How to win the Buy Box and Increase Your Sales

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According to Amazon around 80% of all sales are made through the buy box, so winning the buy box becomes very important factor in your success. Here are some tips on how to win the buy box every time.

  • Offer the lowest price including shipping. That way your product will go in the buy box ahead of others. However, it’s important to consider if this is FBA product – Amazon will assume shipping cost equals to zero. The reason for this is Amazon Prime members get 2-Day shipping for free on all products, other Amazon buyers get free standard shipping on any item or shipment that totals over $35. So for example: if you selling a product for $50 + $9.99 shipping – total with shipping is $59.99. If an FBA seller has the same product, he can price it at $58.99, which is $8.99 over your selling price of $50, but $1 lower than total price – he will win the buy box.
  • Sell unique products. If you find some unique item and sell it on Amazon, you will be the only seller, so the buy box will be yours every time. (You can do this is by creating and selling your own Private Label)
  • Create your unique items with Amazon bundling Policy. You need to think of ways to create a unique product bundle. You can combine products to create a unique item, if someone is selling the same item as you – make a bundle of three different items and this will make you win the buy box. You can combine almost anything to create unique product bundles.

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