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We’re constantly adding new PPC features to improve your campaigns’ performance.
Here’s what’s new in your sellerboard PPC Dashboard:

  • Now PPC Dashboard supports up to ???? ???????? allowing you to automate bidding at a larger scale.
?????? ???? ???? for bid automation. Until now, you could have sellerboard optimize your campaigns for a defined profit margin. Now there’s a new option: you can specify your target ACOS directly per campaign and sellerboard will dynamically adjust your bids to achieve this goal.
  • Custom automation rules: now you can customize the bid automation strategy parameters freely according to your needs. The parameters are: minimum number of clicks within the last 14 days, required for a bid recommendation and the number of steps between the current and the target bid for the next bid recommendation. Select the “Custom” strategy in the campaign settings.
Try out the new PPC features and let us know if you have any feedback or questions, we are always happy to help you!
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