«Волшебное» письмо против хайджекеров

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Рано или поздно, каждый из Амазон продавцов сталкивался с хайджекерами. Можно пожаловаться в поддержку и через какое-то время хайджекер исчезнет. А можно избавиться от него намного быстрее – написать ему гневное письмо.

sellerboard делится эффективным вариантом такого письма:


my name is ___, I’m the CEO of the company owning the brand ___.

We noticed that you piggybacked to our listing on Amazon:

<product link>

We manufacture our products and sell them exclusively on Amazon, without any distributors. Our products have some unique features which we developed over the last years to provide our customers great user experience. Our products are branded with the logo <<<<brand name>>>>.

Since we have not sold any of our products to you, I assume that you are offering a product similar to ours, but not an original <<<brand>>>>. If so, then your offer is a counterfeit offer. Amazon guidelines strictly prohibit selling similar or fake products under original listings. Furthermore, using our brand name is a legal copyright issue.

In the past, we have effectively removed «piggybackers» from our listings by working closely with the Amazon Performance Team. I am sure you added this offer by mistake. So, I would like to kindly ask you to consider removing your offer from the <<<brand>>> listing immediately. If you do not remove your offer within the next 24 hours, we will go the official path and file a report to Amazon.



В большинстве случаев, хайджекеры не хотят рисковать и тактично сливаются.