Product Launch, Generating Reviews and Scaling (Interview with Ori Firouz)

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Our guest on the 1st of April, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Ori Firouz.

We recently published an interview with Ori Firouz, an 8-figure amazon seller from Israel with more than 10 years of experience. Ori launches a new private label product every week. In the second part of the interview, we talked about picking new products, product launch, generating reviews and also about Ori’s team of 80 people and his lifestyle.

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Speaker 1: Hello everybody and welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show my name is Vladi and my today’s guest is Ori Fairouz, an eight figure Amazon seller from Israel and we’re gonna talk about his business yes eighty people and is launching one new product every week I think that’s amazing we talked about generating reviews and product launch in general about picking the products and also about his team and lifestyle, I found that part especially motivating so if you want to know how many working hours per week then make sure you watch this video. Give us a like if you like this video or write us a review on iTunes I’d be very thankful for this in the before we start I’d like to mention our sponsor and its sellerboard, it is a profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers and our mission is to be the world’s most precise profit analytics tools, we show all seasonal expenses on every level of the level from day or months or product marketplace or brand so there are a lot of ways to view the data and then you can also drill down into every single product and also basically see your numbers by order this way I will make sure you know your numbers and you can act on them if they’re not good for example save some storage fees by using a prep center for certain products or yeah basically just make right strategic decisions with respect to your portfolio. We have a one month free trial and after that it’s starting at nineteen dollars a month so make sure you try out the let us know which thing in the comments and now let’s start the show.

Speaker 1: Let’s talk about the the the private label part I mean to do so okay it’s nice that you can leverage the community but you mentioned you have a lot of on your own private label products right how do you like how do you go about I I actually launching a lot of new products.  Known then or you know is it just well kind of a collection that you already have since years or how often are wanting products?

Speaker 0: Every week I launching about one or two.

Speaker 1: Well okay that’s nice cool about this like hell the question I mean that’s a very within a common question I guess but the interests a lot of people how do you generate reviews?

Speaker 0: Okay that’s a great question because I’ve developed a system or mechanism which I like to call it shadow marketing ID rota serious of our decals for my community Hebrew and I really planned to translate it into English so I can send you the whole technique but let me explain to you how we towards and it’s pretty much everyone’s I  know this method is kind of familiar in the community because as I started to explain that when someone is buying from you is just the purchaser is not a customer at a different between the purchaser and the customer is a pretty big because with a customer you can kind of you know interact back and Amazon as you know recently kind of bonding you know we weren’t aware that a little. Yes and initiating a call with them like if you will just send them an email through I don’t know automatic email response or at then Amazon will only deliver twenty percent do that today. You know to your customers okay but they’re not really or your customers are just buyers there I was in customer yes. The way I found to over overcome it is I’ve created a tool which everyone else does as similar to with one small knee joints because everyone is actually taking all of those owns customers at you know and name address everything and just import it to Google or to Facebook custom audience and then you can reach them back by S. rule through Facebook you know that try to you know and then there Messager damn you know doing messenger Facebook messenger and just interact with them. The problem is that no one really builds these there are tools to to actually connect with the customer enough consistent final like they haven’t really you know for example let me just explain let’s assume you bought for me right now.  And three hours after you purchased for me you will see a message on your Facebook like a big ad with the picture of the product that you bought the hotel being used something like how you just bought this product you can now extend your warranty for free and you’re what but you don’t even hold. What zebra is going to call up your door tomorrow then you’re just saying to yourself yeah you know it’s free warranty I should it why not but you will see this ad only for the first week. Second week you won’t see it second week you will see another and it’s saying use something different like you know you know that that’s another part of campaigns so basically and the third week you’re going to see another and another and another and another and now.

Speaker 0: It’s like okay what’s different because I’m getting you know I’m getting all the custom audience I have one custom audience and I can create ads and preserve and present them on the first week the second week of the third week whatever and it’s a one level. 

Speaker 0: And that data the simple answer is that you can’t with every tool look let’s assume you are using I don’t know managed by states they’re just creating for you one custom audience and you cannot just tell them just to show these and on the first week. And then on the second week and then on the third week so unless you were manually removing them after the third week in great can you add and removing them manually yeah and I’ve created the system to work like you can shower share with people at on the first week and then it’s automatically exclude them and then you share with them another company it’s a basically like a campaign right that though you can define which at the soul to who and which time and then it automatically all right because the company. Right, and you just keep flying for them complaints after they bought and you were taking all the customer that bought from you and doing look alike welcome to just get you customers now will tell the difference between what mainly people doing today they’re doing PPC that are doing that you know all kind of stuff which make it Amazon richer but they’re not kind of. You know fully exploit the power of external traffic will explain what does it mean external traffic no one really have really established website no I’m not saying no but tell most people which having Amazon brand they don’t really have that there yes our website and in two thousand nineteen it’s really important to to to to have your own website Amazon looks at you different at and once you have your website just think about that that that we have now a lot of lookalike audience which are similar to the customer who bought from us and I sent them to our website let’s assume that we’re sending them to an article on our website we can send them to whatever but we now know that they are going to be the most.

Speaker 0: You know would likely that people to buy from us and we’re actually separating them from all the background noise because when people getting into Amazon thirsting your product along with older people which telling them the same message like you do they’re telling them how they are also easy to use out blah blah blah and where are you were just taking them to your own website and just conveyed in your message separately without anyone and just tell them like go and buy from Amazon.

Speaker 1: Yeah but it’s just they’re just customers and basically just to buy your product right. 

Speaker 0: Right. 

Speaker 1: Like researching anymore I understand you.

Speaker 0: And now you have your your full stage to tell them whatever you want and convey them your for mass search and it’s not only that it’s just that you can use Amazon affiliate or does you out for your is it your using your own website and you know how much money you’re spending on traffic.

Speaker 1: And how much money you’re actually at?

Speaker 0: Getting up from the traffic that you’re you’re spending so. It’s a little bit more complex than what I’m explaining to you but because once you find the right or to kill or to the right audience that you can make. Is like one penny profit from the traffic that you’re delivering from Google or from Facebook or to kill and send them to your to Amazon.

Speaker 1: Yeah and profit to profitably you can basically induct point you can promote every keyword you can possibly imagine on your family because you can drive unlimited traffic.

Speaker 1: Right yes basically for free comma.

Speaker 0: And just be the best seller in every queue or did you decide?

Speaker 1: Okay so.

Speaker 1: Home latest some rice so you’re saying like it’s not there’s no quick and easy way like before and we’ll give away products to get good reviews okay of course there are some like grey hats on areas but that basically the scalable way to do it as you build your website you put some content like I don’t know article about the product which sends people to Amazon and then you advertise the website. Through all possible ways and for example through Facebook lookalike audiences our custom audience. That’s one of the ways you know of course then the system that I developed a college reviews kick is basically what it does it’s not mainly about reviews but it’s kind of wrapping this sale or the customer didn’t let the day they’re doing cell like before the getting due to this sale I know what they are I know their email and I know how to interact with them and after the bomb by I know how to ask for four reviews already on there and I can do it.

Speaker 0: Legally you know really easily because they are my customers they came from my website yeah now I can interact with them whatever I want. 

Speaker 0: Now the thing which is kind of created this cycle that I canmake Amazon customers my customers before they even became Amazon customers well that’s the different from being a multimillion dollar brand. And just to Brock you know what I hear. Because you’re not lying on Amazon anymore.

Speaker 1: Yes absolutely and so and that’s why anti are getting their email.

Speaker 0: I can  I don’t really have to get their email on my website. I don’t have to do it I can you know just connect with them after. We do that with uploading them other custom audience and then let’s just you my coming to you after you purchased my product and telling you okay now you can increase your at all or get the more.

Speaker 0: How does it call it says I come to extend your warranty? 

Speaker 1: Yeah. Now you need to put your email.

Speaker 1: Okay I understand it.

Speaker 0: Isn’t only the way to connect with them because connecting with them can be through many many ways I can show them ads that’s the way to connect okay I can share with them I can. You know. I have to give them like if they don’t buying on my website I can just give them a pop up message telling them like you can get twenty percent off will occur to the product and just give me your email and we’ll give you the coupon that’s a way to connect at so. There are  many ways to connect with them and the minute you want them to connect with you you want them to initiate the connection with you and not to you to initiate the connection with them what I mean by that is like you say. But. Already what you’re doing is basically a calming to you showing them on that so you basically knew she aiding the connection. The thing is that the needs they don’t really know that you will need shades do said that because they bought the product they don’t really know how it’s come along together so they just know that they want. To extend their warranty yeah basically coming to and it’s only one way. You know. I can later on up sell them down so them cross sell them I can make a seller of my blood from me for ten dollars I can make you worse for me eighteen times more laughter he purchased from them.  And no one really does this.

Speaker 1: Last question was topic like I imagine you have a huge customer base and also in huge audiences so that’s a big asset liquor we have a lot of listeners that are pretty new in private label. Is there any way you would recommend to the new sellers help though and I’ll start lunch of product basically get ethically get reviews? 

Speaker 0: yes. You know. To start teach a little bit harder. Because starting that’s the main problem it’s like a snowball effect things like you need to start small but if I would recommend someone to start is starting by. Building on established website you know it’s gonna have to be million pages website just the website with Prof five articles around the benefit that your product is giving. And drive traffic into it asking for their emails no matter how expensive is that to get the remote is going to be mainly like around three maybe two dollars to get an email. One step you know but think about it on the altar on the opposite for example you’re driving PPC today you’re paying that told all her per click which is stupid and you can if this guy bought from you you know then you’re good but even not.  Just west of Miller says dont waste of money and on the opposite you know spending maybe a little bit more money like three dollars or four dollars get one email and now you have the chance to reconnect these guy. Four times so you can be build your based offense from your website after they reach up to you through Google you know the difference between them. The interruption base communication to search based communication Google the third way communication all this person came to Google and search for you and find you because the search for to keel over you know how to get rid of my back pain okay yeah and you find you you clicked on you E. search for U. S. so you’re already cal and you know it didn’t you know at the end of your article you probably offered him like listen you can buy days you can buy this and you didn’t buy it came up to exit your page and suddenly see a pop up message telling him like listen you can get twenty percent off would you like and he’s like you know still we just left you okay I left the stage and what happened next you remarket him with more articles.

Speaker 0: Similar yeah like up because you know we search for you and now you can show him more articles on Facebook because he landed on your page now you re-market to him and just come back to him and telling him well read more about back pain any every page is going to read is going to see your product yeah I’m gonna chase them all over the place.

Speaker 1: And eat it don’t even figured that D. E. that that that did see you wrapping him all over and after is going to buy this product you’re gonna keep dropping him you’re gonna keep asking him for reviews to regain a keep selling them so more stuff even if it’s not yours yes it’s still early so build your fanbase. And next time you have a let’s say a thousand people who bought from you.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: All over not even bought from you you can call with them we don’t.  Citing message like telling them we’re celebrating birthday.  So basically they’re your customers so you can get this product and please let us know what you think about it and just build an email funnel you have to fight evil like after they bought it like a what do you think you are like in it but a lot and you actually connecting with them outside of Amazon yeah so. Take the time. And then spend the money to connect with them right.

Speaker 1: Yep let’s talk about that so that that that sounds complicated but I’m afraid this is the result the only sustainable way to actually you know build up build something like a branch right so you connect to the customers have your own list and then everything becomes easier right let’s talk about the the products but I like I can imagine I don’t want to people and yeah well the people selling just different stuff on Amazon which is not really even connected to a branch right so in my experience in Amazon as in Germany was also like this basically I was just selling.

Speaker 1: I know whatever I could find a totally disconnected products are like okay I can buy this world and no one euro sellers with three euro let’s do it right and the problem with that is it’s an arbitrage kind of approach right so while it’s works until it doesn’t.

Speaker 1: Like what would you recommend in terms of searching for products like this year but in nineteen?

Speaker 0: I actually developed a system. Ten years ago which is a set of rules. It’s not a set of rules only. But first of all you should understand who are your audience what they want so when you develop product you basically most people just look at the market. Data. Like. You know ardor buyers like how many cells there are afford these products like they’re just looking at the. Technical stuff. They’re not really understanding toward the customers are not really. Analytically reading what customers are looking for for example let’s assume you have read our reviews and what a little reading reviews site just looking for one ward.

Speaker 1: The ward is.  Mine M. Y. so I’m searching for reviews and I’m searching for the word mind because what I know that people are writing reviews will write like I bought it for my kid I wanted for my back pain I bought it for my something okay so this is the word that I’m getting out from and when I reading the reviews I understanding better my potential customers I bought it for my kids because I would like to keep him entertained for hours yeah and when I’m writing my product description I’m not writing about they had the products.

Speaker 0: You know features like it’s it’s last for blah blah blah you doing like daisy yeah Hey it’s with it doesn’t matter to anyone and people really how to write the product description the way it’s going to be appeal to their potential customers so you know and what if I write something like I just write a review that these lady but this product for her kids because you want to keep him entertained okay so I can just say about my product my product will keep your kids entertained for hours and I am not in yet.  It’s going to it’s got it so you got to talk about the benefits runners and the features or if you were mentioning the. Just bend Churnet mentioned them in lights off the benefits of for example my product is the heat to.  I don’t know two thousand thirty five degrees big close aides prevented India’s degrees your error is gone that and not the burned out and kind of peace.

Speaker 1: Okay. 

Speaker 0: So you got a lot of that benefit. 

Speaker 1: Got it but tell me like in terms of the product selection for example if you are selling and in the woods I think jump ropes that’s a very very common example I mean okay of course you can address some pains or maybe some goals but that’s a very that’s a commodity right so the Russell many jump ropes it’s really hard to differentiate in the space like would you rather recommend spending a lot of time on building differentiating building something new or would you rather say okay it’s more about the technical work that you need to do from sourcing to selling.

Speaker 1: I bet with you that if I will come to the jump rope for thirteen on Amazon jump rope and I will read their description I will probably not going to see a lot of people who’s talking about the desire results did dis person bought these jump rope for because you know people just saying what is it Hey and how we can lose weight and blah blah blah but he’s not talking about the fact that you know we bought it because E. one of group feel good a job he’s not talking to the actual customer this is most of them.

Speaker 0: People’s problem and the different. You don’t even have to because what people think about differentiation or what we asked for to order product but just adding another product it’s not have to be that. Don’t have to be that way sometimes you gotta understand your market the way that people just looking for something you know how can I say. Check in good to make it work. But the way you’re going to talk to them or transmit to them that it’s going to bring them the results that’s going to make them by you’ll and not order people because people just giving you a jump rope and advanced trap and let them give you the whole country and always search for is a band is the is the jump rope.

Speaker 1: But but but tell me if I like what you I’m extend not sure about exactly jump ropes I didn’t really research this upright but like.

Speaker 0: Maybe it’s not a good example because you should make some kind of a let’s assume it’s very competitive. Like let’s assume is very competitive what do you personally what do you think would you be successful in selling a jump rope even though it’s pretty compact like competitive just because you do the work right or would you rather say all you need to build something new follow like or spend more time in differentiation is a differentiation or just technical work on Amazon let’s put it this way.

Speaker 0: You need to be a little bit all in Amazon and you’re right you have two of your customer base in order to run fast on very competitive products you cannot just get immediately to Amazon as a newbie and immediately sell product because you will rather to go into easier competition product jump rope for example if I would get into the jump rope product I was getting my eight hundred thousand email least any and ordering like ten thousand units and just send a few emails to my eight hundred thousand email is it’s almost a million people that are knowing my Brandon telling them listen. This is the product that I have to offer and no matter almost no matter what I’m going to tell them of course I’m going to tell them the way that I want but I’m sure my ten thousand product that I trying to sell them in a very good deal they will just buy almost instantly. You in a certain point when you have a big fan base and email is no matter how what you’re going to send to them you’re going to see that you’re going to have these five percent of people just going to buy it from you the hotel that did did did the more you’re investing into your customers talking to them.

Speaker 1: At the ending down because you’re the coming to be in the entertainment business rather than in the Amazon selling business because you’re into turning them around your brand and now when you have a big fans all you need to do is just send them one email telling them after it giving them a lot of value like listen we’re just bringing this product after you know basically we’re just asking that what would you like and what they think and sometimes there is they’re just finding the product themselves but this is another story but you basically know that if you will at tell them the benefits and they trust you and they love you they will just buy it immediately but if you’re just starting. I do prefer to go. More to a need cheap products just to run fast and gain your customer base and don’t don’t be afraid to what to spend money on getting emails and but just really do it right like this like. That’s so huge for me so basically what I just learned is you can’t sell anything.

Speaker 1: If you do it right but you don’t have to start with anything of course right so if your new phone don’t tell a steam I cut the cables to know they have like five thousand reviews every guy in the first place so maybe that’s a good bet product to start but if you build this list you’re kind of growing or have an asset which is going with your business and then you can leverage it to start the next block next book next product.

Speaker 0: Exactly. Or that I was actually starting by doing some email swapped with people who’s like even in the same more like I was paying to see out with works. And and people lose actually show interest and click on the product inside of my least level that they became my customers later because you know white Cape sending them emails and I they’re really like my product but it’s not only because of you.  People are really narrowing down Amazon business we’re talking about this Amazon is my business.

Speaker 0: And you can make money by selling more stop selling affiliates selling you know info products and it starts from Amazon because you’re taking Amazon customers and selling them for stuff or you’re selling your starting by selling them more stuff for example most of my websites with my brands having kind of a club I’ll just call it a club which in order to get into this club all we need to do is paying like five dollars.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: And what you can get is basically because reviews keep having this network of websites to follow up sellers we actually combine to power so when you want to give away some products and let’s assume someone was joining my club you can see on my website.  All of the older people who’s dealing with reviews cake they can see all the product we’d like ninety percent off because the one that starts selling under a certain key words they want to print the product they’re not asking them for reviews but they’re just paying me five dollar to being that club when they can see a lot of water sellers product their product for a very huge amount so.

Speaker 0: Think about it so the minute you paid the five dollar you can spare them you can basically get them back by buying the first product that we give you more than a five dollar discount you know what I mean thing. It kind of also for that year your leverage the community right yes.

Speaker 0: And you know everyone want to actually give away product today because that’s what fashion.

Speaker 1: Yes in the past.

Speaker 0: I don’t really personally agree with giving away. This is not a good way to do it’s maybe a good way to start but not a good way to proceed you know what I mean.

Speaker 1: Yeah yeah cool yes absolutely look up tell me one more question like it sounds like it’s a lot of work would you describe so it’s not that easy you know how how how is how does your team look like in August nothing yourself right yes I have a. Nowadays and sixty one F. Filipinas which are working for me most of them are moms.

Speaker 0: Sixty one yeah.  For more.

Speaker 1: People and Kumble. And five people in United States. 

Speaker 1: That’s all that’s like seventy people.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 0: You know I just remember them by copyright but yes.

Speaker 1: Nice.

Speaker 0: And I have more than twenty four unread to add products eight hundred bronze.

Speaker 1: Hundred rents yes oh my god.

Speaker 1: How like how did you scale up to seventy people?

Speaker 0: When you start early. It was easy because you can just. Ranks sixty brand in in in in like a and it was I will I want to say that all of them were like really good brown sandals like very good actor but I started with something and I improve it during the time because I have my  and I started with product I listen to my customers I improves it and keep bringing more.  You know most people are really fails to communicate or to create the value within the product and most people know about package inserts for example languages or. You know my packages are is looks like.

Speaker 0: You can earn a vacation you can get your Ferrari you can get big things all you need to do is just contact with me and then and you know just do something here just just get Munich gave me and I’m just basically.

Speaker 0: I’m saying to them and I really send them like the catch chance because there is one people was like getting these vacation out of many people you know it’s not like a very expensive to get someone into the case it’s like six hundred dollar and you need to get like ten thousand cells to give one vacation.

Speaker 1: I like the idea of getting vacation or getting a full call regarding stuff like this.

Speaker 0: And they will gladly communicate with your contact with you after getting this product to earn just the case because I don’t care I don’t want to so go broad gold go big and what right let’s assume I’m just start creating a bunch a bunch of folks I don’t know at ten thousand product to send to Amazon so what I’m doing is just is I’m creating ten different packages are we ten different messages in one it’s a vacation in daughter one is a I don’t know it just being you know get Sony PlayStation in order one is like you know it’s not only kind of a giveaway it’s also you know you can win or eats it sometimes you can get competitor a competitive complementary product or whatever but it’s have to be good.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: And the minute someone reach up to ease email or download my app because I’m adding my apt to all of my package insert so they can get extra value so they just download it immediately at the end the benefit that they couldn’t act with me the minute they connect with me this is the same method I already won the fight because our one day I wonder because all I needed them to connect with me once they are connected with me I have their email I have their communication way to approach them without Amazon listening.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: But they have to say to them and I’m not saying I’m telling them something which I want to tell them on Amazon I actually tell them the same stuff on telling it on when I was on it’s just that now they are my customers yeah I think.

Speaker 1: I’ll sell them stuff which I can’t do an apples absolutely look at this I would definitely like to ask you more about you mentioned the app that’s interesting.

Speaker 1: And about the team but I think we need to wrap up let me ask my last question a root canal do the rest of next time. 

Speaker 1: How much do you work like what does your day look like?

Speaker 0: What you mean nope not the team.

Speaker 0: Will one meeting I have you know my Filipinos I have only like up you know. Most of my my my team are real regular worker but I have managers was managing the stuff so it’s end up week to me giving instruction to only one. 

Speaker 1: First. Down in the Philippines and not in the United States it’s kind of it kind of like is more talented than my guys in United States so he’s just getting these two is some managers in United States which they are you know then struck during the altered mental in the Philippines and income Bhoja to do the job right so I’m just talking with one person it’s one meeting one week and you know what to do we basically build the sold right so he’s going to go fast and smooth and I’m getting the resulting in and I am the one we find time. 

Speaker 1: Okay one meeting per work per week you said yes.

Speaker 0: Yes it’s about twenty minutes.

Speaker 0: And you know the rest I’m just doing what I love.

Speaker 1: Oh my god only.

Speaker 1: Okay look I think.

Speaker 1: Respects in I like this to your I think you’re at like an implementation of this agreement to build a huge business make a pass being calm I admire that I’m a big fan of yours.

Speaker 0: Thank you.

Speaker 1: So thanks so much for coming I think it was very interesting and I would really like to have you one more time maybe a couple of months when you have your tool ready or whenever you if you have something to share I am well I’m very sure our community will open a lot of value in your talk thanks so much all right.

Speaker 0: Thank you.

Speaker 1: Thank you have a great day and bye bye everybody.

Speaker 0: Thank you.

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