Amazon UK and Product Launching through Facebook (Interview with Ben Danovan)

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Our guest on the 22nd of April, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Ben Danovan, a private label Amazon seller from the UK. Ben is selling on Amazon UK, Europe and the US.

We talked with Ben about the UK market and he shared some details about the market size, reviews and different niches in UK. The main part of our interview was about product launching through Facebook. Ben has a strategy on how to launch products using Facebook Offer Ads – a tool that distributes your coupon codes. It will help you to build your own list, which makes every upcoming launch cheaper and more effective and there is no need to use any third-party tools or services!

Watch the full video here:

Speaker 0: Hello everybody and welcome to the sellerboard show I’m your host Vladi Gordon and today I am joined by Ben Danovan. Ben is a U. K. based Amazon seller selling in you came all over Europe and also in the U. S..

Speaker 0: He’s a private label cellar and he shared some details small telling the UK market we talked about reviews and on the market size different niches in U. K. but the main part of the conversation was about launching through Facebook so man has a strategy how to launch products through Facebook using all threats.Which basically are and stepped on Facebook that I’ll have a mechanistic distribute your discount codes. And I think that’s a very interesting strategy because it will help you build your own list which makes frequent launches cheaper and it doesn’t depend on any third-party tools whatsoever so you only need your sauce and Facebook for this. So what hope you like it please subscribe to our channel give us a thumbs up if you like this video and let me know what you think in the comments before we start I’d like to mention or sponsor sellerboard, the profit analytics tool specifically for Amazon sellers we’re on a mission to build the world’s most precise profitability tool there’s a free trial free one month trial just go to, full link below and check out our or dashboard or other functionality. Now let’s start the show.

Speaker 0: My today’s guest is Ben Danova, hello Ben, thanks for joining us.

Speaker 1: Hey Vladi, good to be here, thanks for having me.

Speaker 0: Thanks so much so, well, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Speaker 1: Yes sure I’m an English, house born in England raised in England and I lived in Manchester now the north of England where the best football team in the world play Manchester United is having and yes Sir I’ve been running different businesses for a long time I start my first businesses school when I was eleven years old and I just selling pens to my friends. I started small unit but yeah that that would trigger a script for a long time delivery can real estate agent coming out of school and but yeah just kind of got sick of working for someone else.  In the end so I just started a wide range of different businesses trying to find you know sweet spot and then you have two years ago I found out Amazon FBA and haven’t really looked back since then. 

Speaker 0: So how did you find it where like watching podcasts or?

Speaker 1: Yeah YouTube videos funnily enough good old because obviously YouTube because I was actually I started my own TV show company I’m actually six foot seven and so I struggle to find like like t-shirts that fit so I started this Tshirt company for tall guys and so I was sort of looking YouTube how to do Facebook advertising how to run an e-commerce store and then I came across videos about Hampton FBA and yeah I just love the whole concept of principle because I’m always still shipping out orders out into the postal delivery guy and so that I had about it, yeah and I was just yes super excited and never look back.

Speaker 0: That’s interesting, so how did you sell those Xs actually through your own website or eBay or something?

Speaker 1: yeah roundup of I through the shop of my platform and then we sort of explored eBay and also explored Amazon as well so. 

Speaker 0: You’re still selling those T. shirts?

Speaker 1: I would put on pause at the moment is plan is to stop and you know start up project again soon because I’m always so naive about E. commerce I didn’t know what I was doing you know and so and especially sourcing the sourcing thought of it from China you know I just shudder when I think of how you know how we did that you know we paid all of the older up front we didn’t get expect inspection and just you know just stupid stuff that one now we’ve learned a lot and you know I feel that we can create a really good product it’s a little old to look again in the future okay.

Speaker 0: Interesting so tell me I’ll like focused on private label on Amazon or on a doing any other stuff will. Yeah just private label you’ve got a few different private label brands that you’re ready to conceive of reality of all the time that would give so it would look to set wholesale stuff as well just to address another string to the bugs and it’s certainly something on I put a lot to do just you know just a woman to mama think.

Speaker 0: Okay in the I’ve seen that you have a channel to are you talking about your numbers on the channel like what your sales per year or something like this?

Speaker 1: He chose not to make it law the number one sort of leading conversation because I think there’s a lot of people out there that just put numbers out the quite empty you know now this can easily be manipulated photoshops I haven’t laid yeah yeah you know that there’s a lot more behind the numbers I think that it’s important some trying to lead with my channel the value is based in the knowledge and consent and okay I have a mean of those videos were shot and you know like a first year sales last quarter million UK pounds some PPC campaigns of done six figure and seven luxury that much channels so I’m not I’m shy away from me I just am trying to not make that the number one thing.

Speaker 0: Okay so you’re definitely a full-time seller right?

Speaker 1: Yeah definitely yeah. 

Speaker 1: Cool.

Speaker 0: So let’s talk about a U. K. to be honest or never had thought of anybody from U. K. on the on this channel yet so. Tell us about living in in U. K. how is it different from the U. S..

Speaker 1: I mean the big thing is is competition I think a lot of people talk about volume you know that is that the U. S. like the reason so much of a policeman if you gets a one-point right you can become rich from that and you know once that is a very tiny percentage of that is true I think a lot of people struggle with the competition now in the US especially for new sellers trying to come into that to the US market I’m sorry so many people come into the market learning how to sell using the same product research software tools is very very hot off and new people get started in U. S. and so to me that’s why the U. K. as well I love it that’s why I teach it as to why you courage people to look at it because it says really you know open market it’s so much opportunity and lost the volume is a little bit less. Still you know he’s still capable of doing big numbers so.

Speaker 0: Do you think like how much smaller is the marketing there soif we have up like no BSR. Right probably it’s hard to talk about numbers but if like pick a product something very standard clicking jump rope if it’s selling like let’s say one hundred a day in the U. S. what would be in in the UK?

Speaker 1: A hundred and then the US on ten to fun to be around about twenty thirty in the U. K..

Speaker 0: Okay so that’s like one third.

Speaker 1: Yes something like that yeah overseas it varies from product to product.

Speaker 1: I mean I I’m isn’t just hit fifty million prime members in the U. K. the other day it was some sort of an outside obviously someone off again the U. S. but still it’s that’s a quarter of the population in the U. K. so that students are hardly sort of where market you know people do love I wasn’t here so.

Speaker 0: Yeah okay so would you like when sourcing products would you recommend going deep into the nature sore or picking like products we basically one target the first page by the main key work like jump rope or would you rather go like to jump rope for dogs or some like this.

Speaker 1: I think though depends on your budget you know your your plans to how quickly you want to schedule a searcher I mean you know usually what I would teach to people that beginning is to stop by sort of diving deeper into that nation I’m looking at something in about more long tail key was just to talk initially just because it’s you know it is of C. little bit cheaper saying get started on a low budget so you know as you target sort of those white longer keywords you can then build up towards those and have a I’m more lucky charms of sticking you know I think a lot of people shoot for those high traffic key words of their own but don’t maybe half the sales history or the reviews that kind of thing to to stick I get it and I can not waste a lot of money when they target certain longer tail keywords in there you could even spend the same amount of money but just target ten instead of one buildup of its own way you can state and then has refused come in styles history comes into the office of the big ones off the outside.

Speaker 0: Okay in our respect to like product research is there any fundamental difference to the to do the other markets that you see or just like pretty much the same methodology like PSR and market intelligence tools and. Yeah definitely I mean you know all the same schools still apply the same principles you want to look for products with the right amount of time on the right amount of competition but I mean that the power of the U. K. and the thing that I love them and why are you know really encourage people to look at it is because you can take in what is in the U. K. advocate be a medium to monitor or even sometimes allow you to mount products I’m with local petition and because of the fulfillment network with Europe and you know in reality you caught so Z. Germany France Spain and Italy yeah which come combine those market place is almost as big as the US anyway and from a you and all of the many of you viewers I’m short night you can store your products in one of those countries and ship to all of them have come a country and so that that makes what is in one market place maybe not particularly attractive when you combine all of them you know you have this quite attractive proposition and the competition could be really low sent.

Speaker 0: Somewhere according to St March twenty nineteen before brexit right? 

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 0: But I do think this will change obviously the this will change like the way the FN works right.

Speaker 1: Yeah it is so hard to say I think I mean I was just reading this morning on one of the emails I get lots of fun and see now that you know just about even right now in these last couple of days that the changes that are happening and you know hopefully that’s politics we will get to much into it but you know whether brexit believe it happened I mean all I tend to believe it still will. But there’s a chance that might know and but then we don’t know what it looks like so Hey it’s one of those things I think you know the biggest thing I’ve realized is that that you know the Chinese sellers that sell on the European market places have no problem competing and so worst-case scenario for us is Europeans I’m selling as well the European market places is going to be just the same as the Chinese cells and they do perfectly fine at it you know so they have no clue. I’m an optimist the nothingness pessimists that will say it will be the end in our counseling Europe anymore I don’t think I’m as it will allow that to happen I was in awe totally dependent on the third parties on the search there will be I am sure.

Speaker 0: Okay let’s talk about launching and reviews like I know that in Germany I have myself experienced in selling in Germany I used to tell private label in Germany so I know that in terms of reviews throughout first of all way less reviews than Amazon com and that was the main reason I believe this because Germans tend to leave way less reviews than Americans well, in the end, they are much more critical.

Speaker 1: So. If you’re getting like a review of one review per one hundred sold products in the U. S. it’s rather one a lot of thousand in Germany and the and probably think well because it can also be a good review I don’t wanna. It’s negative but it might very well be a negative one somehow how’s this in the UK?

Speaker 1: Better yeah definitely it’s snowing here so as as hard as Germany I mean one of that just one of the good example point one of that sort of more popular products in the U. K. as in maybe a hundred and hundred sixty reviews now work in Germany a sunny around thirty you know it would do it submit similar volume in both countries okay that shows you that the sort of different number and you’re right it’s definitely more critical in Germany you know I think Germans you know expect to foster products you know it is five stars while the review that’s what I expect yeah yes.

Speaker 1: No rushed in the review so I think it is but definitely different much easier the U. K..

Speaker 1: Yeah it’s definitely easier.

Speaker 0: Okay and like how do you. Get initial reviews is that click the start unless someone clamps the war on the Facebook groups how do you get the initial the first five reviews or sell?

Speaker 1: Yeah I mean you can certainly do that you know and the last thing I want to do is encourage people to do things and gets Amazon’s terms of service I’ve never lost a lot of people that are doing Facebook groups and friendship circles and you know there’s a lot of scaremongering out there that will shut your account down if you get you know one friend that your friend was of what was on face death by a review and no I haven’t personally experienced that but at the same time I would what are you currently want to do anything that’s against the terms of service but I think there are lots of legitimate ways to get reviews on it so that you know you don’t need to go get the terms of service really because I think there are clever you know what he’s within terms of service you can do that.

Speaker 0: That’s a very cool I’m gonna definitely asking a couple detailed questions about that before we get into that I have a couple more ball telling you cake so obviously there is VAT right? 

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Can you talk a little bit about the v eighty what does it mean for seller?

Speaker 0: How to deal with the v eighty.

Speaker 1: Yes the whole thing.

Speaker 1: It’s yeah I mean obviously it depends on what the lucky U. K. resident. If you are you a citizen you actually don’t have to pay VAT on Sam’s until you hit age five thousand pounds in twelve-month period which is a great advantage if you’re U. K. again you know I see people in the UK that ghetto by I was in gear is that they should sell in the U. S. and I’m just like wow you got eighty-five thousand pounds of advantage are you a note K. competition you know you can sell without having to pay that twenty percent of the government I mean it’s not as quite as cut and dry that because before you of the A. T. registered as a company you have to above all people don’t tell you is you have to pay VAT on your arms and face sure it would raise your storage fees is your only a phase in PPC and you also have to pay VAT when importing goods to the U. K. and from Essex.

Speaker 1: So you know it’s not quite the VAT is twenty percent on your sales figures for sales revenue and so it’s not quite you know the full twenty percent hit because then once you stop paying it you don’t have to then you can claim the other the eighty Bucks okay yes all of it is around about support eleven or twelve percent of difference is not quite as hot as hopeful was sort of people think when you have to register for VAT but it is something you just have to be aware of for but the reality is inversely everyone’s on an even playing field office times Chinese sellers which I was a trying to deal with you know everywhere everyone’s going to do the same thing and you know you just price your products accordingly you know yeah.

Speaker 0: And how like what’s the procedure for getting a VAT registered to and actually submitting all those VAT documents? 

Speaker 1: Some you know you can if you can make it as easy as you like you obviously like anything the easy ones to the more expensive it’s going to be United the more work that you do when you’re at the cheaper it can be. So so it turns the U. K. is still at teams that does that in house you we just got an accounting software and we can do the I. T. returns from that not missed a super easy but in terms of Europe that something that we have source and you know you can actually yeah I was a difficult people that they recommend when actually when you’re starting your program where they get but that’s the office of slots incentives to get people to the VAT registered across Europe so.  Something well worth checking out.

Speaker 0: Okay get a basically a company handles the soul for you all right so let’s talk about launching them I saw an interesting video on your all your channel which will link in the show notes as well it’s not launching products with Facebook’s basically getting reviews right.

Speaker 0: So.

Speaker 1: I know it’s. Kind of a step by step instruction and if you guys wanna let’s see in detail then click the link below in description but can you walk us through this proces like step by step and let’s discuss every misstep how does it work.

Speaker 1: Yeah sure I think I have an interface because it is a great option for launching products you know for number reasons you know its I’m in love it you know they love external traffic to their website the algorithm deems to really respond well when you send people to numbers in that one previously on a mission you know to buy a product you know because they of course want to increase the market share so it seems to you know I don’t have any your statistical data to prove that but it just from a lot of you know what locus and for my own personal testing it seems to work quickly well sucked so there’s that I think you know is there is a lot can work out what does work out a lot cheaper than if you were to use loach service. And then also you know depending on how you set up you also get to gather a lot of customer data so customers are not good customer base the evening contest in future search I think it’s great for those reasons. And then you know you know depending on you and your goals with the Facebook advertising to launch a product it depends on the strategy it might take.

Speaker 1: If it’s for simple volume and ranking your product and you don’t worry about reviews of building a customer base then the video that you mentioned in the description the best way to start because that is you know the more simple set top option which is just to. You know get discount codes from your arms and so essential and then run an offer ad on Facebook and for a percentage off of you but and you can actually upload all of the single use discount codes into the Facebook offer system that they distribute them for you and there’s a few ways you can control sort of roughly how many giveaway you can also target and with a lot of talented you are else keep ranking.  But then if you want to sort of build customer you know a customer and a customer base and to build your database if you can go to to to ask for reviews there’s a couple of other steps you can to take such as some sort of click the mouse and that sort of thing. 

Speaker 0: Oh by the way one question by asking for reviews isn’t allowed to to ask for our reviews through the cellar central in the U. K. and Germany it’s spam no Germany there’s a there’s a law which requires every customer to opt in more like for marketing emails and they view the request for review as a marketing email because this helps the seller so more or less she didn’t no problem with UK, right?

Speaker 1: Right they can opt out, they don’t have to obtain.

Speaker 0: Okay that’s cool all right so let’s talk about this Facebook off right so basically what we can do is to find out that your correctly we can set up a campaign on Facebook and basically distribute coupon codes through Facebook so to get customers to buy the product with it at a discount yeah and this helps to launch and afterwards I guess you can use an email campaign tool to mail them and ask for reviews or even use some additional steps within Facebook too can connected to them through Facebook right yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay you can use sorry go. On so so let’s start with this a Facebook offer it’s partly I would just wanna distribute coupon codes and we don’t give our product with a bit of a boost and if we use a filter your hour or some like this or storefront you rolled and also help us rank right.

Speaker 1: So so hot.

Speaker 0: What what’s the what’s the Facebook or friends basically.

Speaker 1: So this is just some of the Facebook have created for companies to be able to push office through the Facebook platform and it’s sort of redeemable throughput Facebook see Facebook in recent years really tried to push the whole shopping you can shop on Facebook is the Facebook marketplaces you can actually have storefronts for you will depend on Facebook and so they’re really trying to push this idea is you know office is just something that I think they see is to help you with that but just because of the unique properties of it in that you can you know put in a custom link you know specifically what do you want people to go to the fact that they can distribute a coupon codes for you the fact that you can limit the amount of coupons are distributed so you could have you know some sense of control over it you know all these factors together just make it you know quite option so it is very similar to a normal lives but it just has that functionality also claiming a card.

Speaker 0: Okay so basically or what do I need to do to set it up and start like and manager or something yeah yeah so. You got your Facebook ad manager yeah I mean what I would recommend is setting up a business manager your Facebook on your Facebook and then we did not as a whole bunch of tools are really really useful one of them is ads manager and they each you can struggle. 

Speaker 0: What was the business manager is like a an apple arm.

Speaker 2: Which is what we’re looking at dashboard you know you know maybe like a suite of tools you’d call it because you’ve got your things out Williams insights in there which you can do some research on to you know size of audiences you’ve caught you know you can manage your pixels which is a bit more sort of advance but you can which is basically something for tracking you know customers what they do and you know there’s a there’s a whole there’s probably twenty different tools within that sort of that business manager that really help you manage your business. 

Speaker 0: And that’s like available in every Facebook account or do you need some special account for that?

Speaker 2: No no so yes available on every count yeah I just need to sort of open up you know. 

Speaker 0: Okay so what we find like we start an ad there and I guess we can expect that the anti applicant Facebook or friends right well.

Speaker 2: It should traffic had initially and the ads that you can actually choose you can turn it into an office at.

Speaker 0: Okay and so what’s next like what does Facebook need from for me to say basically to get it running.

Speaker 2: A lot of how much you want to spend today and in that all this the way you need to test a little bit depending on how many coupons you want to give away. And then it will need like camera showed you from you need to set a schedule the act which again depending on how long you’re running at full and then it would need to set up the offer which is their creative some of the ads image docket tonsils in text terms and conditions things up at the beach you need to put your link in there which you know your storefront U. or L. at centra and then you also need to put your cards which you just download a CSV file within this whole business managers are set up and then put your code didn’t upload it and it doesn’t look for weeks.

Speaker 0: So the code sec I get from the seller central.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 0: That’s what I want is it like a normal promotion that I set up there with unique coupon codes. With the help center. 

Speaker 2: Yeah what percentage would you recommend? 

Speaker 2: Armentrout in seventy-five percent in my recent launches which is what’s really well I mean are you I got to that number because that was for my product hello I was looking on this occasion it was sort of break even though it was given I was in a panic every time I saw the products. Yeah because of August twenty-five percent of the products in revenue is not covered the fees one is a pretty sight for me it was okay so I can be launched at just the expense of the article.

Speaker 0: Okay and what’s your experience with reviews like if you give us seventy-five percent is called our will you still gaps verified reviews on this.

Speaker 2: Not verified nine Luna they do allow them and I’ve got a couple you know you just have to run the campaign legal took out a couple of come up now.  Some reviews and give that that that that that verified. 

Speaker 0: But but you do get reviews right from the customer so so if a customer buys at a seventy five percent discount it can still be review and international.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Okay nice all right so it and you have any like tips on on how to create the banner and what to put on the ad on the cardinals best offer full times super discount or hi how are you yeah. And I think it depends on how much of a discount to give away if you are just doing what you do at a big discount for me seventy-five percent off is a big enough discount to just leave with the pricing lead with the discount and then you just try to make it as clear as possible that seventy-five percent. When I was you know speak sort of to the picture of the product and you can use free tools like Canva was quite popular one oversee photoshop they don’t have to create an. And then it but if you’re trying to do a lot of low discount if you’re testing fifty percent or forty percent off something like that then you might want to invest more into that image or even potentially do a video shows are being used videos tend to get higher engagement and low add custom Facebook so. You know. It’s not to say.

Speaker 0: You’re doing a large discount alleges lead with the discount because of what discount.

Speaker 0: About the targeting what we’ll do targets to pick targets by interests on Facebook or what target that custom audience or what’s left one works best. 

Speaker 2: Yeah definitely interests yeah again the mole the mold you’re giving away even more discount you offering the less targeted in the debate.  If you it’s only a small amount you need to know is that the people really want your product.  It but most people that vaguely interested in something take something quite cheap so yeah I mean we do target for seventy-five percent off in the U. K. I was targeting audiences of I think it was around two or three million so you know not small in this in the last you know decent size audiences huh. 

Speaker 0: Okay and do you like pay per click on those ads or?

Speaker 2: Yes yeah yeah yep it’s three defeats link click so on the offside it says like get off work. I’ve done every time someone clicks on that and that is when you pay.   In all the work for customer like they click on the schedule for button and then they coupon code is shown. Yeah yeah and then they just needed to copy the code and it gives them the link to go to follow which directs them it depends on how you set up. Usually. How I set up is the most front and but it’s the only product that shows up because you use the keyword to narrow it down and that yep and they can go into that and put a coupon code at checkout. 

Speaker 0: What’s your experience does this help the storefront U. R. L. with the keyboard does it help to rank or position?

Speaker 2: I haven’t tried it without so come see him say does a moment when a sort of waste all of that energy and effort during a launch without well I mean I know the first US product a little just coming as a long time ago now Baru I didn’t know that she had said I didn’t know how superheroes I just gave you notice many other ways I could do as many of my friends I could and that is certainly did help you know the biggest the PSR least which is also was the big number back then and again not the not keyword rankings I mean it did does give it a boost up you know it everyone in the space will tell you that a targeted euro definitely helps.

Speaker 0: Okay for our listeners who don’t know what the what a storefront Euryalus musically if you open up any of your products on Amazon and then click on your seller name like someone either near the buy box into the price of test like sold by one two three and shipped by Amazon so if you click on one to three that’s your cell name then you kind of see your seller profile and there’s a link there to which is called select storefront if you click on it then you see basically a page with all of your products and now you can enter your keywords in into the into the search box and then click search so it will search for this keyword only inside of your Amazon store and I need to take a cue word which gives exactly one result and this is basically the U. R. L. that you need to put into your at right I’m is there anything else you need to do with it like like remove a code the cue ID or something or you just copy-paste this URL? 

Speaker 2: Yeah I just copy-paste in.

Speaker 0: Okay so basically what happens if the customer claims to cold but then doesn’t buy is the cold then put back into the list or others work or is it just wasted more?

Speaker 2: Yes it’s wasted up to see yeah you just have to manage the and again is this is the thing with Facebook is that what you sacrifice you know well you get along with it but will you sacrifice is the element of control said he’s launch service you said I want to give away thirty units a day they do exactly that but this you do you lose a little bit I control box what I found is that excuse the arms and gives the ranking because your percent outside traffic makes up for any times when it doesn’t hit you wanted so well I tend to do you know of the recent launch I did was relatively small laundry just giving sort of six units dial at I. eight days and so on which he did I created for each day are allowed that to be twenty clicks on the campaign which generally tends to lead to about ten to twelve people actually claiming the offer which then tends to be to round five or six will actually buying so your toes with numbers what time.

Speaker 0: So okay obviously that depends on the product or discount also in the group but that’s an awesome conversion I believe right so it’s like from twenty clicks yeah five all sales orders.

Speaker 2: Yeah I mean I think I think they know what they’re they’re buying when they click on it so they know who they know what the process is going to be there know what product is so this is definitely an intent t yeah I mean old my convention with it wouldn’t be twenty-five percent normally start. But yeah it’s good but it’s just obviously when people run their own campaigns they just need to test early on those numbers fall on them because that. You know it. You wouldn’t want to extrapolate those figures out if you’ve given away a hundred units and say well I’m gonna create four hundred people a day or so you allow four hundred six David two hundred coupons because you know a hundred and seventy-five might going that you know it depends on you some get. So.

Speaker 0: Well let me take some rest got it right so you cannot control how many coupons you will give away every day because your pay per click and they clicked kind of before they get the group when I was at the same. Control you can control the number of clicks so you don’t control. Every click is automatically a coupon code, right?

Speaker 2: Nine nine they there’s only said because after actually click the link get off and then they actually sort of and read more about it and that you have to set a claim the offer. 

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 2: Three slips out for a two count is it being played there’s a number of ways you can control you can set like a total number of offers available which is like a for the whole campaign and then you can present daily controls you can set you can actually create rules within your Facebook ad to pour the ads when you hit a certain number of clicks that gives you control.

Speaker 0: Okay so the way I would do it I guess is I would kind of create a Norwood one hundred couples and then start in and then give it a budget and then you need to measure and maybe you limit the number of clicks on the first day or limited budget so that you don’t run off money and on your first day if it hits like. What if it goes up like a rocket then you wanna have a budget limit somewhere but then you can measure it kind of see okay from hundred clicks I got which I paid like a little twenty-five pounds for a twenty-five dollars to repeat his two daughters I got like a little ten people claiming the cold and this land to a sailor at two or whatever by the way how do you track whether a person who bought the product came through this at. Come on. 

Speaker 2: I mean you can’t do that from the way you set up like this you can put into your reports in your Amazon account and catching the ports for from Amazon and then it will just give us a CSV file and you can see the what code has been used a discount card is been used out wide you can’t see it from the face of the system what?

Speaker 0: Okay all right I guess I am but I believe we have a report insular board under in in December we have a section call reports and there’s a report which shows you all the orders and has but by the way we have the coupon cold there as well so you can also download this one and then filtered by the coupon code and you can see kind of how many were sold through this and which day.

Speaker 0: Right okay I get it so.

Speaker 0: Do you have built like an order of magnitudes how much budget do I need to generate I don’t know maybe that saved my target is ten sales a day. So what would be a good number of pounds or dollars to spend on Facebook using this?

Speaker 2: There is a really the oldest son of a politician but is a really tough question because you are the seventy variables what discount given to mom for the product how did you add is how did you talk to use so many different variables but I mean I think you know on the campaign is up and running recently we’ve been looking at around ten to twelve P. a U. K. E. pence click on.  And then so if every full click say would result in someone actually bought product discounts are you looking around fifty P. Purcell so if that’s what we been sort of run a testing site and allow some issue with that seventy-five percent discount and in our products at a pretty decent amount say. Yeah I mean that maybe give someone a guy just going from.

Speaker 0: Okay so well basically if we’re looking at. I don’t know what the current conversion rate is between pounds and dollars but I guess so if we’re spending one dollar to generate one sales with Facebook with huge discount or group pretty big discount then we should be like roundabout fine right.

Speaker 2: Yeah yeah I mean possibly one dollar bought the mini that expensive if you’re gonna be discarded to produce a sale of less than a dollar but yeah that’s what.

Speaker 0: But that’s so that’s nice so basically we can okay obviously giving such a huge discount probably also constant cost us in terms of the cost of goods right or yeah are you looking for a break-even point including cost of goods.

Speaker 2: No I mean Martin on the seventy five cent my breakeven was just on the face.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 2: You know I said that in terms of cash flow do not pan out many times and. But yeah I mean obviously if you wanted to stop I mean you know I think a lot of people if you talk to it right you know fifty percent office to attractive offer the lowest price you might pay a little bit more feel thank the gods that service the way you need to measure what’s going to be more profitable it might turn out that seventy-five seventy eighty percent it’s more profitable because you pay less for your Facebook ads so just needs testing. 

Speaker 0: I’m I think it’s a what I like about this is that you’re targeting like new vanilla customers on Facebook and on the guy so signed up for some you know discount service right so if you’re using a lawn service them a kind of a cop target group and these are the users that are kind of getting all the deals right and I think they tend to to be blocked for new reviews. Even maybe marked a Sentinel suspicions whatever yeah Seoul this week and really find your own.  New customer base so I like that tell me how does this compare to launching through PPC only so why would you like to do all this instead of just I don’t know maybe starting an aggressive PPC campaign and you can distribute coupons for PPC right.

Speaker 2: Nice talking to you can too I mean you can run a blossoms out shot in the U. K. school voucher think of U. S. cool coupons.

Speaker 0: Will help with the.

Speaker 2: Slash I’m sitting next to the product and you know a lot of I’m not she tested it myself but you know there is a strategy that you could run aggressive PPC and say to the other fifty percent off you know voucher which is pretty huge full for those actions so you know that the animosities could really help those conversions I mean aggressive PPC launches something you can do but it can get expensive you know. And so it just depends what your budget is but it does it gives you a lot of really great data you know to work with on the on all the ways to block relatively aggressive PPC loads at the same time because of the tax rate gives but some yeah I think Facebook is you know the face because it just does give you that ranking she’s really really quickly will handle so you know the thing I do love about it is that you can take it that one step further and collects customer information.

Speaker 0: Which you know build that customers so.

Speaker 2: That’s that’s also let’s talk about that for how to do that.

Speaker 0: I mean these two main ways you can either use the strategy that we’ve talked about and then one extra step you need to add in is rather than sending them sending the customer directly to your product you send them to a landing page. You can use stock so for service in this on your own website and you you you know you just ask him for the email to deliver the card is gonna affect your conversion rates a little bit but again if you set up right should do it too much and then does he build an email list. And then the other way is you can actually use you can do so very basic sort of pick school use a block to pixel service where the use goes to like a pixel the website actually picks is the user which basically means for I’m sure all of your business I’ve heard of it before but it’s something that basically then tracks the movement of that by us through to the website three I was in when they purchase and it means you can actually then you know runs ads back to them you can do so we could resolve.

Speaker 0: Yes so once they’ve shown intent about your part you can actually advertise some of your brand’s other products or you could even really powerful is you can actually run review generation aspect to them you know you can run ads did you purchase these products what did you think you can engage with the customer that way so that’s the simple way and then, of course, that is them like many check into Chuck books you can use as well.

Speaker 2: I think this one is in essence I got beat basically here’s a look on direct them to your landing page or reach out so what I would manage it did you but do you have any experience. 

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 0: Yeah I was really will always use them is quite technical and you know you need to set up right and to get to make sure that you got that sort of sense of control over them so instead of me but it’s great for building again a dog that’s all I try and I’m trying to do both you know because I don’t.

Speaker 0: You know a lot of people saying all email marketing is dead and you know do it social media but a lot of unnecessary treatments true I think you know it’s good to have both inside which want to build a custom email list as well as a big number subscribers on our you know many chat.

Speaker 2: Yeah so how is this this this email and landing page thing and kind of understand but how does many check work like they see an ad and says okay get up on a product and a high discount do they still click on like claim offer or. 

Speaker 0: Not is it.

Speaker 2: Mmhm.

Speaker 0: With many chat is not an offer at you just to standard traffic at women did actually the what is common hit the target of where it sends the user the end goal is to let the message and so okay.

Speaker 2: I know what you mean yeah.

Speaker 0: These are the local of the goal of. The ad is is a message so to say so yeah the user to send your message. Yeah and then the ATM easy to set up all this the automated through the chat is a flow the final descends through you know.

Speaker 0: Are you interested in this product yet so he’s the discount code and there’s a number where you can set up to deliver that people tried but then once they have engaged with you or you know your chatbot than there actually subscriber to your to your run in the state so.

Speaker 2: Is there a way to put tolls discount codes in the many checks so that it automatically picks a cold one called for person?

Speaker 0: Yeah not directly into many chart you can use as a figure of those actions on Google lost motivation tool and there’s a couple of other. Just the testing of the moment in a couple of other surrounds and related software is that you know a potentially hello I’m not sure exactly how well it’s going to do it but say that I can deliver a set amount each day and because the big thing with many chart as being over the limit the codes that you deliver each day that seven again it’s harder to have control there is a workaround you can use but it is quite technical it does mean a little bit manual work as well which is trying to void. 

Speaker 2: Okay so I think I think it’s a topic for itself but basically what we’re doing is we’re creating an ad the message and then we want the user to send us a message that we automate the message flow in some way what’s that yeah you check replies to them yeah and then it delivers them a link with the discount or keeping cold or cold for like a one I don’t know how they’re called this because they’re not personalized but like one discount code for which is only three. 

Speaker 0: It is it is a single use codes you know okay.

Speaker 0: So with them if you do if you got this accurate then you just upload all of your people cut into a Google sheet and then the zap then coasted to sheet to retrieve a card and it delivers it to the customer through procedure which you can integrate that many trucks.

Speaker 2: Okay so at the end the customer clicks on the link goes so I was on the beach by the product at a discount in we end up having this customer as a subscriber to a page for help when what is this.

Speaker 0: Yeah yes so then you’ll pay just so you run it through a Facebook page to your Facebook page and yet they are subscribing to you and your checkbook and so you can then move back in with future trucks there and that’s what I say to you know must use his you know that’s why I encourage you to build a brand because that every note you do gets cheaper and cheaper because you don’t have to pay for the ads again because they already boy insist corporate if you sold good products than they did want to buy from you again.

Speaker 2: Nice interesting so look I think that someone something initially extradition to me in a very like it’s not obvious thought obviously need to to do some work it’s a little bit technical like using a large club but on the other hand you’re building your list and that song that’s an aspect of this that it’s gets cheaper and cheaper every time so I like this maybe we can do another video on this and talk about this in more detail sunshine.

Speaker 2: All right so been we’re running out of time tell us where can we find you. 

Speaker 0: I live in Manchester.

Speaker 2: So.

Speaker 0: But he will give out my address but now you can yeah I’m on each tape just Ben Donovan and on Instagram is up and out of in U. K. and yeah that I’ve got some Facebook group if anybody’s interested in selling in the UK or Europe recorded okay U. K. sort of focused Facebook group to match the phone down there is also. 

Speaker 2: All right so we’ll link all these resources and description Ben thanks so much for coming this was very very insightful and interesting.

Speaker 0: All right thanks so much for having me.

Speaker 2: Have a great day everybody bye bye. 

Speaker 2: So what do you think guys did you like it I think it was interesting what are your experiences with launching on Facebook please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe and click the thumbs up button if you like this video check out sellerboard com there’s a free one-month trial and have a great day Bye-bye!