How to Find a Successful Product to Sell on Amazon in 2018

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Product research – is one of the most important processes for Amazon sellers. The successful product choice will save your money and nerves in the future.

Here are some tips, that help to increase your success on Amazon:

Improve your product before it gets to the FBA warehouse

It is easy enough to find a product with a low price in the purchase and high demand. But it will be much easier to win such niches if your product solve the main “headache” of potential buyers. Read the negative reviews of your main competitors – this is the key how to improve your product. What exactly do customers complain about? What would they like to change? After improving your product, the chance of success will increase!

Supplier’s advice

If you already have a supplier, we recommend to ask the catalogs with new products from time to time. Or you can just talk with the supplier, about the products, which worth your attention. Goods are being improving, new functions are being emerging, designs are being improved. You can always find a new product and be the first, who sells it on Amazon.

Take in account the weight and dimensions of the product

When choosing a product, you should take into account its weight and dimensions in the package. A small and light product will not only help to reduce Amazon fees, but also reduce the price of a shipment. When you need to use express delivery to avoid getting into out of stock, you will be very happy about the successful choice of the product!

Also, inventory monitoring tool from sellerboard will help you to avoid the out of stock.

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