How to Increase The Conversion of Your Listing?

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It’s no secret that pictures are the most important elements of the listing; however, even after getting the best pictures for your listing, it is very easy to make a mistake – by adding a wrong photo to the listing.

In order to choose the best picture, you need to use the services with which you can conduct A / B testing (a test that will help determine which version of the photo, A or B, will be more relevant for your listing).

One of these services is PickFu. You can very simply segment an audience for the A / B test (for example, add criteria such as “Amazon Prime Membership” or “Dog owner”) and you can add a question, for example “Which image do you like more?”. Results can be obtained in a few hours! As a bonus, you will receive comments from potential customers, as to why the picture is more suitable for the visualization of your product.

Such a test will help to: a) increase the conversion of the listing and b) increase your profits.

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