Sponsored Products vs Sponsored Brands and why as a seller you need both?

Amazon offers sellers a lot of opportunities in putting their products in front of the right audience, in the form of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Brands occupy the top spot on the search results page, offering great creative control, deeper brand exposure, and the opportunity to direct buyers to your custom-built brand store. Sponsored Product Ads consist of 3 main formats: Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Video.
Their main goal is usually to create brand awareness and their impressions are more likely to be a KPI. They have the potential to serve upper-funnel goals which is a way to secure your long term Amazon success as they are designed to prepare purchases that happen at a later stage.
While Sponsored Products, on the other hand, have a higher click-through-rate than Sponsored Brands. We can explain this by the fact that Sponsored Brands’ ads look much more like traditional ads due to their familiar banner shape.
If considering a buyer’s intent, if a buyer clicks on a Sponsored Product Ad, it’s more likely that they know what they want and are ready to purchase. While if clicking on the Sponsored Brand Ad, it’s more likely that the buyer is browsing at an early stage of the purchasing journey.
We suggest that you:
  • Implement both Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products Ads.
  • Optimize your ads using a sellerboard’s PPC bid automation feature to make sure you are achieving your profitability goals on PPC campaigns.
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