3 Reasons Why Your Customers Don’t Leave a Product Review

If the customer doesn’t leave a review on your product, it doesn’t mean that your customer isn’t happy with the product.

  1. The client forgot to leave a review. This is probably the most common reason. Customers simply do not have the habit of leaving reviews on Amazon. They use your product and silently enjoy their purchase. Therefore, it is possible to remind the client of the review, by using an autoresponder. The main thing is to choose the right moment for using it.


  1. The client didn’t have time. Very often, Amazon sellers send long emails with the use of an autoresponder, and your customers most likely don’t have the time to read these. To avoid this, you need to: 1) avoid long texts and 2) specify that leaving a review will take just a few minutes.


  1. The client simply doesn’t know how to leave a review. Don’t be surprised by this, as it really can be the reason why the customer does not leave a review. Many clients confuse seller feedback with product review. Simplify the life of your clients by providing a direct link in the email text.

As you can see, you can easily eliminate all three reasons that prevent your customers from leaving a review, just by using an autoresponder.

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