Kevin’s Product, Profitable Keywords and Secret Report in Seller Central (Interview with Kevin King)

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Our guest on the 11th of February, 2019,  on the sellerboard show was Kevin King.

It’s the 2nd part of our interview with Kevin King, where we talked about how to search for profitable keywords, what products Kevin sells on Amazon, and how he gets reviews. Kevin also told us about the secret report in seller central.

Watch the full video here: 

Speaker 0: Hi everybody and welcome to the seller board show I’m your host Vladi Gordon and my today’s guest is Kevin king the second part of the interview with Kevin and we’re gonna talk about keywords how many keywords you do you need help to find profitable keywords Kevin love also talks about one of his products so if you want to know what Kevin cells then make sure to watch this video I will discuss the reviews and product launch strategist with Facebook ads and influencer ads and I’ll ask the most least. Kevin gave us a hack and it’s about the hidden report so there is a hidden report in the sellar central which shows you can activate through the seller support in he explains what this report is about and how to use it to optimize your listings so well make sure you give us a like if you actually like this video and subscribe to our channel before we get started I’d like to mention or sponsor sellerboard, it is a profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers and we are on a mission to build the world’s most accurate tool it’s showing you all fees and expenses on them every level on the on the product label and SKU level on the levels from brand or market place also shown by time week month or any specific date with a lot of visualization options and kind of business intelligence so if you want to know your margins exactly sellerboard is the tool to give you a live view on the profit loss with the possibility to zoom in zoom in into every few years every product. Make sure you check out our free trial there’s a free trial one month of the link is in the description and after that it’s starting at only nineteen dollars a month. Let us know what you think and now let’s start the show.

Speaker 0: So let’s talk about reviews at all in terms of making a product like obviously is probably going to be hard that you compete with somebody who has four and half thousand reviews. If you got if there’s one guy that has that you might do expediency will have you know thousands of years it’s gonna make it very difficult to compete until I mean I was on my change the system I’m in there I know some of the other guys industry hoping to do the work it it it changes to stress I’m four thousand five hundred years of say five hundred plus that if that happens it’ll give us another opportunity to come in and compete in which Amazon kind of need to do because now it’s it’s there’s a couple old school guys I’ve been selling for a while and have a lot of reviews. Well.  Maybe their product is not the best maybe my product that I just innovators and change is actually better product but I don’t really have a chance so that’s not Amazon’s all about the customer first so that’s not the best thing for the customer yes.  Makes that that makes the market the bit more static right because yeah. So I’m hoping that that’ll change and that that will be that would be a really good thing for the customer and for us as a seller so we can kind of be but as it is right now yeah if you go into a market where it’s not yet there’s two or three guys that have a summary is like that it’s going to be hard but some markets it’s still okay maybe you can be the number four number five guy and still make good money depends on the depth of the key words. And how many different key words are there what’s what’s the volume is on those and how people position you still might be able to go in there and maybe you’re not selling fifty a day you’re selling ten but you can make money on that why not you don’t have to be in in this game you don’t have to be in first or second place to make money the guy down and in some cases and just places is killing it I mean do you want for the key words are going after you need to be on page one I need to be in the top four five positions on page one if you’re if you’re below the top four five positions you’re not getting much of the sales.One,  so you need to find some key words and maybe for the big key words are down the pager number ten or twelve on the page and you’re you’re picking up a few cells here there but the U. sounds three or four other key words that honest. Popular but you can position yourself to be number one number two number three whatever and that’s where you pick out most yourselves.

Speaker 0: Nice. 

Speaker 1: Most most products make their sales offer three between three and eight key words. You’re not able to ninety percent of the sales for most products come off between three and eight key words on some products they do have a lot of long tail keywords and you can make some sales of those but typically those long tails or ten fifteen percent maybe our yourself so you gotta figure out what those three to A. R. and here at which ones of those one captures me those as you can but which ones are those within your budget means to capture focus on us. 

Speaker 0: Like you know there are some tools forum also some guys talking about key words especially long term cure it’s in harvesting like tons of gear series like thousands or maybe seven hundred you do just that. 

Speaker 1: When I used to try to make my listing have as many keywords as possible you know I would try to make sure that I would have I would harvesting it seven times yours and make sure somewhere in my listing I used every one of those words I don’t do that anymore I will start off with the title it’s a little bit longer because I need to figure out which of these say eight keywords is going to work for me.

Speaker 0: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: After a month or two once I have the data I will change my title to make it shorter and Oksana two or three that are are making me the money that I can compete on the same thing on my bulletin listings I don’t fill those out anymore I focused it makes your listing more relevant.

Speaker 1: It makes a I think I don’t have to say this but I think there’s something on Amazon where it says like if you have a hundred you have a hundred words on your on your listing everywhere gets one point was you have fifty fifty words on your listing everyone gets two points as far as adults. I mean I simplify the signs actually how it works but Mike and so I think less is more and it makes it more relevant and more better and better so your your your title is super important M. as on as far as ranking that’s the most important placed the subject a subject matter field in the back in. Not the search terms the subject matter is super important and then there’s your images are real important and so people eat with our eyes first so I I I’m a firm believer most people don’t read Amazon listings on my skin I mean ask yourself why certain times Barnes on how many times have you actually read the listing over.

Speaker 0: Just the images and the title was that?

Speaker 1: Images on tiny mites the mites him the bullet points or something real quick or something technical.  You might you know read the listing but most also don’t do that you got to focus on your images and too many people just take pictures of the phone or are they don’t really focus on their images and and and the way that they should and so. 

Speaker 1: So back you asked originally about getting reviews. So people so how do I get reviews how do I compete at well you can do the now the illicit right waits for you people have friends or family and that are connected to them do it or they they go on Facebook groups or they offer people if you buy I’ll give you I’ll take all your money back I don’t recommend any of that stuff it’s against the terms of service I recommend what I always tell people is reviews take time it’s not gonna be an overnight thing but put out a damn good products and make sure you’re it’s a good product that satisfies the need people will be happy to write about I have a dog bowl that I do it’s a slow feed dog role in this this bowl I created it from scratch and design it from scratch and have the molds made and everything this dog well people love it because their dog used to eat in twenty seconds and now it takes one to three minutes the dog doesn’t get sick from eating too fast or throw up or have gas they love it so they they go when they write reviews like all my god my dog is so much better now is not to put in the house or or whatever they write reviews it solves the problem there have there they’re proud of it it is a quality products and so people will will leave reviews I mean you can use if your brand restaurant I would recommend use EBC NY and you get the the other your program and he received a sixty dollars to get those first five you can do that the U. S. I don’t know what are market you could do that and sure in the US.  If you can get it here yeah the money’s in China because I’m gonna find like minded vine is different that’s about twenty five hundred Bucks.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: That’s mostly for vendors but sometimes you can actually if you know somebody they can. : If you’re not sure. That can be a great way to get reviews.   You can use influencers on to try to you know get some reviews and just put out a good product or or create a a system I don’t use enough follow ups anymore I I turned off all my email I don’t I don’t use a some people still use them but I’m I don’t think people begging for reviews and there is just I don’t know it’s just not what I wanna represent myself as I am that the open rates just so abysmal numbers sponsors just on this one you’re better off great and really cool and start and maybe has a Q. R. code or has a scan this code and take someone so many chat sequence for example and then you can take him through the whole process and try to get a read reviews through that most people do on success having great success with that so. But the fundamental thing is she’s gonna put out a good product and reviews they take time and not gonna be less this is not. People get impatient in this business they launched a product in two weeks they want to see like me on page one competing with the big boys it takes time that’s why I said earlier I get my products six months now that two thousand starts to get cleaner level where you take it, yeah.

Speaker 0: Expect two thousand dollars profit a month because it takes time usually my first order on Amazon and I’m not one these guys a test the market I don’t buy ten things are fifty things and tested I do my homework and I go all in. I need to buy five hundred thousand whatever it is I’m all at  I don’t believe in that the little task list let’s test this let’s do this let’s just playing you’re just you’re not it’s not a business you’re just lying around so that’s what I do. And so I’ll go all in on a product and let’s usually that first order I’m not making any money on it might be a break even because I got to keep the CMS do giveaways. That’s another area people now can you can really do well is targeting at PPC on Amazon’s improving greatly I mean they now you can you can out do product targeting region actually target your competition so you can actually take the products you want appear on the page for which is which is super powerful at least in the US you can do that and then they just announced dynamic bidding so now you can bid on whether you want to be on the top of search or you want to be and.

Speaker 1: Where you want to be on the page you want to be on display places top search how do I balance it’s really it’s getting better and better on the targeting thank you gonna see that that’s the future is it’s gonna take to sell on Amazon you’re gonna have to be willing to spend more money you’re going to have to be willing to spend on PPC to get placement you’re gonna have to be willing to do some of that I think that’s you need to build that into your budget this piece is going to become a more and more important aspect of it. 

Speaker 0: So let’s summarize what reviews say talk about inserts a talked about this early reviewer program right on the street what you get if your brand registered with EBC enhanced brand content right.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 0: And they talk about influencers and giveaways and you see so. Is that it’s or did I miss something?

Speaker 1: That’s pretty much it that’s pretty much what what I do I don’t do any of the I don’t do any of the tactics out there that some people did it to try to so it really is I don’t know what what the Chinese hackers do is they they they find the donut listings so what they do is they’ll find someone that it’s happened to me they have a system where they can find people that didn’t properly delete the listings so maybe I was selling.  St dog bowl now I I quit selling it because it wasn’t making any money or for whatever reason I quit selling it and I didn’t actually delete the listing on Amazon I just let it go out stalking when active.

Speaker 0: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Maybe it has a hundred reviews on there they they have a way to find those products and use our vendor central top and a half well they can go and they can take over that products.  And change the pictures and change everything main market what they do is a March in March it was something else and that way they instantly have a hundred reviews and that’s why you see a lot of times and some products like it just wants how to excel these reviews you start reading.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Speaker 1: And that’s selling different product. Yes that this stuff and all the reviews are about blenders is because most people don’t read the reviews most people look at the first page reviews and then all of the star rating and that’s about it and so they they can that’s a problem I think Amazon’s gonna be changing that Amazon’s coming out with a a unified account sometime in two thousand nineteen the word of the dinner central and south central time become basically one account.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 1: When that happens I think that’s gonna help eliminate some of these problems that’s from a Chinese hackers.

Speaker 0: Tell me is there anything else like what you would recommend for launch solar getting reviews more or less organically like do goal strong for PPC or on some external traffic. I do it all I mean on launch I think you need to have a multi pronged approach I do heavy P. P. C. I don’t wait for reviews some people say well you got to wait for your first five reviews turn on the TV I don’t believe in that I do it from the from the get go and now you’re going to have a lower conversion rate without reviews there but that’s that’s okay you gotta get the data so so I run heavy P. P. C. Amera part let’s try Tariana keywords every surgeon automatic to do some marginal like show that the listing is as good I want they spoke I did some basic stuff I have a list of people sly on like some offers there are listed on our customers I’ll try a line of influencers to do so did you stop I use the Amazon giveaways they actually they give away like you can get away up to thirty units in it and get away they have to watch YouTube video in order to maybe have a chance to win the giveaway I do all that as much as possible.  Well not. Until it took so long to try and try to try to get it going. 

Speaker 0: Okay. Nice and like in terms of like. After lunch the queen you have your products let’s say the level where you’re expected it to be so you reach so H. one for the most keywords.  For you is it like a lot of work to maintain it or to develop it further or is it’s rather assisting them. And once you get to page one it becomes a little bit more passive.

Speaker 1: So you gotta calm moderate news and tools to monitor just to make sure Amazon doesn’t change the system any slip or some some competitor comes in and does something malicious against you or whatever but it once you once you get there I mean I don’t turn off the PC has to run a PPC them on page one but I’m I dial it back a little bit not spend quite as much but not yet that’s when it becomes a little bit more a little bit more passive but it’s difficult to stay on page one of the top page one in some categories but you pick these categories are not the big sell.  I mean the products are not nice.  The shoes you know yes lobbyists are you know three hundred five hundred six hundred and then one last quarter in the US market the Florida eight thousand range maybe ten thousand you don’t you can say on page one longer and have less troubles. Well. No troubles with hijackers and troubles it’s just better.

Speaker 0: So let’s talk about the tools for second place what would you recommend for the product research?

Speaker 1: I recommend for product research I recommend here in town they have a whole suite of tools that I think are probably the best there’s a couple others out there that they have the tools to but I think here in town has the best tools as I said if you’re if you want to if you have the budget I would do here in town I would probably do borrow launch and I know there’s a couple analyzing a few in the European market that they’re pretty good that one I almost wish you had to choose just one. I would choose ****** because you get the most bang for the Buck and they’ve got some really good data and their black box tool in their cerebral and magnet schools are really really good at doing the research and I get some tracking tools and stuff. That’s probably who I would go with. 

Speaker 0: As far as the number one two and then you know the main tools you need or you need to see more tools the dis concrete research tools and then you need a really good tools to keep track of your profits let’s celebrate ward or there’s you know here in town has a I mean if you want the details are sellable or is gonna go on much larger. Detail if you just need the top level stuff you know and something in here in town that does that. And it’s just the cursory level but I like to get down in the weeds so I’ll usually supplement that was a really good.  Profit analyzation tool. 

Speaker 0: Yeah the timing of the keywords like you said that three two eight Q. regenerate may generate ninety percent of the profits and I was wondering how do you know basically and I’ve seen data from inside Amazon I’ve seen I don’t do any kind of hacking or any kind of illicit stuff but because of my position in the industry and I speak a lot of bands I’ve met people that have inside information and they show it to me and I look  this is what that is happening and are they analyze it they get all these reports and analyze it and so and from my own experience that’s fairly true to.

Speaker 0: What gets me if we pick a product for example and jump rope I think it’s a horrible example but let’s just stick with it an example but they’ll make a jump rope and all I’m thinking about my listing so I guess I’d like to understand one of the main key words what should I put in the title and yeah well.

Speaker 1: She works that the met the man she works the way you I would do that if it’s comparable is I will go and I would use a tool that you intend cerebral and I would go on Amazon dot com use it and then I would.

Speaker 1: I can jump rope and see what the what the top. What comes back as results I would then use the X. ray tool from him tons of chrome extension that it’s kind of like jungle scout or something but and they will pop up in a tell me this is what their estimated sales are well it’s just I will sort that by number of units sold not by dollars profits but by how many they’re selling so sort the con when I’m ready you know so and then I would take the top ten one of those stations of the top ten I would put all those A. sins into the cerebral tool there’s a way to put them all on one page you don’t know my one by one there’s a way to put like one a cent and then on the next line you put the knights nine altogether it’s altogether then you have to set the you get the whatever the search button or the globe and whatever it is and then it’s going to go out it’s gonna look at all ten of those a sense together rather than individually and it’s gonna step back all the key words that they’re potentially ranking on it’s a great this matrix NCSA look out at least ten. These ten products seven of them are raking for on the word skip rope will jump rope let’s skip rope.

Speaker 0: Okay.

Speaker 0: Raking in these positions and this is the keyword to man and this is the competition. And then I was gonna say that you know only. In there so you can get the keywords that you can see it I I show this it’s harder to explain this without showing up and it does freedom ticket dot com is a free weapon are and I show you just to watch it on replay you don’t have to buy the course or anything just these go the freedom to get out on the first hour solitary not show this exact process and it makes it much more. But it’s a very very valuable and you can then zero in on look I’m not going to go after the war jump rope maybe I used the word jump from my title this is important words right but my focus is gonna be on skip rope or on whatever discuss there’s less competition I’m gonna try to rank for those less competitive keywords first but what happens on Amazon is whatever’s in your title everywhere your title gets a little bit of love from the algorithm for every sale so I’m focusing on skip rope I don’t know if that’s the one where I was making out with several I’m I still have jump rope in there because every time I make a cell skip rope I’m I get like one point and that took on my school work and but the word jump rope I get like one tenth of a point or something so over time I’m gonna rise with skip rope I’m also going to start to rise with jump rope and hopefully over time six months maybe a year jump rope without having to do a lot of giveaways and go crazy let’s not keep rising and more people find me that way. So that’s how I do it.

Speaker 1: Well. Okay then. I have a last question before I ask you to talk about your course and your mastermind. Give us a hack or something and maybe some secrets a secret thing sellers can apply. 

Speaker 0: Sure all right so if you’re always slamming things if you’re only selling on Amazon if you’re already doing this is for private label you already got a private label products on Amazon.  Something you wanna do is you know in every business reports Jana seller central and the business reports section seller central there’s always different courts advertising reports all these different ones there’s one that’s missing there.

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 0: One is out for whatever reason Amazon doesn’t turn on I don’t know why they don’t. They don’t turn on so what you wanna do is you want to open up a ticket with Amazon I know this works in the US so I don’t I’m not sure about Europe.

Speaker 0: I think it works in Europe but I know for a fact it’s U. S. so you have you open up a ticket email send email and so central and say Hey can you please turn on my category listing report on the category listing for. And they’ll turn on usually for like a week maybe a month that’s temporary it’s so you know backs and I’ll say at least turn this on you can want to go on your download that report it’s X. and it’s like an excel spreadsheet and then I’m going to go and download the flat file template for your category so if you’re selling beauty you can go and download the beauty the flat file. Writing your products. For adding the project as if you’re gonna do it they are a flat file.  Also download the browse street for that for your for your category you can open a category listing report and that’s basically the brute the blueprints of you’re a set it’s gonna have all kinds of deals and their steals that aren’t even. In the back in the cellar central stuff that you don’t see that that are most rent a flat file but a lot of people missing it’s gonna tell you what should be in those fields and you can compare some of that you can compare some of the columns like say subject matter you’re not going to let you go in the back are intended use is a good one and ten years on the back in a cellar central there’s a field call you know near your search terms the skull in ten years.

Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 0: You know we’re not supposed to put their this is a barbecue global the intended uses cooking meats. Yeah but that’s not what you’re supposed to put and it doesn’t tell you there’s another commenter says on who’s this for in the defaults like men women. Or. Children or something and you’re like okay but that’s not what you should put I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t have the right down there but this category listing report you compare it with the broad street guide for those columns and the flat fall guy because there’s a screen on those guys I mean those stockpiles words like the instructions and says the isn’t about the valid values these values so if you find a house ten buyers the ones that are most important for your part are relevant for your product it’s still a man the woman into the category listing four hundred flights on your back and whatever damage your listing when you guys see that your relevance score goes up your rates will probably go up if you do it right and all the soldiers on the left hand side you know what people come in and they get a lot of results and there’s a bunch of soldiers unless that side it’s a beauty product and they and they want to filter bites for dry skin or whatever it that way and make sure that you use filter properly whenever someone puts all that stuff over there and eliminate your competition so take a look at. So basically the scan or listing records it gives me like all possible values are best practice values basically for all those young mechanically listening for now it detector this report shows you what you’re missing and shows you what’s wrong and then you do you take the prostrate guide and the fly Fani compare it does it will match up there’s the way sometimes the flat file will call something I like I don’t know I can raise a specific example of a like a subject matter it might not be called subject matter might be called. Some other word they don’t match the work so much but you can see which this is supposed to be that.

Speaker 1: Okay 

Speaker 0: Alias sport you know all I need to put these values in here and it’s like do you get the vet Lucy the values in the category listing report. I’m not exactly sure how to spice up friends of your social you what’s all you’re missing a show you what you need to add.

Speaker 1: Okay what is the deal names basically?

Speaker 0: Missed a field names in the data that’s there already at your hand and put it already and you compare that with the flat file and the brown street guy because those have some different values. 

Speaker 1: Some difficult.

Speaker 0: They are the same and then you take the ones you can you sell a man and then that category listing reports you’ve gone as much in the field you might you can’t fill in all those skills are gonna be a hundred field someone we can’t really be shown as many as you can it is using a flat file in uploading or going into the cellar central on and figure out okay this is what this one means on the on the other tab or the additional tab and there’s sometimes or something on your category there’s tons of options there I don’t know what’s going on and what what what’s missing it it’s it’s really valuable.

Speaker 1: Cool yeah okay I think I got it because when you download the this flat file it’s basically empty right so you can’t yeah you can’t have your listings in this file already so you don’t really know what’s what’s interesting read some off the field to see in the south central but some are missing yes I think one that was missing was.  Maxim Waterbury I think they added it now but okay that’s obviously not relevant for. Ranking so but a little closer but I know at least in Germany and Europe it was missing in some of the categories but you could see it in the flat file but there was no way to see like what’s in their moments right now.

Speaker 1: I guess that’s all that’s awesome cool thank you.  I’m just one question you mentioned subject matter but value is my sale. What’s that?

Speaker 0: Sorry my field is that in the back then and so since we have a you have a key words you have your your search term fields that’s where a lot of people will feel so an additional terms or something back there but there’s another one call that subject matter and it’s actually five five lines of fifty characters and that one is pretty important enough for Amazon for ranking I’ve actually been on the right products by putting just key words in there and the subject matter field and having a bare bones listings but so what I do and I feel as I repeat all my best phrases I don’t care if I’m used to well I don’t know I don’t use the word just once and then deal with a bunch of words single time I’ll repeat phrases so if it’s jump rope off a jump rope jump rope for kids.  Jump rope for women and then the next line I’m still fifty Kerr genex line might be skip rope skip rope strong whatever that whatever they were I just still not with exact phrase order was my top keywords and makes a huge difference in my relevance and work placements. 

Speaker 1: Nice all that’s awesome Kevin thanks so much so a lot of value hacks here guys I would sure be interested in and trying this and like to define a seller central account known go ahead and try to unlock this reports you know it looks like.  So tell us you know where can we find you.

Speaker 0: You know I like I said earlier I recommend that you I’m not trying to sell of course or anything like that I mean I have that for new people it’s it’s like a thousand dollar course there but a lot of people like it because every every Monday I do a lot of joining me from my students so it’s not a it’s not a coach is with me so I get on and whatever questions I want to ask answer I asked I answered to the best of my ability pretty much every Monday but if you go there just freedom ticket dot com there’s a weapon are it’s in English so it is you need to speak English but on replay you can just choose a time and watch the first hour it’s not a high it’s it’s solid training I like to talk about the key word thing I recommend you watch that the second part of the webinars is you know it it’s about the course you can if you’re not interested in that yard to watch that but what’s that first hour whether your experience seller or your new I think you’ll you’ll learn something from it if you’ve been selling for a while you go to Illuminati mastermind nine dot com that’s our training for people who are we recommend you be doing at least twenty five thousand dollars a month in sales but that’s that’s our training for people who are experiencing kind of what they’re doing what they want to get that next level add sure that the the crazy little hacks or or something like that.

Speaker 0: It’s close right now we don’t open at all it’s not open all the time but you can enter your email and I will be open again here soon you can get notified and see if it’s something that’s of interest to you and then yeah that’s that’s that’s pretty much where where you can find.

Speaker 1: I’ve heard about Illuminati masterminded so super exclusive some guys go check it out.

Speaker 1: By the way I was at your presentations last year and in Europe and because for those of you haven’t seen a came in on stage you know just. Use this chance if you have one because there’s always a lot of millions I think. You’re sharing a lot of really deep school stuff which is so which is not that easy to find so guys make sure you attend some conference or event working speaking it’s. Nexon speaking answer not and fraud and not the end of March the Europeans sellers summit.

Speaker 0: If the thing is March twenty ninth and thirtieth obvious always speaking second there so that’s a that’s close to you guys you want to go on public rest will.

Speaker 1: Probably I’m gonna be there I’m going to go by car still sells the listeners want to meet me and Kevin the number no let’s do it let’s be impractical.

Speaker 0: Cool. 

Speaker 1: Right thanks so much for being original.

Speaker 0: No problem.

Speaker 1: All of the best and I hope to see you again sometime.

Speaker 0: At we’ll see again I guess in Prague.

Speaker 1: Sure latest all right thanks.

Speaker 0: Take care take care bye good luck with everything.

Speaker 1: Thanks so much for watching I hope you liked it if so then don’t forget to give us a like and subscribe to our channel that would motivate us a lot in the check out the free trial sellerboard world’s most accurate profitability’s tools for Amazon sellers your free trial and after that it’s only nineteen dollars a month let us know what you think thanks so much and see you guys next time.