How to Reduce Product Packaging FBA Fulfillment Fees?

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When planning your product’s packaging, please keep Amazon’s size tiers in mind. E.g, Amazon’s standard-size Large.

Weight – up to 20 lb.

The longest side up to 18″

The medium side up to 14″

The shortest side up to 8″

When you are in the business of selling e.g. ties. Ties are rather narrow, but long. Most likely, you could classify a tie as a large standard-size product, if it is neatly folded several times and placed in a small box. However, if you put the tie in its full length in a cellophane bag, you might overpay more than $5 for each FBA order.

We recommend leaving a gap of about 0.5” on each side of the package. This helps to reduce incorrect size measurements when the parcel is received by Amazon. Specify the weight and the size of your items on the package. This will help to reduce Amazon fees and increase your profit.

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