Have you heard about facebook offer ads? It’s a great instrument for launching new products and distributing coupon codes integrated directly in facebook.

Here’s how it works.
You set up a facebook offer ad (e.g. promoting your discount). You can use any targeting you want, e.g. by interests, age or by an existing audience. You create percentage off discount codes in the seller central and upload the list in to the ad. Finally, you set up the ad to point directly to your amazon listing or to another URL on amazon (e.g. your storefront URL, 2 step URL, etc). When a user clicks on the call to action button on the ad, they will get a one time code from facebook and will be forwarded to amazon, where they can use the code.
You can activate the Facebook pixel for retargeting, or use other tools like many chat to build a complete sales funnel.
 Check out the sellerboard show with Ben Donovan for more details:
sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics service with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. All this starting at $15 a month with a free trial.
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