Amazon’s new automated repricing feature

In the last days, amazon added a possibility to set up automated repricing for your products using a flat file. The file allows to indicate the minimum and maximum price per product as well as the pricing rule. Amazon will then reduce your prices automatically to maximize the chances of winning the buy box.

This is a very interesting feature. However, to use it effectively it’s absolutely critical to understand your profits exactly. Otherwise you will easily end up losing money without even noticing it because of selling to cheap.

How do you calculate your profitability? Do you include all expenses (e.g. amazon storage fees, PPC costs, lightning deal fees, fees for sending in the products to FBA, expenses for returned and broken items, etc)? Would you like to verify your calculation? If so, check out free sellerboard demo (no registration needed).

Sellerboard is the world’s most advanced profitability analytics tool built especially for amazon sellers. Sellerboard automatically pulls the information about all amazon fees as well as other statistics from your Seller Central and helps you analyze your profits exactly.