Ori Firouz’s Bundling System and How it Helps Ori Drive the Sales (Interview with Ori Firouz)

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Our guest on the 25th of March, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Ori Firouz.

Our guest on the sellerboard show is Ori Firouz, an 8-figure Amazon seller from Israel. Ori has been selling on Amazon for more 10 years and is currently making 8 figures on Amazon, which we find absolutely amazing.

In this part, we talked about a bundling system which Ori invented. This system helps him to create bundles without physically bundling products at the FBA warehouse. Ori talked about scaling this system and how it helps him to drive the sales.

Speaker 1: Hello everybody and welcome to the next episode of the sellerboard show,  my name is Vladi Gordon and my today’s guest Ori Firouz who is an eight figure Amazon seller all from Israel and we’re gonna talk about a system, a framework that he developed which helps him create bundles without actually physically bundling products together in the FBA  warehouse. So the way he does it is basically he picks his own products or products from other people and uses its as a tool to create a new bundle listing which basically sells two products together once the new S. Q. bundle is ordered. It’s fulfilled by two basically independent multi channel fulfillment orders that he still is creating the seller central and I think this is a very interesting approach, he talks about scaling it and how it helps to drive sales so make sure you subscribe to our channel give us a like if you liked this video. And let’s get started but before we do. Just a couple words about our sponsor so sellerboard is a profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers with a lot of extra functionality and our mission is to build the world’s most accurate profit analytics for Amazon sellers. We display profit on every level and in real time so you can see profit by variant by products by brand by any day or month and drill down into every single fee so you can act right like cut back on PPC or use of prep center to cut back on on the storage fees so make sure you check out our free trial there’s a one month free trial link is in the description and after that it’s only nineteen dollars a month. Let us know what you think and now let’s start the show.

Speaker 1: Welcome to the next episode of the seller board show my name is Vladi and my today’s guest is an eight figure Amazon seller Ori Firouz, hello Ori!

Speaker 0: Vladi how are you?

Speaker 1: Great how are you.

Speaker 1: I’m. Great I’m great I’m humbled to be here.

Speaker 1: Thank you for it like well thanks for coming a actually the first time I met you it was like I don’t know maybe three four years ago and some podcast and I found your story super inspiring back then so.  You can talk a little bit about yourself introduce yourself to our listeners.

Speaker 0: Okay so well my name is Ori. I’m from Israel and I am an eight figure seller I was like Vladi said before I’m selling on Amazon all over the world especially in the United States. And I’m also mentor in my country in Israel so I’m having my own group in the easy route. 

Speaker 1: Awesome so look tell us how when did you actually start with them as well.

Speaker 0: It was thirteen a little bit more than thirteen years ago.  And I guess it was a long time ago.

Speaker 1: Okay and I like how did you. I mean nobody was talking about Amazon back then right how did you find the idea?

Speaker 0: Basically it was pretty new and I was crushing it on eBay I was making very good money on eBay and thought about like why should I go to the post office, I was going to the post office you know every day to just send might have to another country and why I was seriously exhausted about it.

Speaker 1: So you were selling stuff from Israel to America?

Speaker 0: America yeah I was selling stuff you know very very small back you know it was not small I was selling like I do I was making like about three thousand dollar back on eBay he pulls a lot a lot to me because I was very young and it was like more of an average salary in Israel. It just that I was looking for a way to make it easier on myself because I just thought that the growth is dead to how much I can go to the post office and then I was hearing about Amazon Amazon was just started in my opinion it was like maybe sixteen years ago. I’m not sure about exactly when it was started but I would thought it’s a good idea so why shouldn’t I send my items to Amazon. And I did that and I have a long story how my item stuck in the air in United States costume and I just decided that instead of just. Getting my you know just stored into Amazon warehouse I should just give them away and that’s how. Kind of figured the giveaway. The letter that was given away items I might my stuff. And became the bestseller and started to sell its kind of a funny story outside of that but this is happening.: And I kind of although the trick because thirteen years ago I was on was pretty much I was running out of inventory and I was needed to charge more it more inventory so I just did that it was in the car accessories. Connection the warehouse the stuff to Amazon and I started to give them away I didn’t know exactly how to give them away so I can give I I gave away you know a few items every time I was kind of scared to give items I didn’t know that he was even though he was even forbidden I became the best of the best seller almost instantly you know we anything or do you want it I wasn’t even given them a long way throughout certain keyboard I was just giving them away.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: And then I was like pretty much after I became the best seller. Kind of keep doing that. Until Amazon became my mainstream and not eBay. It was really nice and that’s how I discovered Amazon’s night so.

Speaker 1: Like a obviously a lot of things changed since then right it’s not a you can still give aways but it’s not so easy to get reviews and stuff but like if we fast forward to today like tell us about your own business is it like private label or you know wholesale?

Speaker 0: More you know so it’s more profits it’s just I’m only doing private label but I have my own tool and I’m you know I have a a bundling software that I developed at which I can pretty much do stuff that I don’t believe no one else does and I can get the items that are sold all over the place like I mean on order marketplace riders in Amazon and just combined between them and and and sell them on the bundle on able to find a place to for example if I have an item on eBay that someone is selling on eBay and item that it that someone selling on Amazon I can just create a listing of that these two items on Amazon and just sell them and every time someone is placing the order I am the item from eBay and hide them from Amazon and its region to the customer and don’t even know where and it’s one of the acting came from eBay and order one came from Amazon now it seems like dropshipping. But it’s seriously not all because of that you don’t. Exist. This is one of the avenues that I’m exploiting to make more money all up but but most of my I did most of my bronze are you know my own my own brands it’s it’s private label items that you know basically Amazon currently asking you to to to send every item that you would like to sell to FBA so for example if I’d like to sell a blue pen one Amazon I need to sell to send this blueprint into Amazon FBA right. And but they won’t sell yes. 

Speaker 1: What like what do you mean you cannot sell a product anymore without sending it to me. I can.  Do yes I can do it or I know I I need to descend into end of may but for example if I have these blue pen. I want to sell my blue pen which is as a sole item one F. B. eight and a red pen which is the sole item one of B. I can’t sell them together unless I send.

Speaker 1: Okay I got it yes you need to send them together as a bundle and put this like a bundle.

Speaker 0: On the label that. And so I kind of developed a tool that I can just sell my blue pen and my red pen will go together and both of them will be sent from Amazon warehouse we dealt to me actually need to send both of them to Amazon warehouse. Which is low will they be sent like two separate products.

Speaker 0: Yes yes. Right. And how do you ensure they will be in the same box?

Speaker 0: How the coming to the customer in the same box that’s the the.

Speaker 0: Because if you will go to Amazon and try to order blue pen and red pen separately.

Speaker 1: Well.  They will come to your house in the same box.

Speaker 1: Okay so that’s all the medical that’s like me.

Speaker 0: Yeah it does this for you all I’m doing is basically.  Aiding the listings and make sure that whatever the customer is ordering these bundle so well bundle.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 0: You know I’m just placing this order to get our on Amazon so Amazon is basically sending them as a bundle.

Speaker 1: So look are you using a multi channel order or that works from some other way?

Speaker 0: I’m also doing multi channel orders so. You know I’m not only you know this is an example when we’re doing only Amazon Lupin right then but you can basically get this bundle and put it on eBay Walmart has a different story because Walmart doesn’t allow you to to send directly from Amazon where also or in Amazon books to the customers that’s a different story.  We’re sending the bundles to this warehouse he just put them together. And sent. The customer in a box. Those were ten times. 

Speaker 1: Okay but the tell me like still what happens if suppose you sell a bundle on Amazon and you have a red and blue pen on Amazon and somebody buys a bundle like what happens in the back and so you kind of get to one order for the bundle and then you create tool shipment orders which ship both plus the same customer right and okay I say like that this method to is this like what made you order a drive slow sales makes a business successful or this is also. This time.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: Just just the part because. It was started like this. Not everyone most people only have one single item on NBA you know I personally have a lot of you know. I would label items but not everyone has. Private label you know what many many private label. So I would just build tool so one seller can help other sellers so if you would like to join venture with me. We can create bundled together and every time someone will order reduced model you’re going to get your share and I’m gonna get my share and a little bit of. So. That is that basically make it. Unlimited. Because just think about how many combinations you can make from two items not here yeah and that’ll make you can make from one hundred items.

Speaker 1: All I got was like. I don’t know if things work for business it’s like a generation like.

Speaker 0: Acts yeah and. Yes me either I’m.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 0: Yeah I mean. 

Speaker 1: Yeah yes okay so basically. Is like yeah. The basically like you have a group of people a pool or something like this and then everybody contributes some products took to the group.  And then every single member can take his own products and mix them with products of other guys and list them as a bundle right and when somebody orders with your software in the back and it creates one shipment order like from one seller to the customer another shipment order from another cell to the same customer.

Speaker 0: It is what it is yes. Off and. You may must be thinking like you know how come you make profit because you know you know if you wanna earn. Big. Let’s assume you’re selling your product for twenty dollars and I’m selling my product for twenty dollars the customer will probably want to pay forty dollars for that you will be like because he’s ordering it as a bundle we would want to pay less so basically. You know when you will you know let’s assume that you would like to create a shipment or do to a friend just from Amazon you can create if you want to order you know how to do that right. So you bought your product not for twenty dollars you bought it for like five dollar maybe from China or whatever and dish keeping costs is another five dollar right you know for Amazon to the customers so we have cost you like ten dollar if you have ten dollar in profit.Right we’ll. Now when me and you is doing with joint venture is I’m going to help you sell your stuff so I’m going to tell you like listen you know is it good for you if I’m going to sell every item I’m gonna sell your items but for every item you’re not going to make ten dollars profit we’re going to make five.

Speaker 1: Yeah yeah.

Speaker 0: Sure it’s going to be okay with you.

Speaker 1: Of course I’m in.

Speaker 0: But it’s not only me it’s a thousand to ten thousand more seller which doing the same.  You know it just. Getting everyone else to do the work for you. Only one seller is doing the combinations of your product with my product or stare you’re basically doing less it’s giving me the option to sell your product a little bit cheaper as a bundle so I can make more profit because they have my profits from my own daughter.

Speaker 1: You’ll make less profit per sale but the more sales well that’s totally minutes right exactly I understand and like how are you handling the returns like if this bundle is returned what happens basically. Returns to the very. Very good question because returns are not being returns to Amazon where else you cannot return despite and because basically what I’m buying your product I’m actually buying it from you and you know getting sending it directly to the customers with your permission of course on. Up but. What I’m getting at the return it’s returning to a third party.

Speaker 1: We were talking about returns so like what where is the return going on the customer this is FBM right but technically customer by just the FBM product yes.

Speaker 0: You know FBM is kind of like maybe twenty percent of Amazon sales but look.  You know that the fact that you can do unlimited listings on Amazon eBay rock dancers new eggs because when you’re doing that you know I’m not alone is only six percent of the wards Palmer said and when you’ll have the ability to spread a cross border marketplace it’s going to give you one hundred percent almost a one hundred percent actually it’s more like the fifty percent because there are tens of thousands of marketplace Amazon is what the biggest one of them and it’s only six percent.  If you can just sell in order market places then you know it’s game over because you’re getting more traffic so that the returns are reaching back to one of the world’s which I was cutting a deal will and you know we’re getting them back and the next step you know if the items coming back to to the warehouse in a good condition like in. Sellable. In a good condition then the next order the warehouse is going to send them directly to the customer. 

Speaker 1: Okay. 

Speaker 0: Not spending anything.

Speaker 1: Okay I got it and you just mentioned also even eBay

Speaker 0: Yeah yeah and and.

Speaker 1: You know work. 

Speaker 0: A rugged downstairs you know there are many market place it.  Basically all work through kind of an API so whenever. You know you’re getting a sell through Amazon.  Our system is just. Referring to order due to fulfillment. Which is.  Amazon doing to fulfillment. And it’s getting to the customer I don’t even know it came from a certain place. It just. Getting it and he’s happy because he got it fast it’s Amazon service.

Speaker 1: Like it what’s the name of the song club or how to join your community is there a way to join like open?

Speaker 0: Currently there isn’t because they took only a better group of tester. People who’s actually using it are really crashing it. You know we have one user who joined like 6 months ago and the only bypass the half million dollar with zero inventory. In profit.

Speaker 1: Zero inventory so it’s like only selling other people’s items combined yes?

Speaker 0: Yes I can I can share it with you after what issue would like me to. He has zero inventory it just took other people’s and just did a good job with the listings. Really walks through to promote other people so he’s basically doing kind of tactical arbitrage. Right he is. Checking everyone and just doing things right. And a bypass that. You know.  We’ll do. The half million dollar.  Is just crushing it because he has the time to create listings good listings and do any. : You know that the search around and there is a way to do it better. Also looks not only at.

Speaker 1: I was just gonna say let let let me know when you’re ready to accept a new people because I’m sure we’ll have a lot of guys in our community will be would be interested and then I can gonna make another video or all we’ll send a newsletter or something like this I think it’s amazing it’s three something new and.

Speaker 0: I actually plan to release a you know them between seller. 

Speaker 1: And you know. 

Speaker 0: To be for all other you know people in the next couple of months so okay let you know that you know we can get the a few more people because I don’t want to make it to broaden. You know eight or just are. On the floor group of course at.

Speaker 0: Yeah yeah we are and we still don’t know what her all these years it’s actually fully eligible from Amazon point of view. Because it’s FBM is on just don’t know that you were sending in them for it sending it directly from their warehouse. 

Speaker 1: Yep.

Speaker 1: Okay yes kind of I think. It’s okay as far as I know all of the only restriction this but I’m not sure I’m a hundred percent up to date they want your insurance.  Returns. 

Speaker 0: But what about the only restriction is that you will get back to returns and act?

Speaker 1: I’m sure you’ll get the rate that you need to handle them outside of crimes and yeah that’s for sure okay. Okay I’m I was I was gonna say something else I think the require you like they don’t. Prohibit dropshipping or something right that the only requirement is you need to own the other product that you’re selling but technically you own it if you have a deal with that or the owner right so if the owners okay you sell their product and okay right but also there’s besides there’s really no way to prove it like they will call. 

Speaker 0: You out about proving it’s not you don’t have to own the product you don’t have to on the product.  You just have to accept report responsibility forward their returns like you know basically you want a person is getting product from Amazon is getting the you know the return label. Okay to return and you can return it back to the seller but the seller do regional center is not the one who’s actually set. He’s not the one who’s actually. Step and.  It to him when I went because it will it was your bundle who’s selling it as a part of all you know more product so basically all you need to do.  Is when you’re creating your fulfillment order Amazon is not ending the D. the return label like all the return label on their product because you can’t return it. 

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 0: It was sent for you to you for free by Amazon so it’s totally legal.

Speaker 1: Thanks for listening and watching guys hope you liked it for me was very interesting I think it’s something new there are not too many new ideas in the FBM Amazon space so let us know what you think you know comment this video or give us a like make sure you subscribe to this channel and check out our sponsor sellerboard com

Speaker 1: The world’s most accurate profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers there’s a free trial thirty days and after that it’s only nineteen dollars a month let us know what you think and see you guys next time have a great day bye bye.