion. Now what’s low click through rate is.

Speaker 1: Like one great something that’s below search the general range that we would want to see is something like maybe in a twenty four percent to one percent.

Speaker 0: Click through rate.

Speaker 1: Anything that gets down below what’s the point two five or even worse two percent click through rate your base you’re missing your audience. 

Speaker 1: You’re not you’re not having to you know do your ads are not getting in front of the correct audience it doesn’t take that much to go from point to point towards you know where you’re off from your audience first you’re only catching half your audience first catching more.

Speaker 0: More but.

Speaker 1: The click through rate great news your first signaled that.

Speaker 0: Whether or not you’re actually getting.

Speaker 1: Your ads in front of the correct audience and I would say it if it’s below a click through rate of point two percent you’re missing your audience.

Speaker 0: Or not.

Speaker 1: Your.

Speaker 0: Argument correct hello.

Speaker 1: Ultimately you probably will see something similar on on the conversion rate where the conversion rate is you know very well you know something below ten percent conversion rate single digit conversion rate.

Speaker 0: Well. 

Speaker 1: Is is a problem you can see more expensive. 

Speaker 0: Of.

Speaker 1: It.

Speaker 0: Requires you to.

Speaker 1: I spend a lot more on advertising in order to get the same amount of sales.

Speaker 0: That editors doing.

Speaker 1: There are unique situations where you get one high and one lesson where you get a high click through rate in a low conversion rate.

Speaker 1: That basically says that you’re targeting the right audience but then your product listing is scaring away. 

Speaker 0: Okay maybe you have.

Speaker 1: Or you can be a really low click through rate and high conversion rate is you’re catching the low click through rate is saying that you’re catching your getting in front of you correct audience but only a small amount is actually you know small amounts of the correct audience.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Because once you know your product listing really they’re they’re convinced the product I’m looking for.

Speaker 0: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Lead you have a low click through rate high conversion rate that’s actually good scenario is that just means you need to tune.

Speaker 0: Your advertising and find you need to go out and find out who your audience.

Speaker 0: Yes.

Speaker 1: Often what is.

Speaker 0: And but by the way I think actually that was exactly my problem starving like short tail keywords they were very expensive right that’s that is that also true correction click okay all arguments are less expensive right. 

Speaker 1: Yeah he’s either easier to get in front of an audience and you said Sir I’m getting all these all these out of persons I see my ad and so it’s working but if it’s being shown to the wrong audience is looking for your product because usually the easiest way to do that is. 

Speaker 1: If you have a search term maybe is getting a bunch of search volume.

Speaker 1: If you you can say well that search term is directly related to.

Speaker 0: My products.

Speaker 1: Yeah it’s really generic you can say that it’s.

Speaker 1: You know a dog bowl for instance I don’t you know I think I sell you know dog bowls he entered his dog bowl okay yeah you know those two match up but maybe you go out and if you you better getting a really low click through rate also the really low click through rate say that maybe your ad is not compelling or maybe it’s the business in the audience so what I usually do is all just yeah he will search on Amazon and a look at the results now compared to what is my ad listing what what’s mine let’s see all the results. 

Speaker 0: We might find out it’s like.

Speaker 1: Oh there’s there’s.

Speaker 1: There’s a bunch of different products that are not related they’re not like mine they get are related to dog bowl you know like maybe double stands Dogboe covers dog bowl stand so pretty.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: You know what you know to be true portion you know dog or cat and dog you know all these different products if you just search you can see is that well there’s a lot more products related to dogs that are not specific. 

Speaker 0: I get it.

Speaker 1: That’s where you can just kind of seems like okay all the products that come up for this surge directly relevant to my product or is there a bunch of other products that.

Speaker 0: Are well.

Speaker 1: If people could be looking for using the same search terminology.

Speaker 1: The second thing of course if you have a brand new products. 

Speaker 1: If you’re added showing up there and you’ve got your prices five dollars higher than everybody else.

Speaker 0: And you have a number of.

Speaker 1: Years.

Speaker 1: A low quality image and your.

Speaker 1: Tireless keyword stuffed you know or not well we’ll for.

Speaker 1: It’s just not going to present as a viable option compared to

everything else you shut up has a tire reviews it’s you know it’s.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: Not only for ten Bucks an embassy to reduce your price I’m just saying.

Speaker 1: Your battles really choose where are you running your ads compared to what your competitors are the other listings around or show. 

Speaker 1: That rate is a signal that.

Speaker 0: Your ad.

Speaker 1: Is not showing well in the results what’s being.

Speaker 0: All. 

Speaker 0: Interesting so I was gonna ask if it’s just the bulk of the key words but you kind of answered already so it’s both images titles reviews obviously on the price of course.

Speaker 1: Yeah most of the time it’s it’s more likely the situation where you’re selling a a wooden dog bowl and somebody else is using the term dogwood or look for a stand.

Speaker 0: For that awful mmhm.

Speaker 1: You know or someone you know yeah.

Speaker 1: Accident or not yours.

Speaker 0: Mmhm okay so suppose we’ve managed to find some some key words in a kind of optimize the phone key words which were to performing well right so what’s the next step is it like optimizing the bit or. 

Speaker 1: So either of you seen for he’s got there’s a there’s a document that I get out in the way that I it’s called the the nine step optimization checklist you see that or not.

Speaker 0: But.

Speaker 1: He goes through.

Speaker 1: It shows two ways one is it shows how is strictly just for optimizing search terms and key words within campaigns it’s not a server growing sales are identifying you audiences just for like how to keep the costs under control mmhm.

Speaker 0: But.

Speaker 1: What that nine step checklist does is.

Speaker 1: It presents as in two ways one is says here are the specific.

Speaker 1: Alters their metrics I’m looking for I’m looking for things where I

have at least a thousand questions I have at least.

Speaker 0: Five clicks I have no orders and then. 

Speaker 1: And if the best situation occurs then this is what I’m going to do on a negative exact match or a way to reduce a bit or something transaction. 

Speaker 0: Goes with that.

Speaker 1: And there’s also a courses seven structure and usually do it inside of my software but it doesn’t require my software because you’re given instructions right there as far as what I’m looking. 

Speaker 1: That’s done on a weekly basis or you’re just getting started every couple weeks.

Speaker 1: I will say that that helps them keep their costs under control consider.

Speaker 1: Now that does.

Speaker 0: Require.

Speaker 1: You know we have really touched on campaign structure the campaign structure is is important there’s there’s a lot of different theories when it comes to. 

Speaker 1: Should I have one word one key word in a separate campaign by itself or should I have.

Speaker 0: One right and grouper.

Speaker 1: Skew well that’s what I teach so I T. specifically I I’ve got no problems for just using one.

Speaker 0: You know using.

Speaker 1: Automatic campaign and also use a man okay.

Speaker 1: The main campaign or have three Andrus bridge product so having exponential increase national have a broad.

Speaker 0: Broad match tight.

Speaker 1: End group for each season.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: I have three thirty three part three product variations for this one I’ll have more of the same campaign but then I’ll have you know I might have nine ad groups because I I want to score eight each of products.

Speaker 0: From.

Speaker 1: From the other products I also met separately different keyword match types also in part because.

Speaker 1: If you in order to make choices.

Speaker 1: As far as your optimization goes if you the the weakness of addresses it.

Speaker 1: If you.

Speaker 1: Negative match your basic you block ads to run negative match on a search for.

Speaker 1: In an ad group that has multiple products it has multiple landscapes.

Speaker 1: One action can block ads for all products for all the rest. 

Speaker 0: Will.

Speaker 1: Be which is not what you want yes it is just because it doesn’t work an exact match it may work great in phrase match.

Speaker 1: Or maybe it doesn’t work for the blue color but it works great for the black hole you know so that’s why I separate those because each product each match type has its.

Speaker 0: Own.

Speaker 1: Preferences owns own search terms and key words it’s going to work well.

Speaker 0: That’s interesting tell me how do you manage all that I mean if you have fallen ten products let’s say with maybe three variations each it’s gonna be what like thirty it’s gonna be nineteen.

Speaker 1: Do extractions yeah so this is usually where I will.

Speaker 1: This is kind of again in the battle folk scene. 

Speaker 0: Or If you’re familiar with the the parental principle you know focus on that twenty percent that produces eighty percent of the result.

Speaker 0: Right.

Speaker 1: Big believer.

Speaker 1: In part because I look at.

Speaker 0: Mmhm.

Speaker 1: We’ve got a lot of different product Asians all typically use that the three ad group separation in.

Speaker 1: For for just the products that are currently.

Speaker 0: Like.

Speaker 1: You know getting the ads and converting into sales maybe what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll take my top three sellers and all use that separated campaign structure.

Speaker 1: And then I’ll actually create one you know one set of.

Speaker 1: A broad branch and groups phrase match and exact check groups and then cool all the other ones together each of those.

Speaker 0: Yeah what.

Speaker 1: Kind of money knows cook.

Speaker 0: For a while.

Speaker 1: Well at least you need more sales and then I’ll bring them out and separate them into their own.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: Some people like to simply just when they’re starting out maybe they create a separate campaign.

Speaker 0: For each product in order to control the budget.

Speaker 1: That’s the only advantage you’re getting by having separate campaign is you’re able to control the budget most of the time that’s unnecessary.

Speaker 0: But  If you’re just getting started you know it’s it’s not gonna hurt you know if you if you already have campaigns for each product great journey have one campaign and you have separate ad groups for each product.

Speaker 1: Those are those two camping structures are fine by me.

Speaker 0: Okay so look you mentioned that kind of set of rules right this nine step guide maybe we can link it then they’re in the show notes let’s talk about ACOS for a while like most with Donald Bucklin old structure set up the key words right.

Speaker 0: From my experience the ACOS is still changing and even if some kind of optimize already and nothing this on your site right but the actress is still moving right is that reasons for that the reason at eight US changes constantly one issue that competition are constantly changing their advertising hope rested they are willing to run more expensive ads when prime day is coming when the holidays. Here’s the run out of stock and so also your advertising changes for a week and also you know it’s just like oh this is wonderful for me you know and they’re also in it goes back right what happened. Ran a stop yeah. One of things that we see it throughout the year though is this is very seasonal based conversion rates products change.

Speaker 0: Rates change from week to week month to month so will your advertising costs of stale because it may cost more in order to get the same scale as before yeah. And usually what we see is during higher during.

Speaker 0: Let’s say you sell a gift item is very popular during the holiday season. Conversion rates typically go up because people are in a binding vote there are more likely to go out and actually make purchases. Look around at things and it’s.

Speaker 0: Yeah you window shop right they just look at a bunch of products yeah.

Speaker 0: This can definitely vary from product to product if you have a product that has different variations different sizes different colors different.

Speaker 0: You know patterns different fabric you know things like clothing and sunglasses and cell phone cases anything that has always like style personal preference kind of differences usually have a very very low conversion rate well you can look around and they keep on the hours and days looking for just the right one for them personally or for gift giving so I don’t recommend those products that have a lot style. Fitness you know creations because the conversion rates are usually really well well.

Speaker 0: In general you know because you think about it so only one of the things that we look to do with advertising is when we got our focus and on a much smaller set of key words after you’ve already learned the audience we know what search terms convert well for all. 

Speaker 0: Now we want to figure out which keywords to we want to be aggressive specifically on yeah.

Speaker 0: In order to get a higher organic ranking no longer has to do with competition well who’s gonna you from going up the organic rankings and your conversion rate. You probably have seen many people who use get away launch services yeah. They get up to page one of the slide right back off. The main reason is because you don’t have a conversion rate that is similar to what other competitors have in there so they can’t just they just can’t keep up it must also Leon re promote referral we promote they just came in a system where they’re spending time on advertising in general if you think about advertising is probably only going to increase your sales velocity the number units used each day Ali by twenty thirty percent all huge amount give aways of course had have a very high impact in a short period of time yeah each team on each one but most likely going to lead right back down again unless you’re targeting key words that have a high conversion rate for your product it also has a high.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Eight you’re not gonna rank well you know unless you’re in here last year or.  Everybody all your competition is everybody who sent in the same kind of product all have little conversion rates like like what product you’re selling on his relatives yeah sure.

Speaker 0: Well Hey what’s the conversion rate is for the competitor well we kind of have to gas right the way that’s usually the first sign is if we try to get up there and we slide right back down again our conversion rate is obviously not as high as our competition who may have spent a lot more time it will be seen in on specific key words that they know they have a high conversion rates at.

Speaker 0: What you what your conversion our you know will. If we’ve done a good job managing everything else to recommend moving a bit up and down to adjust your acoses.

Speaker 0: Yes I mean you always wanna you always want to address the search terms first because multiple search terms in order.

Speaker 0: With math exactly this type is it common belief that there’s there should only be one search term is going to match up to an exact match you with that’s not that’s not true because there’s corals there’s preposition there’s all these other words that can be mixed in with it that Amazon ignores what you’re you could end up with I’ve seen. 

Speaker 0: From to exact match keyword I’ve seen up to eleven different search terms if you can do one exactly okay which doesn’t sound like it should be the case but Amazon three.

Speaker 0: Loose or sloppy I guess when it comes to things like singular pursuit formal form of words. 

Speaker 0: Your words like with S. or four and those things are ignored.

Speaker 0: You can have you can advertise on the difference.

Speaker 0: Where is the help laurels they have you know within and then four in some of these other filler words yeah.

Speaker 0: And you know numbers or any anything that has you know two letters of our last or has numbers those are often ignored also. The words that are showing generic the Amazon just ignores them anyway.

Speaker 0: Men women sorcery. Supplements all these things that are so their use across tens of millions of different products Amazon says you can ignore that most people know about some of the realest but ultimately. 

Speaker 0: You want to. You know you wanna do you wanna try to identify what those key words are you know I didn’t put you know optimize the search term the feed in the key words and then and then from there then you can start adjusting the bandit two key words to dial into you whatever profitability level you want in most cases what we do is we used we identify for most key words we try to get it.

Speaker 0: Just you know two or three percent lower break even costs it. 

Speaker 0: Arjun percentage of Ricky may cost we written that down let’s say two or three percent hello. 

Speaker 0: And then we overspent on very specific key words that were trying to rank for. 

Speaker 0: Number units to be static state rank higher for and it bounces out usually to break even.

Speaker 0: That’s cool actually right now coming back to the beginning so what is a PPC like to you.

Speaker 0: Is it is it more profits instrument for you or or it’s something you only you all I primarily use for launch or is it both.

Speaker 0: It really depends on the objective of the brand owner you know usually it’s when it’s a matter where where money is tight and they’re feeling the pain of every time Amazon.

Speaker 0: You know. Amazon takes a payment out for advertising then they will profit. They can pretty quickly check like okay now that I’ve got profitability. Now I want to rank higher organically those are opposing forces you know thank you everyone really you want right yes it is.  Or. Products that we’re launching and for individual keywords I’m intentionally trying to rank higher for those are not going to be profitable because you’re going to be expensive well. But but those are very they should be very focused you know this is only for four weeks for individual queue were out trying to rank for maybe that’s only three or four weeks six weeks something like that is because we pushed hard it’s only on one keywords.

Speaker 0: Everything else certainly for products that are more mature they have been around for a long have an established set yeah you know they have some organic keyword ranking and the apples organic sales net sales and as it gets warmer sure it’s been on the site.

Speaker 0: Well then you can focus your advertising more towards getting to profitability all because you’re already established there so sometimes it’s just a case of where where you’re at the product lifecycle.

Speaker 0: New launch versus trying to rank the addresses okay so let me ask you this a mature product I just want you know profitable answering so sometimes the objective what the strategy is going to change in our weather is.

Speaker 0: Got it.

Speaker 0: So what would you like for for the product launch would you recommend anything else other than DPC these days equities you talked about a little but.

Speaker 0: Well I mean there’s there’s different things I mean that we have as far as these if you have if you’re building your own.

Speaker 0: A list of emails from your.

Speaker 0: Past fires you know if you launch a product that would definitely promote you your last assuming that’s a real problem with their work you know maybe offer them special deal or something like that on.

Speaker 0: Zero there there certainly are other options out there when it comes to tell Facebook advertising and YouTube videos and Instagram you know getting influencers for wrong.

Speaker 0: Instagram. To using. You know hybrid solutions why are you know many chats. Some of these some of these you know there’s a there’s a learning curve it’s kind of a it’s a it’s a very it’s a entry where most sellers are not comfortable there’s not a lot of great education when it comes to setting up these other options. Like most of the experts get specialized kind of like me where.  Top of my game as far as expertise when it comes to Amazon advertising don’t ask me about you to their attention S. S. has anyone have to first body else okay so we do see where.

Speaker 0: There’s a lot of different options you can do within the Amazon advertising because here you know for somebody at my level that needs to know all these things and has the staff or Miller or advertising or or advertising agency has twenty six employees so we have staff we have enough technology we have all the resources that we need or to manage all of this that’s why we typically work with larger grants.

Speaker 0: But if you’re just getting started out.

Speaker 0: Keep it simple and focused as possible you know trying to create you know don’t listen to the podcast of the week other than yours.

Speaker 0: Yeah thank you to do this and you know in.

Speaker 0: You know I cast it just go out there and say oh I want to be first to bring up this new strategy.

Speaker 0: Real.

Speaker 0: In most sellers don’t really have a good understanding so they get into trouble it gets really expensive. Only. Run just enough advertising on a couple of key words in order to figure out what those search terms are that your audience is using and then shrink your advertising down to just what’s working well nice try to advertise for every. The word that gets a sale advertise for the key words the gives you the best return on that answer this is the highest number sales dollars and it’s been used yeah and means that your you you’re not you know you’re gonna have to pull back on your your total sales you’re getting your advertising. But. Your stress level is gonna go way down you know that it’s profitable and you are focused again there’s a lot less cheaper unit manager on a weekly basis. You’re running break even more profitable.  You can focus your attention on other things. And it sounds unreal to me through the steps  my experience was exactly in the stress on that you just mentioned I I knew I’m the sailors the only advertising but I think I should do it because everybody’s doing that and actually kind of thought that it’s not possible to our customers probably it is. This old lady I mean this kind of a funny joke is that. The. The second year. This is the I probably. Two three years ago I think it was and I remember. There was somebody. 

Speaker 0: The U. K. and and they were building a name for themselves as an Amazon or FBA expert thank you.

Speaker 0: In days as something that was very yeah they’re they’re essentially they’re attacking my my teaching they say oh you don’t need all that stuff it’s really simple all you need to do is it is good five cents when your key words in your be profitable.

Speaker 0: It was kind of like. On one side I you know I learned once I get the time I was a bit offended because I am very passionate about all the advertising just you know trying to teach and everything but.

Speaker 0: On this side then think about how to have a laugh because unlikely that’s going to go well do you know if you’re only betting five cents there yeah you’re gonna be profits you’re not gonna have very much sales yeah.

Speaker 0: Yeah you gonna probable suddenly and I kind of have to you know. That what that taught me is don’t forget to remind people like look you don’t need to know anything about sales about advertising rather on Amazon.

Speaker 1: If you start advertising you soon simply bid low enough you’re gonna be profitable that’s really your only concert.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Just lower. 

Speaker 0: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: They you know maybe a sales are going to be you know small.

Speaker 1: You’re not really going to get a good feel for who your audience is. If all you’re concerned about it’s just you’re advertising profitability.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Your last.

Speaker 0: In a word of that then the thing is. Okay Luke Bryan let’s talk about your software like.

Speaker 0: How does it help or in this process.

Speaker 1: So there is there’s a lot of software that’s out in this space now some of it is mine PPC copious war it was. 

Speaker 1: He was the original software for Amazon sellers there was dedicated to advertising so if you’re from our salads for instance France Jordan.

Speaker 1: We actually our software came out at the same time three four years ago right and he has an advertising on on his side the stock was still in that case specifically to advertising. 

Speaker 1: That class software is more for the do it yourself type person somebody who wants to see the advertising and understand it’s it’s better than simply just using the download spec sheets from Amazon using seller central we’re your best a lot of insights it gives you more insight as far as the value of each search term value each keyword where things are trending you know over the last six months your work is your advertising.

Speaker 1: But ultimately. 

Speaker 1: It’s it’s all of that more of the do it yourself class it’s it’s very it’s more popular among consultants reflected more hands on them.

Speaker 1: The newer ones I mean there’s there’s some also there’s a little bit of automation available so if you do something the same thing every single week well you know like that then nine step checklist I mentioned it’ll be glad to share with you it’s something that that I offer up for you it’s pretty straightforward if you go through that a weekly basis and understand like this this covers over you know this is covers eighty percent when I need to do on a weekly basis keep costs under control advertisement.

Speaker 1: In those kind of things within P. B. C. scope can be automated you can just set up a just run every three days or on every week you know sorry look at that is you can do that it’s out of scope you can adjust bids you can block certain you know search terms you know all that disco.

Speaker 1: Some of the newer classes of advertising tools are the artificial intelligence machine learning tools.

Speaker 1: And they usually require a very specific custom add structure that they can work with they are currently limited in what they can do but it is also you know usually the idea of the artificial intelligence is oversold as far as what capabilities are and so that’s why there’s a lot of inconsistent results from one seller to the next as far as I had a bad experience I had a good experience but you know using.

Speaker 1: Easy any software any training in the service every single day there’s not a.

Speaker 1: A software training or service or expert their agents yeah it has both good bad experts just works.

Speaker 1: But it’s not necessarily

Speaker 1: Yeah well I definitely recommend that.

Speaker 1: This seller is used a software tool because most of the time what I see is those who are doing it by hand using a campaign manager instead of seller central or in mass you know ads in downloading the spreadsheets and then uploading you know spreadsheets to make changes usually they’re spending sometimes it’s a couple hours a week sometimes a couple hours a day working on the average.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Through software like PVC scope that usually cuts it down to maybe.

Speaker 1: Fifteen to twenty minutes a week.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: The station or software just give so much simply because of the way it automates it allows you to construct their own flag cross mobile campaigns products at groups.

Speaker 1: Make changes to a bunch of different key words and then instead of you having to go out and make it.

Speaker 1: Okay for this campaign.

Speaker 1: I thank your lucky me just this bit you don’t want to time okay now let me start over and get you know next just boom published. 

Speaker 1: Yeah so they save you a lot of times on the basis for show.

Speaker 0: Cool.

Speaker 1: There’s a lot more.

Speaker 1: There’s a lot more advanced types and strategies that are available. 

Speaker 1: Not not best for anybody who’s in their first six months right.

Speaker 1: We believe it is.

Speaker 1: You know selling less than zero five ten thousand dollars a month Indian products you don’t need to worry about advanced ad type certain strategies what’s.

Speaker 0: Can you just name them for us maybe the teaser what was.

Speaker 1: What. 

Speaker 1: During the same as far as like these include things like dynamic getting. 

Speaker 1: Product ad targeting what they call Pat.

Speaker 1: Or you can run ads against other listings ads placement or you can’t focus in online.

Speaker 1: Yes basically where you know which ads which location top page one top research verses you know product detail page.

 Speaker 0: There’s more.

Speaker 1: Advanced tactics when it comes to strategy as far as how you.

Speaker 1: Final key words from one you know.

Speaker 1: Basically go from you know the two hundred key words down to the tank you work.

Speaker 1: Yes there’s there’s there’s different strategies that are available on that.

Speaker 1: Let’s see what else there are you know sponsor brand adds of course there or a sponsor display ads which are basically off Amazon remarketing ads there are product display ads you can you through.

Speaker 1: Soon there’s going to be video ads.

Speaker 1: All these things are going to be you know yes Sir if you’re at the level where it makes a difference in your business yeah good start taking a look at.

Speaker 0: Those. 

Speaker 1: Certainly seek out expertise in training and stuff but.

Speaker 0: If you’re relatively new to selling your soul early reading do you spend your time much better on other things like sourcing better quality products were getting better margins and sourcing your products or identifying you collect opportunity to oversee more product-related tactics and then he advertised just use the advertising to identify your audience and then focus in on you know different search terms your audience is using to get your product purchase product and then focusing on those keywords.

Speaker 1: They produce most your sales.

Speaker 1: Right you keep running your huge ads and trying to get in front of all the audience all the time.

Speaker 1: You know focusing on what it is you’re trying to put your objective the advertised.

Speaker 1: Wow dance all right now let me focus just on the those who that quite honestly. That referee nice and very. Clear I believe.

Speaker 0: Look Brian tell us about your agency in work where can we find job maybe there are some listeners.

Speaker 1: Out there.

Speaker 1: It was like my.

Speaker 1: She has visited the U. R. L. for my agency is. 

Speaker 1: The stock management that agency is we’re basically a hi I am professional it was on advertising agency that caters to brands to sell.

Speaker 1: Nine dollars a year all right on Amazon.

Speaker 0: Well.

Speaker 1: I don’t know the translation for euros or.

Speaker 1: Rules are.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 1: You know and we will all be against you know right all the advanced tactics scores.

Speaker 1: You have got to be some software I did have a training course sponsored products academy that has not been updated since early two thousand eighteen and so it does not include some of the newer types like ad targeting placements thanks but it still is a phenomenal course still gets plenty of awards and everything even though it hasn’t been a year of that sponsored products academy and then for those that.

Speaker 1: If only we have the you know English speakers or you know bilingual inside of the Facebook group the Amazon PC troubleshooting for fifty thousand a person there they.

Speaker 1: You know.

Speaker 1: Collaborate ask questions on a regular basis.

Speaker 0: Is incorrect or. 

Speaker 0: Cool so gonna put all the links in the description for those for watching this.

Speaker 1: In.

Speaker 0:  Brian thanks so much I think it was really really valuable and.

Speaker 0: Very specific so I learned a lot.

Speaker 0: I’d be happy to have you as a guest again maybe to discuss some of the advanced techniques and by the way you are one of the most requested guests on our show.

Speaker 1: Yes well here’s what I’ll tell you is that if it doesn’t come when I was mentioning before like I said to my staff who are more advanced they’re part of my advanced at team they both one years and. No one’s in Ukraine I think that one’s in Belarus. Speak. Both fluent in Russian and they are they can also be great resources so I would love to join you again but you know I think there’s more resources on our team they could also kind of give you a difference you different faces yeah.

Speaker 0: Absolutely that’s right.

Speaker 0: Nice so thanks so much and have a great day bye bye everybody.

Speaker 0: Thanks so much for watching this video and I hope you liked it if you did then please give us a like this would be a great motivation for us in the album forget to subscribe to our channel so that you’re notified bottom.

Speaker 0: Check out our software if you don’t have a profitability tool or if you have another one then I’m very sure we’ll be able to convince you,the link is as in the description we have a one month free trial. See you next time bye bye.