Long Term Storage Fees Will Have to Be Paid 6 Times More Often

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On September the 15th, and on every 15th day of the month thereafter, long term storage fees will be assessed monthly. For your information -before September the 15th, 2018, long term storage fees are assessed twice per year: February the 15th and August 15th.

If a product is stored from 181 to 365 days, the seller should pay $3.45 monthly, per cubic foot. If the product is stored for more than 365 days, the cost of storage will increase to $6.90 per cubic foot.

Long-term storage fees will be $3.45 per cubic foot, per month for items that have been in storage for 6 months to one year, and $6.90 per cubic foot, per month for items that have been in storage for 12 months or longer.

Additionally, for each unit of goods stored more than 365 days in Amazon warehouses, the seller will have to pay $0.50 monthly.

Here is exactly how you can find out which items in your inventory are going to be charged an LTSF on the 15th of the month: go to your Seller central account, then click Inventory – Manage Inventory – Inventory Dashboard. Scroll down until you see the FBA Inventory Age box, then click on View Details.

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