Online Arbitrage and Private Label, Sourcing the Product and Launch Strategies (Interview with Adam Fisher)

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Our guest on the 29th of April, 2019, on the sellerboard show was  Adam Fisher, an Amazon entrepreneur and a YouTuber.

We talked about Adam’s Online Arbitrage business strategies, specifically sourcing profitable products, as well as about private labels. Adam shared his approach on picking products and making your products stand out, launch strategies and scaling.

Watch the full video here: 

Speaker 1: Hello everybody and welcome to the sellerboard show my name is Vladi Gordon and today’s guest is Adam Fisher. Adam is an Amazon entrepreneur and YouTuber and today we talked about his Arbitrage strategies specifically involving sourcing products, how to find profitable products and from my point of view it was very interesting I think he dropped a couple of really really huge valuables and the named a couple websites we can search for products and then we talked about his private label business first and foremost how to pick products well I think Adam is an interesting approach to picking products and niches, probably kind of special not so analytical but war bolt diversification and help to make your product stand out.  And then we talked about his launch strategies and I was surprised by the strategy. We also brought up things like scaling the business. 

Speaker 1: So well make sure you subscribe to this channel and give us a like if you like this video let us know what you think in the comments and write who we should invite for our next interview, before we start, a quick word about our sponsor, is the world’s most accurate profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. So it’s our job with our mission to make sure that you know your numbers by day by-products by brand and by variant. sellerboard lets you drill down into every fee and every period and basically look at every single order and its profit contribution, recently we added a new feature which is called “money back” these are basically reports that find FBA cases where Amazon might own your money for example for products that they lost or damaged and didn’t refund to you so make sure you check it out we have a free trial free one month trial after that it’s only nineteen dollars a month and the link is in the description and now let’s start the show.

Speaker 1: Hello everybody and welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show my name is Vladi Gordon and today’s guest is Adam Fisher ,hello Adam.

Speaker 0:  Hey Everybody, glad to be here tonight.

Speaker 1: Thanks for coming! So Adam tell us a little bit about yourself how did you end up to be an Amazon seller.

Speaker 0: Well I had this thing called the job and I hated it so much. But I started watching these YouTube videos and while I have no clue what I was doing but I found the product to use the product and I was like wow this is a the whole market was like three to three and a half stars absolute garbage. I think I could improve this I think I can’t side bottom while it was on I ended up having to go to Lowes to buy some stuff because I’m in home improvement I put it all together now is like, well it doesn’t look good yet but it works so I I would have known only by our promise of buyer and also money from my parents.  Yeah and yep that’s kind of my first product that was. 

Speaker 0: It took me but certainly. Six months from first message to supplier to getting my product in Amazon because about three months and I pretty much just ignore my supplier because I was I was afraid to put down the money and so I just kept putting it off putting off until one day I read a book and I was like okay we’re doing this today we gotta do it now man I can’t be doing this forever.

Speaker 0: So that’s how I started up and it was assigned as I start my probably with your ended some arbitrage well during the six months that I was procrastinating and started really scaling that up it was actually a really good experience the first month it is a thousand dollars in improper and I was like.

Speaker 0: So I did that right I I tried three businesses before this and fail every single one you know social media marketing websites on some other stuff and I was like I don’t know man I tried that’s three years everything just somehow made my name my first name is on.

Speaker 0: Cool.

Speaker 1: So.

Speaker 1: Look at the denture actually starts without the private label products or or.

Speaker 0: So August of. Twenty seventeen August first I said the first email my supplier. But then right probably didn’t get into February first. That’s six months so. 

Speaker 0: Thank you because I pressed nation so during that time I was like I was I was testing out it was only because the student believe in it so that’s when I started when I were trudging in the first month I mean like thousand dollars profit and it’s three grand I think the third month longer for like four grand five grand.

Speaker 0: Just over the numbers at this point but right and then and then I probably will probably got and I start to see that and then I started doing.

Speaker 0: Well it’s very passive this.

Speaker 0: Once he gets up.

Speaker 1: Well very nice look let’s start maybe let’s start by talking about arbitration so have you been doing retail arbitrage or all in a professional.

Speaker 0: I’m a little bit of retail online but when it’s like it’s online only at this point and the transition into that probably only three months four months and because.

Speaker 0: It’s just easier this is easier and then from the stock in the people who watch out much me to channel.

Speaker 0: I would say all the people who do arbitrage eighty to ninety percent of them make me do it on our trucks I have a very small percentage of people who somehow make really good money doing it who actually go into stores and you.

Speaker 1: Hello.

Speaker 0: And so like right for me you know right online’s my way but seeing that like a lot of students think there’s gonna walk into their local Walmart’s great they don’t have accounts the accounts are still gated and stuff and I’m still a buy stuff they get up and and and write whatever there it’s not gonna be able that is doesn’t work for them and so they get discourage and I’m like well you we’re not starting when you should be.

Speaker 1: OK. 

Speaker 0: Either give anybody who’s having issues doing retail try online I’ve seen.

Speaker 0: A lot more success I think when the.

Speaker 0: Just recently we had a guy who did five grand and sells its first month doing online only.

Speaker 0: I said that I was like who manages like that.

Speaker 1: So tell me like when one of them people in the audience are just starting or thinking about starting would you recommend to start with online arbitrage.

Speaker 0: Or.

Speaker 1: Appeal.

Speaker 0: If you have the money don’t put a second into our trucks alone available.

Speaker 1: Discoveries.

Speaker 0: One don’t try both you just it takes a lot of effort to do one of these and if you spoke your attention and your.

Speaker 0: You’re screwed it’s not worth it I am private label is where people are getting rich okay there’s a small subset of people who make a lot of money I would charge and it is fifty times more massive amount of people making money private label right and it and that has the potential to lower we have a on the little last minute thirty forty fifty people one of the guys in January effect December launched the product into forty thousand dollars in sales in six days like.

Speaker 1: What. 

Speaker 0: That is absolutely ridiculous that’s actually not normal but that is not possible on my projects that’s not physically that’s never ever going to happen to you right so even if it’s just an extra comes passive you know products that I have lost you know three months ago or more I don’t touch them I just wrote well they never get touched and so there’s a lot of work towards product but and which are you going to sell the business I heard it was it was down only by a little bit of a ways but I heard somebody selling eight million dollars a year on Amazon so the business like forty five million dollars. 

Speaker 1: Over I guess.

Speaker 0: Holy crap right first of all I don’t see people like doing that doing arbitrage or do that you got that so many B. as hired muscle systems.

Speaker 0: But like that’s crazy that’s crazy eight nine dollars seems like a little unrealistic for me at this point but doing a million dollars a year doesn’t seem unrealistic I’m going to get that next year’s.

Speaker 0: Open it in your.

Speaker 1: So it looks like your goal is not to replace your all your job but really to become a millionaire. 

Speaker 0: Michael to come more than million a year I know this right I just do the math this year this year I don’t want product every single every single throw track to do it we don’t have one out this year but that we’ve got multiple in production right now so right now it’s twelve products let’s just religious Lobel you know what’s really.

Speaker 0: Like three grand a month properties I think that’s super low.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: What right now I don’t need need me I’m making an extra thirty six grand a month by and you’re right and when one of those products sells fifty grand a month which we launched a product once bound to do really well.

Speaker 0: But.

Speaker 0: Right now all of a sudden we’re making fifty or seventy grand a month extra income that’s ridiculous. 

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: And then this is Dave get this I wanna I’m going to leverage my subscribers I’m gonna hire some people right because a college I was so close to succeeding but I just couldn’t I sent her the money and I need a little bit of mentorship rights only take those people.

Speaker 0: And I’m hire them I’m not lost their income to teach them how to launch their first product and that you know right that’s going to be there that’s their college. 

Speaker 0: The college degree right there watching that first product and then there is just keep the relaunch more products and then what they’re doing I’m gonna have them become coach and train and do the same thing for other people so now I’m hiring somebody who can train somebody so I have to train new people in the future.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Right that’s how that’s how I want to take this business from like Adams gospel products this year to like could you imagine if you want a product every month every week right if you have five people are you know reason you could not reach and then all of a sudden like. 

Speaker 1: With how do you like how do you monetize it if your students of loan products right.

Speaker 0: So.

Speaker 1: They’re going to keep the profits right.

Speaker 0: I’m not having them well so I’m not sending them right to be.

Speaker 0: To be students are there going to be part of my team is going to be under my business they break I want them to make they’re gonna make money obviously right.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: I didn’t hire a guy in twenty eighteen Josh it was it was a mistake but I’ll correct I pay this guy just for showing up there was a huge mistake right I’m gonna pay people on the future on results which is good for them because if they’re gonna build make way more money where money. 

Speaker 0: All right I’m gonna pay them when this problem is money they’re gonna take on the money you grow and if they train people like they’re gonna part of that money is there a put the work in.

Speaker 1: So are you gonna like finance are going to pay for.

Speaker 0: Yeah I’m fine I tend to I intend to.

Speaker 0: Some like really wants to put some money in I guess we get we can talk about that right my my target audience is people who just.

Speaker 0: Right if you’ve got if you got 30K. you’re sitting there he for coaching some coaching and and spend ten grand or financing round a product and do it but a lot of people a lot of that.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 0: The Russian people are watching right now so my audience a lot of my aunt doesn’t live in the U. S. in for them three to five grand is like. 

Speaker 0: There’s no way they’re ever gonna call with three to five grand but there are some really smart people out there living in those countries.

Speaker 0: This really smart people who come to me and some of them have really good ideas also I wanna help them to give them an opportunity to.

Speaker 1: That’s an interesting model of to be honest though and in this case and click for five years but I’ve never heard about this so.

Speaker 0: We’ll see there might be I will definitely learn a lot hello.

Speaker 0: But the.

Speaker 0: Right I just can’t figure out a way where I can train people I need to hire people who can train other people or it’s never at I can’t exploded this month.

Speaker 1: Look let’s talk actually I saw a video on your channel about basically about number trash for GMT and it was so cool you know let’s talk about this for a second maybe for somebody who doesn’t even have made one grant to start probably not I’m like I know it’s possible to earn a couple hundred Bucks with phone number address probably more than possible we just need to put in the work so I saw how you just like phone a product in the basic to shoulder a cool no arm gesture. 

Speaker 0: I know that you’re talking about.

Speaker 1: Yeah so let’s talk about that can you tell us the secret to know how to find it profitable arbitrage product.

Speaker 0: Yeah well the secret is it does definitely take it takes work and creativity to start. 

Speaker 0: You know you’re gonna need to leverage some of the tools at your disposal a lot of. 

Speaker 0: You know I am highly leveraged discounted gift cards right one of my favorite stores and that it’s still.

Speaker 0: The website still up their stores out of business but there was still a Brookstone dot com so right. 

Speaker 1: How to spell this.

Speaker 0: Rockstar B. R. B. R. O. O. K. S. T. O.N.E and we’ll put a link in the specially back when I did a lot of arbitrage I mean a lot of money on this website okay.

Speaker 0: But I mean a lot of money in this website because they had the speakers in these these cat headphones.

Speaker 0: We are but right now we’re selling super well and then so the story would have these products they Beyonce it’s right when your example so the product sells what to it all the names on the speakers and right I would be able to get on for two hundred Bucks on their website but they don’t accept you okay now now I’m down sixty Bucks two hundred forty and then nobody likes the stores when I went out of business except I’m right online it’s kind of weird.

Speaker 0: So then I’m able to get discounted cute gift cards for like fifteen percent off so now now I’m I’m down another thirty Bucks down a hundred ten dollars.

Speaker 1: Will.

Speaker 0: Add it and then I leverage another website and get ten percent cashback so now I’m down another like.

Speaker 1: I’m Lou.

Speaker 0: Good money here I’m making some good money because of leverage all this stuff but right now he just walked up wake up one day be like Rick stone dot com is where it was being I was actually serving a website well now we dot com which is W. O. O. T. dot com just where I the product that you looked at pretty sure I. clout that’s that’s the one right and I found this product and then I went down the rabbit hole and and and when I was ten steps down the rebels like.

Speaker 0: Mike Doss websites a gold mine.

Speaker 0: And I just kept kept kept doing that and doing it and then I read and once you really into the game you realize how these stores operate like I know when a product goes on sale on Amazon dot com I’m on their website they’re gonna put it on sale names on there to match the price because it works on some other stuff on Amazon too.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: But then I know three weeks later because I’ve been in this game for a while boom price is going to be back up at two hundred Bucks and buy them myself will begin and I’ll be ready to make some money okay so.

Speaker 1: It’ll tell me you mentioned gift cards you mentioned the cash back right where do you find those coupons and gift cards.

Speaker 0: Yes.

Speaker 1: Coupons.

Speaker 0: So right there are some.

Speaker 0: They’re not always advertised on the customers on the on the websites right there’s a couple extensions like gift card granny and ebates that help you actually.

Speaker 0: My gift card granny that’s the wrong one that they actually give you push you push the button on Google chrome and then it it says here are all the different potential coupons you can use and if your check out they’ll they’ll you can like check bill even try them for you so they’ll make sure like he’s up to date and work in the pick the best one for you.

Speaker 0: Thanks.

Speaker 1: Tension right.

Speaker 0: In the constitution that you get the debates when he.

Speaker 1: Okay. 

Speaker 0: It right now there’s a twenty times I’m like okay I’m a JC Penney dot com to get twenty percent off with this coupon.

Speaker 0: The one advertised on their site the one that they didn’t advertise in their home page was like thirty percent off as well as an extra ten percent of my margins that I didn’t know about this just came out of nowhere.

Speaker 0: I’m. 

Speaker 0: Another good tip if you see a product that says.

Speaker 0: Click to see the price you click to see the price well because there’s these things called minimum advertised prices where.

Speaker 1: You.

Speaker 0: Legally not allowed because they signed a contract to advertise it at whatever price or selling it because it’s too low. 

Speaker 1: Yep.

Speaker 0: So right I found this on was it J. C. Penney side bottom as a colts because that car about these waffle makers thank.

Speaker 0: Our wars waffle what.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 0: But anyways isn’t click to show the price so show the price is already cheaper than on Amazon and then I just added the coupon for twenty percent off of a cash back and next thing I knew I was double my money.

Speaker 0: So right so then we talked about that let’s also talk about.

Speaker 0: Okay back great decides to cash back like ebates they have they give you a couple percent extra cashback which although which help out it’s not going to make your day but.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: There’s one there’s one that gives ten percent but I not supposed to talk about it right.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: It’s.

Speaker 1: We know that it’s so there there’s a Catholic side which gives a ten percent we can do some research afterwards with tell me like this source thing.

Speaker 0: Is.

Speaker 1: You’re basically buying this stuff in the B. two C. stores right so these are stores that are basically just for friends customers right.

Speaker 0: No no no no no yeah yeah he’s he’s sort.

Speaker 1: Of wholesale stores or something like this.

Speaker 0: The host of the moon on the business model. 

Speaker 0: There’s a lot of money there but it is a lot harder to break into log base two.

Speaker 1: Okay let let me ask you one question one last question phone number address I think you shared some real good stuff with us it’s a real value bumps up I would certainly like to to check the sell off to the off the record this but tell me like. 

Speaker 1: Is there a problem with getting banned on Amazon or sometimes you know maybe they they ask you are you authentic a source your invoice how to deal with that. 

Speaker 0: So first thing we should put a link below to the video I did on nine products so I flipped so you guys can actually see the the products in the breakdown of the money that you really.

Speaker 0: Second thing.

Speaker 0: Back to your question I yeah this happened to me this happened to me I bought a product it was a Linksys router and they hit me with a.

Speaker 0: The Linksys themselves actually Bob product which knowing that now actually this price the thing at four hundred dollars and made them pay me and made a payment by every year that but they actually bought the product and then complained it was not that so what I do.

Well I mean I wrote a plan of action it was right this is something that you know talking to sellers who have done a lot of arbitrage right some guys who do twenty thousand plus a month every single month for a long time now write some talking to one guy who does a hundred thousand dollars a month he’s got a massive retail arbitrage business rate has I think at the time the three people who go out and actually go to stores and they travel around right well he’s like yeah I get suspended sometimes it just happens but he’s like edit it once you’ve done it once. 

Speaker 0: But I am watching it looks actually very cool they’re not gonna be like.

Speaker 0: Some customers will be but most are not like well this one has a hundred fifty reviews this one has this one has five I have to buy this no they do like I like this one I’m gonna buy it right you can go into stores for forty years now buying products in nearby.

Speaker 1: What other.

Speaker 0: Whatever you like best the testing.

Speaker 0: So but if there’s some kind of functionality what people really need that like they need a review to understand like okay this product does what it’s advertised well you advertisers is a super high quality one.

Speaker 0: Thank you you don’t want to cover used to back that up and you go to locations that make it look at quoting.

Speaker 0: But right do you design like. 

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: Your first initial now.

Speaker 1: So okay suppose we would pick the right product.

Speaker 1: What what works in terms of launching in twenty nineteen. 

Speaker 0: Are you gonna love this so my girlfriend actually just launched two products.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Third one is give your sim.

Speaker 0: I don’t know I strategy was.

Speaker 0: Yeah exactly that so let me explain so we started watching the products they want not to expect each other’s just was the last March about a month ago.

Speaker 0: We did we could not be BC okay for the first product did not make this payment is a hundred percent it costs so what do we do we strip the best way down in the dumps turning it all out let’s turn up.

Speaker 0: Turn it up.

Speaker 0: And we just left it there we left it there and left them saying the second product when we left a little bit but they just keep building right a month ago she was like three minutes a day she’s like three units thank you yesterday the twenty minutes and then for that twenty two or something right.

Speaker 0: And so I see this happen to talk to you just promises of Malibu he did the same thing you must a product it took three months before the product out to its full capacity worked out all the way there okay so you can’t do these other options that you’re like you know you could do something to create losses you can get a bunch of people you could do giveaways you can do you know yeah Facebook traffic you can do all this stuff you can I mean how much time I lowered my price to break even and that works really well.

Speaker 0: Really well I’m.

Speaker 1: Yeah. 

Speaker 0: All this stuff costs money especially here at the amount of money to pay for your ways just disgusting.

Speaker 0: So right we did we do what we do we innovate the product and I put it on Amazon and just let it bill let’s build it right sometimes I have to do things right the second project ever launched I had to take the product that wasn’t working so I cut the price from eighteen Bucks down to ten dollars break evil but from when you today’s overtime and then as that kept going and I got ranked well on page one I lowered rates of prospect up to eighteen in a row that.

Speaker 0: Some some.

Speaker 1: Are like saying basically. 

Speaker 1: Please don’t ask don’t belong here and you just put it online a little bit on I’m. 

Speaker 0: Saying it is innovative products and let that care you right the guy we had in December who get forty grand six days what is our strategy was not working thank you so thirty five minutes before he even knew his product was in.

Speaker 0: Our half you want so thirty five products.

Speaker 0: Right PPC aren’t even have any giveaways made office which I get none of that he had a product that converted better than Amazon what people miss is that Amazon is in this game to make as much money as physically possible and they only make money when you sell stuff so if your product sells at a higher rate than your competitors when they see when someone searches for something.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: It was all is gonna put you first they’re hesitant to do it like quickly because.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: Right do you don’t want to jeopardize the situation too fast but right you’re going to end up there if you somebody in the crowd when you can read the competition so right some of these products it takes three months for it to fully get there for all those keywords but when his product was his pride was a big step up from the competition he did some really good stuff with it and so as soon as it was I realized it was not realizing how we did that this product was something special and was going to bring that in the competition and then that’s how it went so.

Speaker 1: I’ve never heard about the fly straight is it right so you’re saying like if the product is good basically than now.

Speaker 1: So it works.

Speaker 0: Analysts.

Speaker 1: But you need to eat you like at least need to find like five reviews somewhere or ten no.

Speaker 0: It helps it’ll help your conversion but right we have to so I am one girl about a month ago she was selling three units a day and spend forty dollars right I just look at all the case studies and half because talking to all the students like a lot of case that was used on previous today spending forty dollars on P. B. C. days she was lose money for sure.

Speaker 0: I’m I told him Hey take that B. B. C. but that way down and we optimize your listing when she did that in a lot of another we can actually gone by posted both of those she was selling twenty today she went from I’m never gonna sell these units to I’m going to start out in a week yeah but because of the optimized listing and because it’s a little more time gone by.

Speaker 1: Only god that’s fantastic.

Speaker 0: There’s no one there is no assurance did not right I just I just know that people will take about a product that comes with time.

Speaker 0: Right if you if you want a product and you can do anything you’re like my looks just like the other guys yeah I can’t help you I can’t I I don’t know how to do work with you.

Speaker 1: Who.

Speaker 0: But if you didn’t do that then there’s a lot of things we can do I mean even if he did do that you can still write your listing to make it sound like yours is better you can still put together your photos and put in your comparison charts to make your still sound better even though it is exactly the same.

Speaker 0: Thank you.

Speaker 1: So tell me like you said listing should be optimized okay let’s start with the key words like do you use any injectables for.

Speaker 0: Thank you for my key words but right.

Speaker 0: Keywords.

Speaker 0: Let’s let’s just play this out the most extreme situation right I keep saying that conversion ratio is the most important thing so so that means that for every thousand searches for keyword how many people buy yours versus the competition. 

Speaker 0: Let’s go to the extreme.

Speaker 0: Your conversion rate is a hundred percent for every keyword so every single thing anybody searches they buy yours will be on homepage and rent one for every single product.

Speaker 0: No doubt so let’s just go back a little bit right so right you can let’s just go back to like something that’s more normal right you convert better than that then your competitors because you have a better listing about a product Amazon’s gonna wanna put you first so what keywords are important I don’t know how many times in fact my uncle says he doesn’t like Amazon because he searches for a product on Amazon and all these other things show up that aren’t that bright.

Speaker 0: Close people search for this and they buy this because it’s kind of related and so right.

Speaker 0: He was on point but what matters most is writing your content writing your title and and hack writer title so that people want to read I see these new sellers they’ll cram a hundred she was another title.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Great great you have those in there but you’re never gonna rank for them ever because people read the first three words of your title in there like I am never one time those three words go back to back to back in here English dictionary and right you need to get them one step along get a read the first three words they need to be entry just enough to read the fourth and the fifth then they get to the end of the title I’m the older than that far now you look at the picture okay look at that and now you get them to actually click. 

Speaker 0: When you.

Speaker 0: Key words are important absolutely well first of all it yet it’s impossible to write the first is impossible to read the title without putting your main keywords you just can’t do it.

Speaker 0: And if you put in keywords and it kills your conversion ratio you might keep saying it is your dental.

Speaker 1: So how do you like up to my father identify keyword which kills your conversion or.

Speaker 0: First one is the first one is.

Speaker 0: Does it not read like it’s normal English or whatever language is that it doesn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t sound good doesn’t evoke emotion it sucks okay well let me let me actually pull up some stuff that I did any YouTube video ever read them for you and you see the difference right because right one of these are actual listings I I just optimized in like ten seconds no one of them was a one of them is a tape measure okay and on Amazon is just like you know twenty five foot treatment that’s literally the title.

Speaker 1: Will.

Speaker 0: That that that’s that’s horrible so what I did is I took the.

Speaker 0: I don’t I said okay the strongest case Stanley tape measure which is a brand.

Speaker 0: Standard twenty-five-foot call all of the concrete which right that’s what they’re that’s what the products that now people have a reason to click them a reason to buy you know I did this innovation I need to.

Speaker 0: Work on it so much in the.

Speaker 0: In the tunnel, people have to have a reason to click on yours.

Speaker 1: So basically you’re saying it’s more like a bald einmal psychology or marketing yes all understanding the analytics or playing this game well.

Speaker 0: Anybody can cramming keywords anybody but that just doesn’t make you more likely to buy.

Speaker 0: You know just go do you remember the extreme situation everybody by surprise on every keyword because it covers a hundred percent okay we know what happened that night just scale back to what’s more reasonable and you’re like oh **** I need to work on that not sure gaming in all these keywords.

Speaker 0: Hey everybody does that it would would be when you get none of that like and they’re like we have to have this one key word that gets five hundred searches a month in there it’s like okay the main key word.

Speaker 0: Yes thirty thousand searches a month this we try to cram in all these you know two hundred to five hundred searches a month key words where you’re you’re still might get ranked on page one you might even you might.

Speaker 0: Probably not even that relevant to your product because you’re trying to cram in there it makes your product title sounds like garbage you should be talking about the really cool stuff this.

Speaker 1: So tell me like I do testing the market before you launch your own I. ruler going all in.

Speaker 0: Yeah I just go all in one of my really good mentors it’s you know it’s a strategy he does in the strategy I do there are people who test the due to some tests that are some bigger sellers so it gets its.

Speaker 0: But you know I just come down to the simple fact.

Speaker 0: We have a front my front I animated the sticker stronger thicker looks cooler right it’s got that listed yeah right there is enough there’s enough of an improvement on my products where I’m like I’m confident that it will be launching the B. just far off it’ll be fine.

Speaker 0: Right there in that always leaves a little bit up to like a gas like how much am I going to sell.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: I don’t know I don’t I don’t know exactly how valuable these improvements are that the market rate.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: I don’t know but I know it’s enough to get these I know it’s not to give you sales and you know some people miss.

Speaker 0: You need to do some market research no market research you know like how one of the products I had I hate so it’s the.

Speaker 0: It’s a production now it’s it is a two pack up some.

Speaker 0: Well I didn’t just pick two designed to put him on there I got eight different design I got like ten different science pick the best eight I liked and it went to the site called pick for you and then ask a bunch of Amazon prime members who are women in my target age range Hey which of these do you like best and then to those designs to people overwhelming overwhelmingly want.

Speaker 0: So right this is the stuff people don’t so many first time sellers don’t do like I did somebody want to do a guitar XS three I’m like you know I really like that idea of myself but I don’t play guitar why don’t you get that product mocked up go down your local guitar shop there’s always like ten people hanging out.

Speaker 1: We’ll.

Speaker 0: Ask them to be like Hey you like this one we like that one on the shelf would you how much we are willing to pay for this is this cool right just do that I’ll never launch a product in the baby space at least probably not because I don’t have a baby I don’t know nothing about I don’t know about that. 

Speaker 0: I will be able to make informed decisions on what’s good.

Speaker 1: So look I’d like to talk.

Speaker 1: Actually I like the parkland rolls scaling so tell me what’s what’s the single biggest.

Speaker 1: Problem or a challenge which prevents you from killing.

Speaker 0: Us this time it’s time.

Speaker 0: Right because I’ve run into it’s just time I need more time so I’m looking to hire people and build a team out because I have.

Speaker 0: My problem is not product ideas I got a I got a hot list of six product idea sitting literally right here well that I would gladly gladly provided to granted and but.

Speaker 0: I know it takes a lot of time to do this how.

Speaker 1: Much. 

Speaker 0: And it’s the one time members of fires and do all that stuff so my my only factors just systems systems G. the time to do it otherwise right I am trying to do is to launch a new one every week I’ll come up with a couple of some. 

Speaker 0: So that’s that’s my issue.

Speaker 1: Do you like when you’re. 

Speaker 1: When you’re scaling or near extending your on your selection I trying to keep them all in the same each.

Speaker 0: Yes so it’ll come down to the most money you know so there are benefits to building a brand there are a billion distinctive brand and not building a second brain because. 

Speaker 0: The.

Speaker 0: Yes worth a lot of money to sell the brand and that the more cohesive the brand is the more it sells for.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 0: But when you look at Hey I could watch this product in my brand you know maybe five to say maybe five ten grand a month profit whatever it is and the like but I see this product over here and I think you know maybe twenty ten to twenty grand in profit is it a totally different space.

Speaker 0: Right let me compare those by continuing in ten to twenty grand twenty grand a month every single day Israel should you get a little extra value from having a cohesive brand but like.

Speaker 1: When.

Speaker 0: Your entire revenue over here’s a way but let’s not let’s not doubt your problem here is way better let’s just go over here so right if you.

Speaker 0: If you find something in your product great go for it but.

Speaker 0: Don’t especially yes yes a lot no my first brand that I ever built high skilled I mean I’m a cat I’m not going to go anywhere else I don’t see any more potential here it was the first you know first.

Speaker 1: Product.

Speaker 0: Brands you know most of the top guys doing like twenty grand a month that’s it my guys doing twenty grand less people bunch of us are doing like ten grand a month on our products. 

Speaker 0: We’re coming at a scale that I’m not out of that break the brain’s not simply going anywhere.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: Unless I actually find something else I’m moving on to something else.

Speaker 1: Nice look at him I think that was really really motivating.

Speaker 1: And and you dropped a couple of huge huge spell your boss you’re so up.

Speaker 1: Thanks so much tell us where can we find you.

Speaker 0: Yeah you guys should go check me out on you too willing blood two videos one on those nine products that I’ve made money doing and I will try to see if products the second is going to be my first year on Amazon you can see my results on my numbers talk about my products.

Speaker 0: Hello because the first year was. One accurate journey.

Speaker 1: Okay do you have a website or Facebook or anything else you want us to.

Speaker 0: You too much as they can check out on YouTube first.

Speaker 1: Also thanks so much in the I hope to see you again may be in one year or so and will check if this multi million plan worked out.

Speaker 0: But check.

Speaker 0: You guys.

Speaker 1: Thank you. Have a good one right.

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