How to Track Changes of Amazon FBA Fulfillment Fees

Amazon FBA fee is retention for packaging and delivering of your goods to a customer. Retention depends on the size and weight of the product.

Sometimes Amazon erroneously changes the dimensions or weight for your FBA products without notice. This can cause Amazon to charge you higher FBA fees for each order.

Many sellers very often do not notice these changes. In this case, they risk losing net profit on each unit of goods. And imagine how much less you can get on large sales.

However, Amazon provides an opportunity to contact support and request a “Cubiscan” of your product to re-measure and re-weigh your product within 30 days through seller support.

If Amazon confirms its mistake in taking sizes, you can request reimbursement for the overcharge. If successful, you’ll get bigger sales margins from every FBA order.

sellerboard provides better visibility of FBA fee overcharges to Amazon sellers. It has a report which contains the history of the FBA fee by product.

This report will help you find out, whether you are being charged too much. If this is the case, you can request reimbursement and increase your profit.

It is very important to keep track of changes in Amazon FBA holdings so as not to lose part of your profits.

sellerboard is the most accurate profit analytics service, autoresponder, warehouse management, moneyback reports, and PPC dashboards.

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Returns are Profit-Killers for Every Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers have a difficult time calculating returns correctly, so they are usually just ignored. There are two main reasons for that: «they don’t really matter» or «it’s not clear how to count them».

The bad news: returns do matter. The good news: sellerboard takes all returns into account automatically.

You can find out just why it’s so important to take all the returns into account and how to calculate them correctly, in our video:

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How to sell 50 units on Amazon in one day and make losses

These are sales for 1 day. 50 units, but the profit is negative. The reason is the amazon storage fees. They are withdrawn once a month and most sellers neglect them when calculating their profit.

Use special software that takes automatically all amazon fees in account, as well as the reimbursement and return costs.