Email Copywriting Tips For Attracting Customer Reviews

Almost every Amazon seller uses an autoresponder (an auto email service) to get organic reviews. However, the effectiveness of this tool is different for everyone.

Here are a few tips that will help you get more reviews from your customers:

1. Have a single goal for each email. If you are asking in your email for seller feedback, it would be better to ask for a review in the next email. It is much easier for a client to do one targeted action, than several at once.
2. Show the importance of your customers. Ask their opinion, show that you are ready to resolve any problems and help, if necessary.
3. Add more value to your product. Attach infographics, eBooks, product tips, etc. to the email.
4. Send the right emails, at the right time. If you send a request to leave feedback, before the goods are delivered to the buyer, it won’t work.
5. Personalize your emails. Using tags to automatically insert customer-specific information is a simple way to personalize every email.

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