Sometimes Amazon can Lose or Damage your FBA Inventory while it is at an FBA Warehouse

Per their policy, Amazon has 30 days to locate your item(s) and put it back in your sellable inventory. If the item is deemed missing for 30 days, they will reimburse it to you. This doesn’t happen in 100% of cases though, so sometimes you can end up without the inventory and with no reimbursement.  Continue reading “Sometimes Amazon can Lose or Damage your FBA Inventory while it is at an FBA Warehouse”

“Other” Amazon Fees

Amazon has more than 70 FBA fees (or refunds), which are always debited. Sometimes it is charged at the account level (then you can see them in sellerboard under “more” on the tiles above). Sometimes they are charged at the product level. In this article, we will list and explain the fees. Here we go!

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Returns are Profit-Killers for Every Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers have a difficult time calculating returns correctly, so they are usually just ignored. There are two main reasons for that: «they don’t really matter» or «it’s not clear how to count them».

The bad news: returns do matter. The good news: sellerboard takes all returns into account automatically.

You can find out just why it’s so important to take all the returns into account and how to calculate them correctly, in our video:

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